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Year 2 - Rowan

Welcome to the Rowan class page. Here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and share our adventures!

Autumn 1 Learning - Have look at some of our highlights from Autumn 1.

Fire Service Visit - We were so pleased to have the fire service visit the 3 Year 2 classes. We learnt lots of new information which will help our writing and topic learning.

Mayflower 400 Poetry Competition 


2020 will see the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrim Fathers leaving Plymouth on their voyage aboard The Mayflower to America. To celebrate this important date, Plymouth City Council have asked children across the city to write poems on the theme of "Over the Horizon" which could be included in an anthology. As a school we all wrote poems linked to the unit of work we were covering at the end of the first half term. Each class teacher choose 3 which were judged by the school's English Subject Leader. 1 poem was chosen as the class winner which was read out in a special assembly and submitted to be judged for the anthology. Well done to Ella for writing the Rowan class' winning poem about fireworks.




It is Autumn, the gentle wind is blowing, the trees are waving in the cloudy blue sky,


The leaves are changing colours to green, yellow, brown and red,


Soon its going to be bonfire night when sparkly fireworks come out and pop with beautiful, golden colours,


We can roast creamy marshmallows with our wonderful family,


You can see fireworks shinning from your garden and oh how they glow,


Soon it's Halloween, when everybody dresses up as scary people. 


by Ella


World Book Day 2019


We had lots of fun on Wold Book Day. Thank you for all the effort and time you put into the children's costumes. We talked about our characters and then re-wrote a traditional tale - Cinderella. We worked in groups and thought carefully about our Year 2 learning. We were so pleased to find out we WON the KS1 competition for best story. Super job Rowans! Find a copy of our story below - 



By the Rowan Class

Once upon a time a girl called Cinderella lived in a village and loved it. However, she lived with her mean, cruel step mother and her horrible, bossy stepsisters. Cinderella was beautiful but had to work as their servant which made her cry because she felt lonely and miserable. One day a handsome Prince sent out some royal, golden invitations inviting members of the kingdom to a fun, sparkly ball. Cinderella picked up the invitation and showed her wicked step-sisters but they barged her out and told her she couldn’t go because she was too ugly. Cinderella felt upset and disappointed so she ran to her bedroom and burst into tears. All of a sudden, a beautiful, magical fairy God Mother appeared from the darkness and told Cinderella she was going to grant her a wish. All Cinderella wanted, more than anything, was to go to the ball to dance with the good-looking, handsome Prince. She miraculously turned an orange, old Pumpkin into a large, golden carriage. Then, she turned her ragged, old dress into a white, beautiful dress. How wonderful she looked! Cinderella danced with the kind, charming Prince and felt delighted. Out of the corner of her eye, Cinderella spotted her cruel step-mother and step-sisters and they looked disgusted and angry to see her at the Royal ball. What are they doing here? Cinderella ran away speedily as she heard the huge, shiny clock strike 12. Whilst she was running, she lost her attractive, blue shoe. The tall, handsome Prince was desperate to find her as he hoped to marry the beautiful girl with the blue dress. The Prince was heartbroken and decided to travel the land to find the girl who’s foot fitted the glass shoe. The evil step-sisters carefully tried on the diamond, sparkly glass shoe but it didn’t fit them or their hateful, wicked step-mother. Next, Cinderella tried it on and it perfectly fitted. Will he marry Cinderella? The Prince immediately fell in love with Cinderella and arranged a fun, extraordinary wedding for them. Kind, beautiful Cinderella and the charming, handsome Prince got ready for the wedding by buying rings for each other. They got married in a brown, colossal church. How magnificent it was! They lived happily ever after.


The end.

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1