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Year 1 - Holly

Welcome to the Holly class - September 2017 

We would like to give a warm welcome to the new Holly class. The children have had a wonderful first week in Year One. They have been coming into class confidently and enthusiastically. We have been really impressed with how quickly they have settled into their daily routines and how independent everyone has been; well done Holly class!  The children have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and finding out about Year One.


The class have made an excellent start to their learning. We have been writing numbers in Maths and writing sentences about our Summer holidays in our English work. We have thought about what we would like to achieve in Year One and wrote a wish on a magic, genie lamp.  We have been thinking about our school rules of respect and made a 'Respect headband' to show what respect looks like in school. Our topic this half term is 'Marvellous Me', during which we will be learning all about our senses. Some of the Holly class have started to play and enjoy their 'Hospital' role play area. 


We look forward to meeting Holly Parents on Wednesday 13th September at the Year 1 Parents Meeting from 4-5pm.        Mrs Beresford & Mrs Jenkins. 

Our first week in Year One

Healthy Week July 2017 



Taekwon-do. Thank you to South Coast Martial Arts for a wonderful session. We learned how to do strengthen our upper body, control our hand movements hitting and ducking the pads.

We had a Golf taster session. We learned how to hold the golf club properly and played 'Golden Nuggets' where you have to aim at the yellow cones with the ball.

Meditation. We learned how to control our breathing and felt the pebbles in order to think about different objects e.g. Pink - flowers and Blue - water.

Seaside Day Summer 2017. We have been learning about the 'Seaside in the Past' Thank you to everyone who sent pictures and memories into class to help the children learn about the past. During our Seaside day we enjoyed a Punch and Judy show, ate ice cream, played traditional games, made windmills and puppets and had great fun bouncing on the castle. Many thanks to the PTFA for funding such a fun and memorable day for the children.

Aquarium Trip June 2017 The Holly class enjoyed their trip to the National Marine Aquarium. We were shown around the aquarium by our guide and saw so many different sea animals. After lunch we made habitat hats using paper, stencils and glue. It was such a good day and we had great fun!

Year One Wedding Summer 2017 Today we got married at the Woodford Methodist Church. We learned all about the wedding ceremony, thought about the roles of each person, ate wedding cake and danced to celebrate the marriage.

Big Pedal Spring 2017

Red Nose Day 2017

Designing a new oven for the Gingerbread man & Science experimenting with different liquids on a Gingerbread man.

We can tell the time!

World Book Day 2017

Year One Baptism Spring 2017

Reading meeting 9.2.17

 Arctic Story writing

We have been reading a story called the ‘The Fire Owl’ which is about an Inuit family living in the Arctic. We have thought of our own ideas for a new character in the story and something that could be stolen. All the children wrote brilliant new versions of the story using beautiful handwriting, time connectives to join their story events and good punctuation. Well done Year One writers! We hope you enjoy reading these stories written by Orla and Charlie.

The Arctic Seal by Charlie


One day there was an Inuit family their bellies were rumbling and rumbling.  So Mum and Dad told the children to watch the candle. Suddenly four men stole the candle the candle. Then Mum and Dad came back they saw the candle was gone. Mum and Dad called the seal. The seal slid and got the candle and the Inuit family said sorry.


The Arctic Fox by Orla


Once upon a time there was a Inuit family. One snowy day the children, Mum and Dad were starving. So the Mum and Dad decided to go hunting. They got the arrow and bow and were hunting in the snow. Suddenly four men stole the onesie from the igloo. When they got back they said where is the onesie? Dad called for the Arctic fox and the fox ran through the night to get it back. They all said thank you.


The Arctic fox  by Joshua


One day there was Inuit family in a igloo. In the morning the Mum and Dad were so hungry and the children too. Next Mum and Dad went hunting the children watched the torch. Suddenly four men took the torch. Mum and Dad came back to the igloo and they said where is the the torch? The children told them what had happened. The Dad called the Arctic fox to go to the men. The fox camouflaged himself and went to the mens igloo. He took the torch back to the Inuit family and they said thank you!


