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Year 2 - Maple

Welcome everyone to Maples class. Everyone has made a fantastic start to the new year in their new Maple class. We are looking forward to the year ahead and hope to share some of our learning with you on our class page.



Healthy Schools Week

We have enjoyed GLOBAL WEEK and hope you have enjoyed sharing some of our learning.

Dartmoor Zoo visit.


We had a great day at the zoo this week with fine weather and very well behaved children, who thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Other visitors to the zoo commented on how well the children listened during the birds of prey talk. Thank you so much to the parent helpers who accompanied us. A recount of the day is in this week's newsletter.


Have a wonderful half term break and we will be back for global week.

Year 2 SATs meeting 4.5.17

We finished our sewing and hope you enjoy using the egg cosies. Have a wonderful Easter break.

The Maple class have enjoyed riding their bikes and scooters to school and taking part in the 'The Big Pedal'.

What wonderful characters we had in our class for World Book Day!

Thank you for all your brilliant efforts making your favourite characters over half term.


We have been learning to tell the analogue and digital time, focussing this week on o'clock. quarter past, half past and quarter 2. Please help with this at home, checking the time throughout the day.


Please help your child tell the time (analogue and digital) throughout the day.

Our science investigation to learn about plant growth.

Learning how to multiply and divide using arrays

Firework poem

Still image for this video

Firework poem

Still image for this video

Firework poems

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Firework poems

We have written amazing firework poems. Here is one recited for you, (sorry it is sideways, but I'm sure you will still enjoy it).

Firwork Poem (Sorry - it's sideways!)

Still image for this video

Children in need mufti day

Sewing club

Espresso Great Fire of London Ebook


After half term we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. This is a useful ebook for children to research.

7.10.16 Art

Today we used paint, pastels and pencils to draw pictures of lions, linked with our English topic 'Lions, Tigers and Bears'. We have read 'The Lion In The Meadow' story, 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears' and 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. We have written our own stories about a creature who lives under the stairs, inspired by these stories. We hope you enjoy our art pictures of wonderful lions.



Lions Art

Letters to Goldilocks

Naming continents

Welcome to our new class page. This is replacing our old class blog and is much more tablet and smartphone friendly! We will be sharing our learning with you as the new school year begins.

Healthy Week Timetable

Healthy week - day 5

This morning Maples enjoyed a golf session with Sam Stephens from Plymouth Golf Academy. They loved it! This afternoon they learnt meditation techniques with Plymouth Faith Centre. Everyone agreed that it was really interesting. All the children are really tired after their exciting week!

Healthy week- day 4 - Sports Day!

Well done to Maple class who put in a fantastic effort with sports day today. Green team were fantastic at working together and cheering each other on. Congratulations to Maya, Darcey, Elizabeth, Maia, Eddy, George and Joshua for winning their sprint races.

Healthy week- day 3

Maples have had a fabulous time at "Pips Pick your own" in Yealmpton. We picked scrumptious strawberries and tasty blackcurrants. A few children tried, and enjoyed, ripe gooseberries. They have all made ice cream smoothies this afternoon, with plenty of fruit left over to take home.


Healthy week - day 2

Today we have taken part in ju-jitsu, learning how to "swim", roll and kick.We have talked about our" 5 a day to feel good"  and about how to look after pets properly. Joshua became year 2 champion with the Wii-fit: well done Joshua!



Healthy Week - Day 1


The damp weather didn't put us off today. Unfortunately the slippery conditions meant we were unable to do archery so we moved the activities around so we could go out this afternoon to do hockey. Also this afternoon the children did some dance with a dance instructor from The Dance Shed. In the morning we started with some Mindfulness colouring in and looked at the importance of a healthy balanced diet.





Christopher Columbus

In computing this week we researched the explorer Christopher Columbus. On the website there were lots of interesting facts, a quiz and a game. Below is the link. However, to use it you need to copy and paste the web address into the address bar for it to work.

Times table champions!

Congratulations to Roxy, Beau, Ruby-Mae and George, who have all achieved their times table caps with Mrs Johns.

Fabulous Owls!

Maples have really enjoyed making their 3D owls this term. We have been learning about nocturnal animals, and have found out lots of interesting owl facts!


Plymouth Half marathon

Congratulations to the children from Maple class who completed the last mile of the Plymouth half marathon on Sunday 17th April.

Happy Easter!

What lovely egg cosies Maple class have made this week!


Year 2 Easter break homework

Sorry about the typo in the homework this week, we decided save paper rather than photocopy again.

Here is an example of a book review to help you:

Title The Owl Babies

Author Martin Waddell/ Patrick Benson

What is the book about?

Sarah, Percy and Bill are three owl babies who live in a hole in a tree. One night they wake up and their mum is gone.

How does the story begin?

Once there were three baby owls: Sarah and Percy and Bill.

What is the problem in the story?

The owl babies don’t know where their mum has gone and they are scared.

How is the problem resolved?

They close their eyes and wish for her to return, and she does!

