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Healthy Week Photos

Global Week


Year 5 enjoyed learning about Mexico this week, which links to our History study of the Mayan People. We did lots of fun activities, like making travel guides for a tourist and working out the Mayan's unique base 20 number system. In Geography, we learned about the climate of Mexico City and compared this to Plymouth, and explored lines of latitude and longitude. In DT, we made salsa dips to eat with nachos and in Art, we created our own Day of the Dead skulls. We even got to experience the fun Mexican game of piñata! Below are a few pictures: 



This term, chestnut have been playing basketball in PE! Below are some pictures:

Simpsons coordinates!


In maths today, Chestnut class have been plotting coordinates on one and four quadrant grids. When the points were joined together, they created some familiar faces!




Goodbye Jamie!


Today was a sad one for Chestnut class as we said goodbye to Jamie. She has been a pleasure to teach and her bubbly, cheeky personality will be sorely missed by everyone in the school. We wish her all the best with her new life in America!



Greek vases

Bread-making in DT

Year 5 Greek Day


Year 5 enjoyed a whole day of Greek themed activities today. They heard some Greek legend and myth stories, practised using the Greek alphabet and abacus, and also got the opportunity to try out some of the sports that were played during the ancient Olympic Games. After feasting on a traditional Greek lunch, children got the chance to explore ancient artefacts, weapons and even try on some Greek armour! They all looked fantastic in their outfits, so a big thank you to all parents for the effort that went in to making the costumes. Below are some pictures from the day:


Thoughts of the Highwayman



Year 5 have been studying the classic narrative poem, ‘The Highwayman’ and considering the inner thoughts of characters. The story tells of the highwayman's visit to see the beautiful Bess at the old inn and of the terrible fate they both meet.

Below is an example, written by Zoe D in Chestnut class:


Deep in the hidden, dangerous forest, I sit on my horse thinking about my dear Bess. Thoughts race through my mind like a whirl-wind as I wonder what my darling is doing now. Will she, the only one for me, be waiting or has someone else stole her heart?

High above me, I hear a tawny owl screeching at her pray and then gliding up to her nest. As she does this, the surrounding leaves gently rustle. Suddenly, I hear the church bells chime 12 as it is now midnight. My eager heart beats rapidly as I kick my elegant, stallion forward. Anxiously, my trembling fingers grip the studded reigns as he thunders towards my destination.

As we plunge into the moonlit town, panic waves strike over me like a tidal wave as I spot a motionless body sitting in the window ahead. It is Bess! I peer more closely through the snow-sprinkled window and I realise that the stationary body is stained with blood. Turning around, I noticed I was surrounded by king George’s men sniggering at me. Lifting up his gun, one of them pulls the trigger and a whistling bullet comes flying towards me. In that split second, I realised that this was my destiny and when the bullet hits me, I will be re-united to my true love Bess. Time seemed to slow down as the bullet struck. Everything was now over.

As I stood up, with a spring in my step, I see my own body lying in the snow. The thought dawned on me that I had now arrived in the after-life. As the ghostly moon shone down, Bess came walking towards me and we were together at last.



Year 5 football tournament


This term, the Year 5’s have been developing their football skills with Rebekah Rose, who is a coach from the Devon FA. To finish the term, an inter-school tournament was arranged with each child representing their house. Well done to everyone, who participated with enthusiasm, effort and sportsmanship. Congratulations to Tamar boys and girls, who ended up winning both tournaments!

Brian Pollard visit 21/9/16





Dartmoor trip


On Wednesday 14th September, Chestnut class went on a school trip to Dartmoor. On the coach we passed lots of Scottish cows and sheep as well as Dartmoor ponies and the famous prison. When we got off the coach and onto Dartmoor, we saw the remains of the hut circles. We also saw the stone rows and measured them and it was approximately 260m. We learnt lots of things from our guide Ian who is an expert at history. After we ate our lunch before going upstairs to the visitors room. We dressed up, built a hut circle, watched a video and looked at artefacts from the Stone Age. It was a fun trip and we are looking forward to learning more about the Stone Age!


By Matilda R and Natalie F in Chestnut class

Year 5/6 Sports Day 2016

Well done to all the children who took part in our Sports Day with such enthusiasm on Friday.  It was great to see the vast array of sporting talent we have at Woodford competing for their house team.  Photos from the event have been published on the Sports Blog:


Walking in Plymbridge Woods where we spotted some Peregrines.

Learning to throw Frisbies.

Making Smoothies using pedal power. The results tasted great!

Bell Boating in Plymouth.

Healthy Week Timetable

Adding information to improve our writing

This week, we have been learning to add information to our writing using relative clauses.  These are used in sentences to give the reader more information about the person (who), the place (where) and time (when).  We have looked for relative clauses in text and found that these key words and the commas used to separate the clause from the rest of the sentence, gave us good clues for finding them.  We also experimented with writing sentences including relative clauses.  Here are some good examples that Chris and Noah B wrote together:

On the lands, where the trees had been cleared but animals roamed wild, Bronze Age people built more permanent round houses to live in.

Girls of Bronze Age families, whose job was to collect fruit, berries and nuts, often helped with other areas of family life such as weaving.

They also included another way of adding information to sentences we have been learning about - brackets.  Well done !

Boys of Bronze Age families, who hunted wild boar in the forest, were also responsible for looking after domesticated (tame) animals in enclosures.

Reading Week Success

Thank you to everyone who supported Reading Week.  We were amazed by the children's character costumes and it was really hard for the children to choose a winner to represent the class in achievement assembly.  The children unanimously voted for Oliver, who was only just recognisable dressed as an Oompa Loompa !

Can you recognise the other characters from the children's favourite books in the slideshow below ?

A very special thank you to Mrs Harwood, Mrs Parker, Mrs Downes and Mrs Shearing Brown who came into to share their favourite children's stories with us.

Plympton Library Visit

Thank you to Jeanette for hosting our visit to Plympton Library during Book Week.  We all enjoyed browsing and learning how to find books, borrow and return them to the library.  Jeanette's top tip for choosing a book was the 'Five Finger Rule'.  She recommended that, when we were choosing a book, we should always read the book blurb first.  Then if we were still interested in reading the book, to read the first page.  If there were more than five words which we found difficult to read and understand then we should think about choosing a different book to read. If you want to become a member of Plympton Library, we have copies of the membership form available in class.

Plymouth Half Marathon Challenge - 24.10.15

Registration for the Plymouth Half-Marathon challenge will take place during the first week back after half-term.  Entry costs £10 for the event which will take place on Sunday 17th April 2016 and includes, race number, t-shirt, race goody-bag and a medal. 

Letters will go out to on the first Monday back and need to be returned by Friday 6th November.

Some of our former pupils appear on the official poster for this years' event.  Have a look on the half-marathon website for more info:

Plymouth Half Marathon