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Year 5 – Sycamore

Welcome to our new class page. This is replacing our old class blog and is much more tablet and smartphone friendly!

Plympton Academy Taster Morning

Bellboating Regatta

History study of the Maya Civilisation

We were fortunate to welcome Mr Johnstone to our classroom to introduce the ancient civilisation of the Maya. He introduced us to lots of aspects about this ancient time and brought food for us to taste and games to play. We had a very enjoyable morning. We didn't particularly enjoy the maize porridge though!

Our Geography study of Volcanoes

During our Geography lessons so far this half term, we have been looking at volcanoes around the world. We have been thinking about the reasons for their occurrence and watching videos of volcanic eruptions.

Making Our Own Volcanoes

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Separating Materials in Science

Investigating Levers in Science

Our visit from the Plymouth artist Brian Pollard

Studying photographs and maps of Dartmoor

Visit to the Bronze Age settlement at Merrivale on Dartmoor

Year 5/6 Sports Day 2016

Well done to all the children who took part in our Sports Day with such enthusiasm on Friday.  It was great to see the vast array of sporting talent we have at Woodford competing for their house team.  Photos from the event have been published on the Sports Blog:


Walking in Plymbridge Woods

Cycling in Plymbridge Woods

Mount Edgecombe Outdoor Adventure

Mount Edgecombe Outdoor Adventures

Healthy Week Timetable

Ridgeway School Maths Puzzle Day

Ridgeway School Experience Days

Global Week Study of Mexico

Being Editors

In our English lessons, we have been editing and redrafting the Maya story 'The Hero Twins'.

Making Volcanoes


As part of our learning about the Maya civilisation, we have been learning about the environmental conditions which they had to manage in their survival. We have thought about how they managed rainforests, mountain areas and scrubland areas for crop growing. We spent time thinking as engineers about how they would have created and watered growing spaces.

We have also been studying volcanoes as there are a number of these in Central America. This is another environmental hazard which the Maya people had to survive alongside. We have been learning about plate tectonics and how this links to volcanoes and earthquakes. Today, we made our own volcanoes.


Making Motorised Brushes

Showing our emotions

In our learning about 'Faith and the Arts', we have been exploring the emotions and feelings which religions and individuals attach to things which they believe and have confidence in. We tried to demonstrate through freeze frames how a particular emotion might look. Can you guess which emotion we are demonstrating?


We have also been thinking about how people show their faith through music. We definitely enjoyed dancing along to some Gospel Music and exploring the feelings we have when different classical pieces of music are played.  

Showing Our Emotions

Instructional Writing and Bread Making

As part of our learning about Ancient Greece, we have been exploring the layout and language features of instructional writing in English lessons and making our own bread rolls in Design Technology lessons. We had a lot of fun covering the classroom in flour!  

Making Bread Rolls

Archaeologists looking for evidence of prehistoric life around the area of Stonehenge!

Designing pylons with Langage Power Station Engineers

Book Character Day

Reading with foundation children