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Healthy week

Our non-swimmers have been improving their tennis skills and learning a "secret agent" dance. Here are our intrepid agents ready for action:

Global Week 


Year 3 classes have made some super models and posters of famous landmarks in China. 

This week we will be writing a leaflet to persuade a tourist to visit a famous landmark!

We will be learning to write Chinese letters and numbers.

Do you know what the climate is in China? Ask the children. 

We also will be having a lot of fun learning about how to create a dragon shadow puppet.  

Thanks for all your support. We look forward to parents visiting our classrooms  on Friday at 2.45pm. 


Light Science workshops in year 3 


Today we explored light using a variety of 'hands on' investigations. Dr Jackson from Plymouth University showed us some amazing experiments. 


   "I liked the fact that we used experiments. If you talk about something, sometimes you don't understand but if you try it out you understand." By Elizabeth. 

Science Light workshops

Dragon Art and Chinese lunch


Today we had a fantastic art experience and a Chinese lunch. 

Local artist James Lewis visited year 3 classes and taught us all how to draw scales, eyes and dragons.

The children enjoyed a tasty Chinese buffet and in the afternoon drew their very own Chinese dragons using all the skills they learnt. 

Come and visit the school soon to have a look at the wonderful Art display. 

  Dragon Poetry 


Today the children shared their own ideas and we created a class poem. Have a read! 


Silver Birch Dragon Poetry.

There’s a dragon in my bedroom

There’s a dragon in my bedroom

He’s messed up my bed.

My mum will be mad if she sees this big mess!

(by Jacob N and William G)


There’s a dragon in the classroom

It wrote me a poem with its sharp claws.

It pushed down a desk with his horns!

It stays in the school every night until the buzzer goes for class to start!

(by Maia W and Grace B)


There’s a dragon in the farm

Sleeping in the barn

(by Louise and Baxter)


There’s a dragon on the beach

He’s looking for a home

He finds some rocks where people go

He’ll never feel alone

(by Ruby and Elizabeth)


There’s a dragon in the cellar

With eyes as big as beacons and wings as big as China.

There’s a dragon in the cellar

There’s a dragon in my bedroom

Its screwing up my homework, bouncing on my bed and messing up my duvet

And his name is Fred

(by Darcey and Reece)


There’s a dragon in my bedroom

He can hear my pet hamster

He really wants to eat it

With his really might fangs.

There’s a dragon in my kitchen

His nose is like a pointing knife

(by Josh and Tilly)










There’s a dragon in my shoe

Its small and tiny, you can’t chase it.

You can’t race it!

                                                                           (by Roxy and Mollie)


There’s a dragon in the loft

He left a little bit of his breath in a jar on the left!

(by George and Lily)


There’s a dangerous dragon in the school

Eventually he achieved eating the delicious Mrs Harvey!

(Katie and Emma)


There’s a dragon in my bedroom

Messing up my bed

Screwing up my homework

And chewing on my leg.

There’s a dragon in the kitchen

Eating all the food

Knocking down the pans

Spilling out the flu


(by Grace F and Jacob G)


There’s a dragon in the forest

Its burning down the trees

It’s eating all the rats

Its killing all the fleas


A swip of its mangled tail could cause an earthquake!

(by Beau and Charlie)


There’s a dragon in my bedroom

It wrecked all the lights and broke all the phones

(Lenny and Havana)


The dragon had wings like a fairy

The dragon had rainbow hair.

The dragon had a spikey beak

The dragon wears under wear.

(By Lauren and Maya)

What was life like for a Roman soldier when they invaded Britain? 


 Today the year 3 children pretended to be Roman soldiers and wrote letters home to Rome to tell people what life was like. 

Please come and read the letters. They are amazing! We are so proud of our writing and our history. 

Well done everyone! 

 World Book Week 

 Wow! Silver Birch and Apple were amazing today using their imagination. 

 The Big Foot drama company helped us create some wonderful story ideas. 

  We felt so inspired we decided to have a year 3 writing competition in school. 

 The Big Foot Write competition has provided children with an opportunity to use all the skills they learnt and write a story of their choice.  Winners will be announced in class on Monday as Mrs Lewis has to buy a prize at the weekend! 

World Book Day 

Thank you to the parents who visited Silver Birch and Apple class today. 

The children really enjoyed listening to another adult read to them and listen to them read. 

Please talk to the children about all the wonderful activities they have completed throughout the week. 




