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Welcome to the Silver Birch class page. Here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and share our adventures!



We used Starburst sweets to model the rock cycle.

First we snipped different coloured Starbursts into pieces of sediment.





Then we squashed layers of each piece of sediment on top of each other to make Sedimentary rock.






After that we pushed and squished the rock in our hands to change it into Metamorphic rock.





We then heated the rock to turn it into magma.






Finally we let the magma cool so it turned into Igneous rock.


Welcome to a new school year!


A new year and a new teacher for the Silver Birch. The children have adjusted really well to life in Key Stage 2 and are getting to grips with the differences to key stage 1. Keep looking back on here for photos of activities and updates on our learning.



Welcome back to the Summer Term!


I have been really impressed by all of the children in Silver Birch and how they have started back so enthusiastically at school this week.  They have shown fantastically positive learning behaviours and have had plenty of success already in using the grid method for multiplication, writing some fantastic poetry and creating dragon eyes from clay.


Keep up the great work everyone and it will be the best term yet I am sure!


I'm super proud of you all smiley

Science in Year 3

We have been busy learning about which materials reflect light and what affects how long a shadow may be.



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Enjoy reading some of the rich vocabulary the children have been using in their writing!

When I have wings I'll sense the birds swooping gracefully past me.  Kaci


If I had wings I would fly onto a hot, bubbly volcano and touch it cautiously.  Matthew


If I had wings I would touch the moon with my finger tips.   Amelia


If I had wings I would swoop up to the sky and take one of the bright, golden stars to give to my mummy.  Evie


If I had wings I would soar through each and every cloud to see what they're made of.  Lewis



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Big Pedal Day  4.4.19

We cycled, scooted and ran our way around the obstacle course on the Year 3 playground.

The children supported each other superbly and enjoyed plenty of laps on the challenging circuit.

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World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1
Look at this wonderful bunch of book characters.  It felt a little bit like we were at Hogwarts instead of Woodford Primary today!
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As part of our World Book Day celebrations we were tasked with trying to rewrite the story of Cinderella with as many similes as possible. 


As an extra challenge, we needed to try and weave in as many sporting themed similes as we could!


How many can you spot?  What is your favourite one?

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Cinderella.

Her face was as pretty as piercing floodlights and her hair was as blonde as a sunflower.

She lived with her stepmother and stepsisters, who were as cruel as a Victorian teacher.

They used her like a servant and worked her like a camel walking people across the scorching desert all day.

Cinderella was as sad as a footballer missing an open goal in the World Cup Final.


One day, a letter from the palace came.

There was to be a royal ball to help Prince Charming find a wife, and everyone was invited.

Cinderella was as excited as a child on Christmas morning.

Everyone knew that the Prince was as handsome as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cinderella was told that she couldn’t go. “You’re as ugly as a slug, and they’re as rich as…well, Billionaire Boy. You’d be like a smelly pig at Crufts. You can’t go.”

The night of the ball came, and Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters left, trussed up like Christmas trees and laughing like hyenas.

Cinderella was as lonely as a child left at the fairground.

Suddenly, a fairy godmother appeared, like a rugby ball shooting out of a scrum.

“I can help you go to the ball!” said the fairy godmother.

Cinderella was as surprised as a last gasp winning goal.


The fairy godmother whooshed her wand, and changed Cinderella’s rags into a ballgown. In her new dress, she looked as pretty as the sun rising across the glimmering ocean.

Finally, she gave Cinderella a pair of glass slippers. They sparkled like glistening diamonds on the Queen’s crown.

Cinderella arrived at the ball.

The prince saw her immediately, and thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, like an angel flying in the sky making a wish.

They danced together all night, like enchanted lovers in a peaceful world.


Midnight arrived like a red card being flashed by the referee.

Cinderella ran as fast as her legs could carry her, losing her slipper. The Prince watched as her shoe fell like a basketball through the hoop.

The next day Cinderella was back in the kitchen, scrubbing pots and pans like an ice rink cleaner.

She had just finished when there was a knock at the door.  It was the Prince, holding the glass slipper. He said that whoever the slipper fit, could come to the palace and be his wife.

The stepsisters tried the slipper, but their feet were as big as 5 gigantic football pitches – it was like forcing a woolly mammoth through a safety pin. They gave up.


When Cinderella tried on the shoe, it fitted like the last puzzle piece.

“You will be my Princess!” said the Prince. “I love you like stars dancing together in the midnight sky. Come and live with me at the palace!”

Cinderella was as happy as a child playing in snow. She took the Prince’s hand and left her old life behind like a discarded match day ticket.

They lived happily ever after, like two peas in a pod.

Christmas Party Time in Silver Birch!
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Baking Cookies in Silver Birch


We are all busy taste testing, designing and baking cookies in Year 3 this week, trying our best to find our inner Great British Bakers!

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Then they were gone..................taste testing completed!
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The all important rolling out and cutting of the dough.......
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Designing our tags!
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Maths Investigation 


We carried out an investigation in Maths which involved finding out which numbers had a remainder of just 1.


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Mayflower 400 Writing Competition


We have been writing poems about the sea using similes and descriptive language. Some of our class poetry has been chosen to be entered into the citywide Mayflower 400 writing competition.


As a school, each class chose a winner from their three entries and we held a whole school assembly to celebrate and share each winner's work.


Our overall class winner was Lewis with his fantastic 'Stormy Seas' poem.

Stormy Seas


The sea is roaring like a wild animal below me.

The crashing waves throw me from side to side likely to send me to a dark, black watery grave.

I'm pushed from side to side on the shipwreck.

The deafening waves roared like an injured lion.

What is beyond the horizon.....?

Homework Book review example for homework 9.11.18

When Silver Birch visited Morwellham Quay...............
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Welcome to the start of the new school year to all in Silver Birch.


The children have been hard at work with their learning this week and settling in really positively to life in Year 3 smiley


I wanted to share some of the super ideas where the children have been using conjunctions to extend their simple sentences.


I didn't go to bed at the end of the day because I wanted my tooth to fall out so I could get some money!  


I was tired at the end of a long day but I could still eat dripping, scrumptious cooked marshmallows.


I didn't want to go to bed at the end of the day so I snuck into my baby cousin's room and played with her happily.