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Woodford Primary School

Woodford Primary School


At Woodford, we believe that P.E. and physical activity is essential to the academic, social, emotional and personal development of every child. PE provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and builds key qualities such as character building, co-operation, self-esteem and leadership.

Our curriculum, which is built around the 3 key pillars of PE, is planned progressively to allow children to learn new skills, build on and embed previously learned skills. In the early years, children are taught to develop the key fundamental motor skills, which allow them to become physically literate. As they progress through the school, they are given chance to apply these skills by participating in various game-based activities that require more specialised movement patterns, informed by their knowledge rules, strategies and tactics. Over the course of their PE journey at Woodford, the children develop an understanding of the importance of well-being and leading a healthy, active lifestyle beyond PE lessons.

Children experience two hours of high-quality PE teaching each week. Staff are supported by our partnership with ARENA Sports, who provide progressive schemes of work for PE, as well as skilled sports coaches. Outside of PE lessons, there are frequent times during the week where children are provided with opportunities to be active, such as the Daily Mile, imoves brain breaks, active lessons, break and lunchtimes, and extra-curricular activities.

Throughout the year, opportunities are provided for a range of children to attend PE events and represent Woodford at competitions with other primary schools. Woodford’s Sports Leaders help to run and officiate events and clubs to develop leadership skills, as well as providing personal challenges for children in the lower key stages.

By the end of year 6, all children will have attended swimming lessons and demonstrated the ability to use a range of strokes, perform safe self-rescue and confidently swim a minimum of 25m.