World Book Day

Roman Day 


Year 3 had a great learning experience today. We were able to look at genuine and replica artefacts and discuss how they would have been used in Roman times. We learnt how to play a Roman Maths game and looked at Roman maps. We also learnt about the Roman army and used our homework  shields to make a Roman formation ready for battle! We will be doing more of that in PE tomorrow! We learnt what happened in Pomeii and how the city was destroyed by the volcano! We will be continuing our learning over the next few weeks and finding out what great ideas the Romans had which we still use today! 


Roman Day

  Year 3 Netball Tournament 

  Today all the year 3 children took part in a Netball Tournament. The house teams all played each other    and really enjoyed using the skills they have been taught over the last 6 weeks. In spite of the rain the children enjoyed playing in the key stage one hall cheering on their teams.  Well done to everyone in Year 3. We had a brilliant afternoon.  

CAP training with Silver Birch Class 

Today we completed session 3 of the CAP training with all the children in Silver Birch Class. 

The children have loved watching the plays and talking about how to feel safe, strong and free. 

Please talk to your children about the things they learnt. They completed some activities and posters to help them remember  the really good things they can do in order to feel safe. 

Next week the children will share their learning in Key Stage 2 assembly.

If you would like to find out more you can visit




This week we have been reading and performing poems.

The children made some brilliant actions to the plant poems we learnt.

Can they perform them to you?

Plant poetry

Congratulations to the children who have made the most progress in writing, maths, spelling and reading in Autumn 2016.

Homework this week is learning to spell homophones!

Play the game to help you think of clues for the words.

e.g sale and sail.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Ask your children what they were learning!!

Fossil Hunt!

Dear Parents

Today we have learnt how fossils are formed. Below is a link for a game the children can play.

Good News

Author for Spring term in year 3!


 If you are thinking of buying a book for your child for Christmas a great idea would be to buy a book by our Year 3 chosen authors. Our author this term was Dick King Smith. In Spring term we will be looking at the books by the author Anthony Browne. During the Summer term the author is Shirley Hughes.

Year 3/4 Christmas Play "Good News"

Year 3 have taken home costume letters today:


Stars need:

Dark trousers/leggings, dark T shirt,  with stars or sequins on.



Large shirt/T-shirt with belt/ T towel with string/ cord for headdress.


Angels: white dress or top/ tinsel for hair. Small wings only please.


Kings/wise men: traditional robes, crowns can be made at school.


You can re-use costumes from last year if possible. If you need help with a costume, please let us know!

Please bring costumes into school in a labelled carrier bag on Thursday 1st December.


Thank you,

Year 3 team


Erupting Volcanoes!

Year 3 have been studying volcanoes as part of our "Rocks and Soils" topic in science. Today we made an erupting volcano using everyday materials and wrote a set of instructions. Try this at home, but don't forget to ask mum or dad first!


You will need:

baking soda

liquid soap

180ml water

red food colouring

45ml vinegar


volcano made from clay or paper mache

empty plastic bottle



1. Make a volcano from clay or paper mache and put an empty bottle inside.

2. Mix all the ingredients together in a jug, except the vinegar.

3. Pour this mixture into the volcano.

4. Measure 45ml of vinegar into a measuring jug.

5. Pour the vinegar into the volcano.

6. Watch the volcano erupt!








Welcome to Year 3!!

 Today we held our class elections for the school parliament. Well done to everyone who put themselves forward as candidates. We all made a secret vote and it was very close but congratulations to Beau and Emma for being this years representatives for Silver Birch Class. Reece and Darcey came a close second and will be very involved in our class and school discussions and help our representatives.

Please have a look at the photos.   

School Parliament Elections

Year 3/4 Sports Day 2016

Well done to all the children who took part in our Sports Day with such enthusiasm on Friday.  It was great to see the vast array of sporting talent we have at Woodford competing for their house team.  Photos from the event have been published on the Sports Blog:


Healthy Week

We are all looking forward to Healthy Week. Please ensure your child wears suitable sports wear.

Please see below for an overview of the Y3 timetable.

 Chinese Visitor

 Today we had a visit from Lie, who grew up in China. She shared what life was like for school children and taught some key Chinese phrases to Silver Birch and Apple class.


Dragon Poetry







Silver Birch enjoyed reading a range of Dragon Poems this week.

We will be writing our own dragon poems and posting them on this blog soon!

Science and Shadows!

Silver Birch class enjoyed some out door learning today.

Please click on the pictures below to see what we did!

Can you explain what was happening to the shadow? Why did the shadow change?

What time was the shadow shortest and longest? Why?


Science and brushes!

