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Woodford Primary School

Woodford Primary School

Attendance and Holidays

Excellent attendance at school is linked to better academic progress and attainment by ensuring pupils access a broad, balanced and knowledge-rich curriculum. It also ensures that pupils can benefit from the extra-curricular activities on offer at school that promote good social and emotional development. Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their child has an appropriate education. For most children in the UK this means full-time attendance at school.

Letters will be sent to parents when attendance falls to raise awareness of the potential impact on children's progress and sense of well-being.


  • Number of children on roll : 421
  • Percentage of attendance: 95.09%
  • Authorised Absence= 3.45%
  • Unauthorised Absence= 1.46%


Parents should inform school by 9:15am at the latest that their child is unable to attend by leaving a message on the school absence line or by emailing If a child is absent for more than one day, parents should continue to update the school each day.


It is important to make the distinction between a late that occurs during the official registration period and a late that occurs after the official registration period.  The registration period covers the time between 08:50 and 09:00 during the morning session.  

The Attendance Officer will ensure the appropriate late code is recorded on SIMS: 

  • ‘L’ where a pupil arrives late but during the morning registration period (08:50-09:00). This does not affect the pupil’s overall attendance figure.
  • ‘U’ where a pupil arrives later after the morning registration period has closed (i.e. after 09:00). This will affect the pupil’s overall attendance figure.

Pupils that arrive late (08:50-09:00) for morning registration should go to Reception and be recorded as in school.  Office staff should record this late, include the time, on SIMS. 

Pupils who arrive late after the morning registration period (i.e. after 09:00) should also sign-in at Reception and will be marked as ‘U’. 

Being punctual and arriving at school on time will ensure that your child is able to settle, organise themselves and ready to learn every day.


In order for us to understand why a child is absent we are tightening up on our systems in place. All forms should be completed as soon as you are aware that the absence is required. Forms should not be completed retrospectively.

Holiday Requests:

If you are unable to book your holiday in the school holidays please complete a 'S2 Holiday Request Form' which can found in the school office or below. The criteria for this being authorised is very limited and this form should be completed 3 weeks prior to departure.

Medical Appointments:

If your child has a medical appointment that cannot be arranged outside of school hours please complete the 'Medical Absence Form'. This form can be obtained from the office or completed via this link:

Early Leave:

If you would like to collect your child early for a reason other than a medical appointment or holiday please complete the 'Early Leave Form'. Please can you complete this form even if you already have an agreed early leave in place. This form can be obtained from the office or completed via this link:


If you take your child on holiday in term time without the prior approval of the school, you may be issued a £60/£120 Penalty Fine, per parent, per child.

As a Parent/Carer, you can demonstrate your commitment to your child’s education by, whenever possible, taking your holidays during school holidays.