Holly Authors 2017

Penguin fun! 26.1.17


The Holly class are currently learning about cold climates. This week we had a special visitor called Tom who is the Education adviser based at Living Coasts in Torquay. Tom came to teach us all about the different types of penguins that live in our world. First of all we had to find Antarctica on an inflatable globe. Antarctica is the coldest place on our planet and is situated at the bottom of the globe. Did you know that there are 17 different types of penguins in the world? The Macaroni penguin (which has yellow feathers on its head) lives in the arctic. There are also penguins that live in the hot habitat of Africa. Penguins can't fly but are excellent swimmers. We learned all about their waterproof 'oily' feathers and their fat blubber which helps them to keep warm on the ice. We handled a penguin egg and learned that the eggs that are laid in May and June have baby penguins inside. We practised balancing eggs on our feet (which was very tricky!) as this is what the male penguin does for two whole months to protect the egg! 

We felt some penguin feathers and then created our own 'cold' and 'hot' habitats using different materials. At the end of the workshop we had a fun puppet show with 'Pat' the Penguin. Later in the day we wrote our own penguin fact files and did an experiment using wax crayons and a water spray to show how the oily feathers of a penguin are waterproof. What a fantastic day of learning! Many thanks to Tom for teaching us so much about these wonderful creatures. 

Polar Fun day 26.1.17

Fire Owl story actions. 

The Fire Owl


This week in English we have reading a story called 'The Fire Owl'. The story is about an Inuit family who live in an igloo. Whilst the Inuit parents are hunting for food the fire is stolen from the igloo so they decide to call on the snowy owl to rescue the fire. We have been learning to tell the story following our own 'story maps' and creating our own actions. All the children could retell the story with great skill and we were all really impressed with the fantastic vocabulary we could use like 'the owl flew slowly through the icy night' and ' Suddenly, the fire was stolen and placed on a dog sledge' Well done Holly Class. Here are some photos of us performing the fire owl story actions. 

Anti-bullying week November 2016


The Holly class have been thinking about what bullying may look like and thought about what to do if someone is being unkind to you. We agreed that if anyone feels frightened or worried in school that they should always talk to an adult. The adult could be a teacher, a parent, a meal time assistant or a teaching assistant - anyone they know and trust.

As part of our learning we designed our own Anti-bullying posters. There are some really good messages below to see! Well done Holly class. 

This poster say's No fighting. Be a superhero. 

Be a friend, not a bully

'Awesome' Autumn Poetry 


In Autumn

What can I hear?

I can hear the crunchy leaves.

What can I smell?

I can smell hot chocolate in my jug.

What can I feel?

I can feel the wet leaves.

What can I taste?

I can taste the sweet candy.

What can I see?

I can see the spiky hedgehogs.

By Orla J.


In Autumn

What can I hear?

I can hear the children playing.

What can I smell?

I can smell the yummy hot dogs.

What can I feel?

I can feel the icy wind.

What can I taste?

I can taste the sweet treats.

What can I see?

I can see the orange pumpkins.

By Harry H. 

Welcome Autumn! 

Everyone in the Holly class have been thinking and learning about the season of Autumn in class. We went on an Autumnal walk and looked for signs of Autumn. Can you remember which changes we spotted around the school? We also collected lots of Autumn leaves and seeds to create some Art in class. We made faces using cones and leaves and very cute hedgehogs using beautiful, different coloured leaves. 


In English, we have been using our senses to think of ideas for an Autumn poem and performing poetry. We have been using some fantastic adjectives to describe e.g. delicious hot chocolate and shimmering fireworks. We have been working hard on improving our expression when reading a poem out loud and recognising where a question mark is used in our Autumn question poem. 


In our free writing we have been thinking about the season of Autumn and writing facts about woodland animals. Here is a fantastic piece of work which includes facts about a hedgehog written in sentences using joining words such as 'and' and 'because.'


Hedgehog factfile.


Healthy Week

The Holly Class had a fantastic time during healthy week. 

We danced, did Taekwondo, played Golf, played on the balance bikes, played netball and football. Made healthy sandwiches, had sports day and finished off the week at Jump!

The children were very well behaved during all of the activities and we are very proud of them!