Dragon Art

On Thursday Mr Lewis taught the  children in Year 3 how to draw eyes and animal scales. They used shading to show shadows and textures. First they sketched eyes and dragon shapes. Their final piece of work was drawing a dragon face or their own unique dragon. 

We hope to put some of the final drawings on display in the classroom.

Dragon Art!

Pan Asia with Year 3

Museum and Pan Asia school trip. 19/4/16

 The children had a great day visiting Plymouth museum and tasting the delicious Chinese food at Pan Asia.




Reading on World Book Day.

World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March is World Book Day.

If you would like more information  google world book day. 

The site will suggest many things you can do with your children to encourage reading! 

 Where does your reading take you?
 Well done to all the children in Silver Birch class for some fantastic book reviews.

 E Safety


Do you know how to make sure you stay safe when  using the internet?

Ask the children in Silver Birch Class and they will explain how to stay safe.

The children in class have made posters for the ICT suite.  


Roman Day 28th January 2016


The year 3 classes had a really enjoyable day. They found out what it would be like to live in a village in Britain and experience the Roman army invading! The children needed to decide if they would convert to Rome! They dressed as Romans, used Roman numbers to create Roman calculations, dressed in togas and practiced archery.

Please  enjoy the photographs.

Congratulations to Joel for winning the Roman poster Christmas competition. Well done to everyone for some fantastic posters. Silver Birch are enjoying learning about life in Roman times.

Our Roman display outside Silver Birch classroom.

We would like to wish everyone in Silver Birch class a very Happy Christmas. Thank you to all the parents for your  efforts with the Christmas costumes. We look forward to seeing all the children back in 2016.

from Mrs Lewis, Mrs Walmsley and Mrs Page.

Christmas play 2016

Welcome to our new class page. This is replacing our old class blog and is much more tablet and smartphone friendly! We will be sharing our learning with you as the new school year begins.
 Welcome to Silver Birch class. My name is Mrs Lewis and I am really looking forward to teaching you in Year 3. I am excited to hear all about the things you have been doing in the summer holidays. See you soon! smiley 

 We have had a brilliant week of reading together! Thank you to all the parents who helped the children choose some wonderful book character costumes. Please talk to the children about the activities they have completed and please keep reading!!!!

Congratulations to Maddie Jones for the wonderful 'scarecrow 'costume.

A big well done to our super winner for the Silver Birch prize for the best Victorian homework poster. Pictured below.

World Book Day


It's reading week! Please encourage your children to read for pleasure.  Our assembly this morning reminded children why it was important to read but best of all lets read because we enjoy it! Reading a football magazine, reading instructions on playing a game, using the internet and reading a bus timetable are just a number of different ways we can read!

The children can enter a reading competition at home. See the link below.

Plymouth Half Marathon Challenge - 24.10.15

Registration for the Plymouth Half-Marathon challenge will take place during the first week back after half-term.  Entry costs £10 for the event which will take place on Sunday 17th April 2016 and includes, race number, t-shirt, race goody-bag and a medal. 

Letters will go out to on the first Monday back and need to be returned by Friday 6th November.

Some of our former pupils appear on the official poster for this years' event.  Have a look on the half-marathon website for more info:

Plymouth Half Marathon




Maths homework 16th October 2015


Below is the link children can use for their maths homework this week:

We love reading at Woodford Primary School and in Silver Birch Class we have been thinking about choosing the 'most appropriate' books to read. Our year 3 author this term is Dick King Smith and it would be great to encourage the children to visit the library and read one of his books. Your child may want to choose a book by the author as a Christmas present. 

You can find out more about reading with children at...


After the half term we will be having a week dedicated to encouraging the children to read with lots of competitions and fun reading activities. Watch these pages for more information to follow.  I'm sure we will put some photographs on this site of the reading activities in our school!



The Reading diaries have finally arrived. We are excited in Year 3 to receive the 'new look' diaries.  If you read the first few pages of the diary this will help you to make the most of the diary and your reading. It provides useful comments you can use in the record page. 

Remember when you have completed a book you need to complete the record page. This will help you think more about the book you have read and who you would recommend it to.

It would be great if this term ALL the children read a Dick King Smith book as this is our 'Author of the term'. 

Dive into reading and have fun! 

This week we have been practising reciting poems. We have talked about the importance of eye contact with the listeners and we have thought about how to show the feelings of the poem in the way we say and present it.

Our Poem

Still image for this video

What was your favourite activity today?

Can you remember how many children Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had? Why did she wear black?

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visiting Year 3.

Morwellham Quay. 22nd September 2015