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Year 4 – Cherry Tree

We have had a busy week this week. Well done Cherry for keeping going! You have done really well and we are very proud of you.

We started off with our trip to HMS Bulwark, which was really exciting. We had a tour of this enormous ship. We saw the bridge, where they steer the ship; the galley, where the sailors get their food; their mess, where they sleep and the Ops room, where they run all the important operations. We also saw the landing and launching bay where the land craft leave the back of the ship. It was EPIC!

We also went into the Heritage museum and saw all of the beautiful artefacts. We tried on some uniform hats and sent messages in Morse Code.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday. Enjoy the sunshine!

HMS Bulwark

Here are some of the crests and prows that we saw on our HMS Bulwark trip. I hope that these will give you some inspiration.



Well, what an exciting day we have had!

A visit from a Viking; archaeological digging; writing in runes; learning about the Cosmos; Hnefertafl and wearing Viking armour. It has been action packed and full of interesting information and stories. Have a look at the photos and see if you can guess which warrior is which!

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday!

Can you guess who is who?

Viking Day

We have been learning how to convert cm into m. So we thought it would be a great idea to measure ourselves to find out how long our legs are, how tall we are and even how big our heads are. We measured in cm and then converted the measurement into m.

Converting measures in maths

Goodness me! What an action packed Book Week we have had. It has been filled with all sorts of reading a writing activities. We began by learning about what goes into creating a book cover and why they are so important and we have created our own book covers. On Tuesday, we had to write our part of the whole school story 'The Magical Book'. We are very excited to find out what happened to Ben and Amber after we left them in a strange land with a rather odd librarian. Thursday was the big day, World Book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite book character. Didn't we look great? We had our wonderful trip to the library. And Friday has been the Bigfoot Drama workshop.

After all this book work, Mrs Ives is exhausted! I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks activities. Have a great weekend. 

We watched a series of clips about how to be a great story teller. After that, we story mapped our own versions of The Cobblestone Maker, rehearsed story telling and then performed them to the rest of the class. We were great at it.

I am sure that you can tell the story to your families at the weekend! See what they think of your story making skills. Are you using great expression? Are you sing repetition? Are you using engaging actions?

Why don't you have a story telling competition?

Story telling

Bigfoot Drama Productions came in to work with us on Friday. We had a fantastic assembly where we started a story. Then we had an hour long workshop with Charlie, who helped us to re create the story in freeze frames.


Drama workshop

WOW!!! You were such busy bees during the holiday. Have a look at our beautiful Book Week competition entries. Well done to everyone, each one is MAGNIFICENT! You all deserve a ginormous round of applause and a big thank you for cheering up our classroom.

book week

I hope that you are all having a lovely half term holiday. I have been learning how to add to our class blog!

We have been learning all about the Egyptians. Most recently, we have used our art lessons to design and make canopic jars. A canopic jar was used during the mummification process. When the human organs were removed they were put into a canopic jar.

What else can you remember about the mummification process?

Here are our canopic jars.

canopic jars

Year 3/4 Sports Day 2016

Well done to all the children who took part in our Sports Day with such enthusiasm on Friday.  It was great to see the vast array of sporting talent we have at Woodford competing for their house team.  Photos from the event have been published on the Sports Blog:


Healthy Week Timetable

Viking Battle - Gymnastics

This is a 'Viking Battle' scene inspired by our topic this term. The children have been learning to move in different ways, including jumps, rolls and have also been creating static bridges too. In this battle, the children have planned, rehearsed and prepared freeze frames, and developed ways of moving into and out of those freeze frames.

Plymouth Half Marathon Challenge - 24.10.15

Registration for the Plymouth Half-Marathon challenge will take place during the first week back after half-term.  Entry costs £10 for the event which will take place on Sunday 17th April 2016 and includes, race number, t-shirt, race goody-bag and a medal. 

Letters will go out to on the first Monday back and need to be returned by Friday 6th November.

Some of our former pupils appear on the official poster for this years' event.  Have a look on the half-marathon website for more info:

Plymouth Half Marathon




Victorian Day: Tuesday 29th September 1862


Today our children found themselves back in time to an era where everything for them was different. Can you spot the differences in our photographs?


The children had 4 activity zones:

  • Victorian School (including some truly horrid punishments - those teachers must have hated children!). Ask your child about how children learnt their times tables, recorded their writing and kept up high standards of personal hygiene. Some children were given the cane, whilst others were embarrassed in front of everyone else. Please do not fear though, no children were harmed in the making of these photographs!
  • Artefact Detectives. Our children became detectives like Sherlock Holmes, piecing together clues to work out the uses of various Victorian artefacts. Ask your children how bed's were warmed for those people that were well off. Ask them what other delightful (or not) inventions and technologies they learnt about.
  • Victorian Printing. In the style of William Morris, children created repeating patterns for printing designs. Ask your children how repeating patterns work, and how to make the print.
  • Victorian Drills. Our children learnt about games and PE activities that Victorian children would have taken part in. Ask your children how they would have kept each other entertained on the playground, and what games they still play now.


From all of the Year 4 team, we thank you indeed for your efforts in preparing your children for what was a great day. Their costumes were wonderful, and they behaved brilliantly throughout. Clearly the cane was a scary prospect! They really impressed us with their acting in role, and they must have a brilliant feel for what life would have been like in those times.

Year 4 Author of the Term: David Walliams


This term we will be reading and sharing books by the author David Walliams. In class, we have already started reading Billionaire Boy, which is a story about a boy with too much money for sense! His world is somewhat different to ours, with multi-million pound race cars and a gigantic house complete with its own fake snow mountain.


Why not share your favourite David Walliams stories with us?

Victorian Day 2015

Welcome to our new class page. This is replacing our old class blog and is much more tablet and smartphone friendly! We will be sharing our learning with you as the new school year begins.

A big 'Welcome Back!' to the new Cherry class and what a super few days we have had.


Already we have been busy having a go at some new English, SPag and Maths learning as well as introducing this term's topic of the Victorians.  The class even received a surprise visit from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on Friday afternoon.  Watch this space for photographic evidence!


The children thought of some fantastic questions to ask their visitors in order to inform their learning such as:


Q. Why were teachers so mean to the children in the Victorian times? 


A. Both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert thought that the treatment was perfectly reasonable given that 'Children should be seen and not heard and should speak only when spoken to!'  Placing children in the corner with a dunce's hat and giving them lines to write was not at all harsh but just what was necessary in order to make them in to decent Victorian citizens and that they were lucky that their gracious Queen had passed some laws to stop them working in the factories and give them a free education. Children were also told they should have straight backs at all times.


Q. How did people travel long distances during the Victorian times?


A. Queen Victoria replied that poor people would just have to walk, but more wealthy subjects could travel by horse and carriage and latterly by car.  Prince Albert added that the law requiring cars to travel at a maximum of 14 miles per hour was quite fast enough.  Queen Victoria told the children how she had travelled by steam ship around the British Empire and to her beloved India in particular.  Prince Albert said that thanks to the most excellent engineering skills of Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel, we could also occasionally take the train.


All in all, it was an exciting start to the topic where the children found out lots of new facts and information and gave them a flavour of what life was like for the Victorians.  We are all looking forward to our trip to Morwellham Quay shortly.

River Nile Journey

This is the Cherry Class first attempt at telling a story through expressive dance. In the next few weeks, they will practice and improve their ideas, refine their movements, and think about the best ways to tell story. Well done Cherry, a brilliant effort!