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Woodford Primary School

Year 4 - Hawthorn

Armed Forces Day

Thank you to SSGT Berry for an amazing insight into life in the services. Please see the photos below. 

Seascape Art 


Today the children in year 4 experimented with colour mixing, movement and light in creating sea wave paintings. Many thanks to local artist Mr Lewis who taught the children some key skills and made our art lesson thoroughly enjoyable. 

Red, White and Blue Mufti.

Hawthorn Class Debate


This morning, we loved our class debate. It was so much fun listening to peoples ideas. We finally decided to write a letter to the governors with all our views on how we should spend the money we raised today. 

Please read the letter attached that we wrote.

  The Big Pedal

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World. 


Thank you to everyone for making our year 3 and year 4 Spring production so successful. 

A serious message whilst having lots of fun! 


Belated Book Day 

Today the children dressed up in their favourite book characters. Thank you to parents for your help in helping the children decide! We were really impressed with the range of costumes and it was great to hear the children talking about their favourites stories and characters. 


Canopic Jars 


Today in art and design the children started to make their Egyptian Canopic Jars. 

Today the Year 4 children enjoyed an Egyptian workshop experience. Learning about life for Egyptians, drawing artefacts and asking the famous Howard Carter questions about how he felt when he found Tutankhamun's tomb.

Mr Wood from the local Methodist Church  visited the Year 4 classes today to talk about what Jesus means to him and why he is inspired by the words of Jesus. 

The children listened really well and asked some interesting questions as well as singing some very loud songs!  

Well done Year 4 on  the fantastic half term homework project. The Dig for Victory gardens are amazing. 

South Devon Railway WW2 experience. 


Today 60 children from Year 4 at Woodford Primary School  were evacuated from Plymouth to Totnes. The children were very brave leaving their parents but they found plenty to do in the countryside. Learning how to plant carrots and prepare an Anderson shelter. The outside toilet was a bit of a shock! Marching and fetching and carrying water and sand was also very tiring work! Trying on the helmets made the children realise how dangerous it could be as a child in the war. 

The steam train was a fantastic, comfortable ride with lots of things to look out for from the windows. The children were really well behaved and thanks to all the parents for dressing them so smartly in their clothes and providing their gas masks. 

Please enjoy the photographs below. 

Heather Knight - England Cricket Captain .


 We were so lucky today to have a visit from a famous athlete! 

Colour Wheels 


Today we investigated how to mix colours to create a warm palette. Coming soon..... silhouette paintings linked to World War Two.  

Colour Wheels

Welcome to Hawthorn Class. 

We are looking forward to sharing the children's learning with you. 

from Mrs Lewis