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Woodford Primary School

Woodford Primary School


At Woodford Primary School, we seek to develop enthusiastic and skilled writers. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure children learn the key skills they need to be writers.  Our children: 

  • discuss texts and an author’s choice of writing techniques 
  • use wider reading to develop imagination and ideas 
  • plan, orally rehearse, record and refine their writing 
  • write clearly and coherently for a wide range of purposes and audiences 
  • write with the ‘effect on the reader’ in mind, making careful vocabulary choices 
  • apply spelling patterns with accuracy or make plausible phonetic attempts in lower years 
  • form and join their writing accurately 

Throughout their time at Woodford Primary School, children will explore a range of high-quality texts selected from the Babcock Book Writes collection. The children begin exploring the text as a ‘reader’ (looking at the effect the text has on its audience), before exploring it as a ‘writer’ (looking at how the author has created the effect). Finally, children will use the text as a model for their own independently-planned write. During the process, children will work collaboratively to develop their craft and use a range of drafting and editing techniques before publishing their writing. We expect children to maintain the high-standards we promote during English lessons when they write in any area of our wide and varied curriculum and teach self evaluation and editing to ensure all writing reflects each child's potential.