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Year 3 – Apple Tree

Healthy Week

What a busy week! Our year 3 swimmers have completed their lessons today and have all been awarded certificates. Well done!


Our non-swimmers have been improving their tennis skills and learning a "secret agent" dance. Here are our intrepid agents ready for action:






Science workshop

Apple class found out about light today in a fun-packed science workshop lead by Dr Jackson, a marine biologist.

Here's what we found out:

Glow sticks last longer if they are put in cold water, and they glow more brightly if they are put in warm water.

Highlighters glow if you use an ultraviolet torch.

Different colours have different wavelengths.

Solar panels turn the sun's rays into energy that we can use.

Suncream works by blocking the light of the sun.

Year 3 China day,

Apple class have had a fantastic day learning about how to draw dragons. Here are some of their wonderful drawings!

World Book Day 


The year 3 children have had an amazing week of reading activities. 

Thanks to all the parents who came to read with children today. 

Please visit Silver Birch page to have a look at some photos. 


Roman Day 


Year 3 had a great learning experience today. We were able to look at genuine and replica artefacts and discuss how they would have been used in Roman times. We learnt how to play a Roman Maths game and looked at Roman maps. We also learnt about the Roman army and used our homework  shields to make a Roman formation ready for battle! We will be doing more of that in PE tomorrow! We learnt what happened in Pomeii and how the city was destroyed by the volcano! We will be continuing our learning over the next few weeks and finding out what great ideas the Romans had which we still use today!


Year 3 Netball Tournament 

Please visit the Silver Birch  Children Pages to look at the photos of our amazing Year 3 Netball Tournament. 

Thank you

Many thanks for all the donations to "Save the Children" today. The children looked lovely in their festive jumpers!

Merry Christmas!

Year 3 enjoyed their Christmas party and lunch today, along with a performance of "The Snow Queen". Many thanks to all parents who provided party food.


Homophones this week is the homework for year 3.

Try playing the power point attached.

Super science!

Apple class worked in teams today to investigate a problem set by Mr Ridley.

What did we find out about separating soil? What equipment worked well? Can we remember the three types of soil?

Year 3/4 Play "Good News"

A fantastic performance from all the children today! Many thanks to parents for supporting with words and costumes.

Year 3/4 Christmas Play "Good News"

Year 3 have taken home costume letters today:


Stars need:

Dark trousers/leggings, dark T shirt,  with stars or sequins on.



Large shirt/T-shirt with belt/ T towel with string/ cord for headdress.


Angels: white dress or top/ tinsel for hair. Small wings only please.


Kings/wise men: traditional robes, crowns can be made at school.


You can re-use costumes from last year if possible. If you need help with a costume, please let us know!

Please bring costumes into school in a labelled carrier bag on Thursday 1st December.


Thank you,

Year 3 team


Erupting Volcanoes!

Year 3 have been studying volcanoes as part of our "Rocks and Soils" topic in science. Today we made an erupting volcano using everyday materials and wrote a set of instructions. Try this at home, but don't forget to ask mum or dad first!


You will need:

baking soda

liquid soap

180ml water

red food colouring

45ml vinegar


volcano made from clay or paper mache

empty plastic bottle



1. Make a volcano from clay or paper mache and put an empty bottle inside.

2. Mix all the ingredients together in a jug, except the vinegar.

3. Pour this mixture into the volcano.

4. Measure 45ml of vinegar into a measuring jug.

5. Pour the vinegar into the volcano.

6. Watch the volcano erupt!




Remembrance Day

We have been thinking about remembrance in school this week, and on Tuesday we enjoyed a visit from local artist James Lewis, who showed us how to draw and paint poppies. Here are some examples:

Year 3 visit to Morwellham on 4th October

Apple class had a fabulous time at Morwellham, enjoying the copper mine, dressing up, the Victorian school, and rich and poor homes. Take a look at their recounts at parents evening to find out more!