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Year 3 - Apple Tree

Welcome to the Apple class page. Check back regularly to share our super learning!

Year 3 swimmers

Well done to our 31 swimmers who all learned to swim!

Friday 13th July 2018

This afternoon, year 3 celebrated their successes at the year 3/4 sports day yesterday. Well done to everyone for taking part in the team activities, sprint, relay and long distance races. More information on our healthy week activities can be found in this week's newsletter.

Armed Forces day: Thursday 28th June

Apple class enjoyed their talk from Sergeant Berry. 

"I learned that the food comes in plastic pouches, even chocolate pudding!" said Kiana.

"They have to bring a sewing kit to make repairs and look smart," said Oliver.

We also noticed that they had to carry some of their kit in their jackets, and that it is very heavy!

Year 3 Dragon Art Day 15th June 2018

We have had a fabulous day drawing dragons with local artist James Lewis. We also enjoyed a delicious Chinese lunch! Thank you to Mrs King and her team for their cooking, and thank you to all the parents who came in to see the children's work at the end of the day.

Plymouth Schools' half Marathon May 20th 2018

Well done to our Apple class runners!


Red, white and blue mufti: 18th May 2018

We all had a delicious picnic lunch on the field today. "I'd give the sandwiches 10/10!" said Amelia.

We wrote letters to our School Parliament to suggest how to spend the money raised with the mufti. We voted for the best letter, choosing the letter written by Alfie.

Big Pedal 2018

Well done to all the year 3 children and parents who have scooted and cycled to school for the last two weeks. We have had a fantastic turnout!

Plant Poetry!

Year 3 have been enjoying the sunshine and writing about the spring plants they found in the school grounds. They will be using their ideas to write poems in our English sessions next week.

Eddie the Penguin

What a fantastic performance this afternoon! Well done Apple class.

Eddie the Penguin

Years 3 and 4 have been busy practising today. Words to all songs have now gone home, so don’t forget to learn for homework this week.

World Book Day

Apple class enjoyed wearing their character costumes today!

Snow at Woodford!

Wednesday 24th January 2018

In our computing session this week we looked at to find out more about our focus author. There are also games and activities on this website: here are some drawings of some  well known characters.


Tuesday 16th January

This week, we have been using  nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs to write short poems. Here is one about our focus story "The Tunnel" by Anthony Browne , written by Alex.




Slimy and scary

Noisily, slowly, mysteriously

Cried, waited, moaned, smiled.

Friday 12th January

This week we have been working on "The Tunnel" by Anthony Browne in our English lessons. We have used interesting adjectives, similes and place adverbials to describe the woods at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some of our fantastic sentences:

Under the grumpy grey clouds, the wind howled like a screaming child. by Ava

Three times, the thunder rumbled like bears ready to eat her. by Sonny

From the twisted treetops, Rose heard the sound of an owl as it left the old hawthorn tree. by Paige

Under the shadowy midnight moon, Rose saw the ghostly grey fog surrounding her. by Toby

Well done to Harry S in Apple class, who has worked really hard to edit and improve his senses poem about working in a Victorian mine. We used ideas from our visit to the mine at Morwellham, as well as reading other poems and a diary.

Here it is:

I can see a flickering candle.

I can feel water dripping down on my head.

I can hear the huge wagons rattle, rattle, rattle.

I can see a little door at the end of the mine.

I can smell damp clothes on me.








Congratulations to Callum and Paige who have been elected as Apple Class School Parliament Representatives. We are looking forward to hearing their feedback from the meetings.