Is there any repetition in the story?

“I want my mummy!” said Bill.

The baby owls thought  (all owls think a lot.)

What was your favourite part?

I like it when the owl mother comes back and the babies dance up and down.


Challenge Chair Champions!

Congratulations to Maryam and Elizabeth, who have achieved their KS1 times table caps today. Fabulous!

Year 2 Homework 12.2.16

Where does your reading take you? To celebrate World Book Day on 3rd March 2016, we would like you to  write a book review about a story book that you have enjoyed and found exciting.

You can be as creative as you like, by making a poster, booklet, leaflet, 3D display or digital presentation.

Think about these questions when you are planning your homework:

What is the title?

Who wrote the book?

Who was the main character?

Where was the story set?

Why was the book exciting and imaginative?

Were you happy with the ending, and why?

Your book review needs to be handed in on Monday 22nd February, and 2 winners from each key stage will receive a £5 voucher to spend at the book fair. Prizes will be awarded on Friday 26th February.

Good luck!


Challenge Chair

Congratulations to Maia who has been awarded her challenge chair cap for learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Challenge chair stars!

Congratulations to Darcey, Isla, Emma and Eddy who today received their challenge chair caps for learning their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


Well done to Maple class for their efforts with this year’s nativity play. Despite a few technical problems, the play was a huge success.

Smoke swirls

Maple class have been enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London. They have been drawing images of the Great Fire using pencil and shading.


Reading week!

Maples have had a great time celebrating Julia Donaldson books this week. They have shared stories with year 1, painted “bog monster” pictures and created “magic” potions. Here are Maple class blowing their “make a wish” bubbles.


Plymouth Half Marathon Challenge - 24.10.15

Registration for the Plymouth Half-Marathon challenge will take place during the first week back after half-term.  Entry costs £10 for the event which will take place on Sunday 17th April 2016 and includes, race number, t-shirt, race goody-bag and a medal. 

Letters will go out to on the first Monday back and need to be returned by Friday 6th November.

Some of our former pupils appear on the official poster for this years' event.  Have a look on the half-marathon website for more info:

Plymouth Half Marathon




Year 2 Homework 22/10/15

Author Focus: Julia Donaldson

Our author focus for this half term is Julia Donaldson. For homework we would like you to:


Make a poster to tell other children about Julia Donaldson and her books.


Make a poster by drawing your favourite Julia Donaldson book character, and writing why you like him/her.


Your poster needs to be A4 size, no PowerPoints please this time as we want to put the posters on display. If you need paper, or have any questions, please ask! Please return your completed poster by

Monday 2nd November. You can also bring in a Julia Donaldson book to share during reading week (please make sure it has a name on)


Reading Week

On Friday 6th November 2015, we will be dressing up! Choose a

character from a Julia Donaldson book, there are lots to choose from: dragons, princesses, crocodiles, boys, witches etc.

Have a great half term!

Year 2 team



Year two demonstrated marvellous manners during their picnic lunch to launch the new “respect” cards. The new cards will be linked with our “Good to be Green” behaviour boards, and can be given by any member of staff for respectful behaviour around the school. A big thank you to Theresa King and the kitchen staff for providing such a lovely lunch.


Congratulations to the children in Maple class who have completed the “Record Breakers” summer reading challenge. Keep reading!

In English, we have been reading “A lion in the meadow”, and using ideas to create our own animal stories. We have looked at the beautiful illustrations and used them to draw our own lions: here are some by Elizabeth, Eddy, Lenny and Maryam.

Measuring in maths!

Next week, the year 2 classes will be using equipment to measure length, height and width in m and cm. Have a look around the house, can you find things that are:

· Less than 1 metre

· About a metre

· More than a metre

· If you like, you can take some photos of the things you have

       measured and bring them in to show.



"Arapuni width" by Schwede66 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Member of Parliament election. 
















1. Interested candidates prepared a speech, poster or PowerPoint.

2. They talked to the class about why they would make a good class representative.



















3. We held a democratic vote. This means that all the children in the class could vote for one candidate.

4. Each child was given a ballot paper, and their name was crossed of the list so that they could only vote once.

5. They went into the polling booth, where they put a cross against their favourite candidate’s name.

6. They then folded the paper and placed it in the ballot box.

7. When everyone had voted, the votes were taken out and counted. An adult watched to make sure that it was fair.

8. When the votes were counted and checked, the candidates were told the result.








Grace and Eddy are the new representatives for Maple class.

Welcome to year 2!


We are very happy with the way all the children are settling into their new

classes and tackling new challenges.

Today, all children should have taken home information leaflets about year 2, and a maths information leaflet. Homework books have also gone home, and need to be handed back by next Wednesday. Next week, we will let the children know their challenge chair targets. When they are ready to try a target, they need to sign up in the classroom and we will challenge them when there is a suitable time slot. We will try our hardest to test them within a few days of signing up.


Have a great weekend,


Mrs Whish and Mr Wotton