Well done Holly class!

Have a look at the pictures below...

Healthy Week

Number bond raps.


This week, the Holly class have been learning how to write a rap using rhyming words. They have written some brilliant raps to help each other remember their number bonds to 10.


Here are some for you to enjoy:



10 + 0

are total heroes.

9 + 1

have won.

8 + 2

tie their shoe

7 + 3

live in the number bond tree

6 + 4

do a snore

5 + 5

do the drive.


By Paige and Maisie.



10 + 0

are heroes

1 + 9

count on the number line

2 + 8

come through the gate

3 + 7

reach up to heaven

4 + 6

eat weetabix

5 + 5

do the jive.


By Elle and Amelia



10 + 0

are the total heroes

9 + 1

are very fun

8 + 2

are cool

7 + 3

in the number bond tree

6 + 4

are at the door

5 + 5

are the twins on the drive.


By Kenzie and Tabitha.




Year One Wedding   Thursday 9th June 2016


As part of our Religious Education learning today we all took part in a Wedding ceremony at the Woodford Methodist Church. Everybody had a role to play from being a wedding guest to being the best man. Thank you to the minister David Young who led our ceremonies and thank you to Mrs Jenson for making a delicious wedding cake which we all enjoyed. We hope you enjoy our photos of our special day!


We hope enjoy looking at our wedding Album which is published on the FIR class page.

Welcome to Wales!


This week we have been learning all about Wales. We were able to meet a real 'Welsh' person yesterday. Mrs James is from Swansea and came in to tell us all about what life is like is Wales. We learned how to count in Welsh. Mrs James told us about the St David and the National flower of Wales - the daffodil. We learned about different types of Welsh food which included cockles, Bara Brith cake , Lamb and Welsh cakes. We made our own Welsh cakes too. We also tried on some traditional Welsh costumes.  Mrs James showing us the Bara Brith cake.

Here is the link to Toby's and Kenzie's fantastic Chick information powerpoints.  Great ICT work boys!

Imaginary settings


In English we have been using our imagination to describe a fantasy setting. We have been thinking about choosing good adjectives and using different ways to start our sentences. We have also been trying to use joining words like 'and 'and 'also' to link our ideas together. 


We hope you enjoy reading these wonderful descriptions.


'Candy land 'by Sonny.


In Candy land there are sweet candy floss trees. Children are playing in the chocolate pool. There are very delicious sweets and crunchy gingerbread men. I can taste candy canes and marshmallow birds fling on top of you head. I can hear melting ice cream. 



'Candy land by Benjamin.

In Candy land you can hear dripping ice cream and smell a lovely yummy cakes. I can feel squidgy chocolate cakes. Outside of the cake house the air is sweet. In the air there are sweetie clouds. 





ICT learning - May 2016 - Creating our own 'Ebooks'.

Sophie worked hard on her 'Ebook' about Daniel the chick.

Oliver hopes you enjoy reading his 'Ebook' about chicks.

Emilia has made her own 'Ebook' about chicks.

Our chicks have hatched!    Thursday 4th May 2016


Today we saw a crack in the egg shell. Something marvellous was about to happen! Two of our chicks used their special egg tooth to crack their shells open and break out of their egg. They are very sleepy but keep stretching and moving about. They have dark brown feathers and small brown eyes. Our new chicks can make a loud 'cheeping' noise. Tomorrow we will be able to move them out of their incubator to a larger box with food and water.

'Eggciting' arrival in Year One.


Yesterday Year One had a special delivery! A local farmer brought 7 eggs and a special egg incubator into school for the children to look after. Inside each egg is a tiny, chick embryo which will be due to hatch some time next week. The eggs incubate for 21 days in total. Today we have been on 'Chickwatch,' making observations about the eggs and checking that they were warm and quiet.


Elle noticed that the eggs are all different colours. Harry M observed the eggs and saw that they are all different sizes. Tyler likes the smallest egg which is white. Phoebe said that she had seen chicks hatching before in her previous school - we may be needing her expert advice! Haden thought he saw an egg wobble.

We are going to be on 'Chickwatch' every day and we are all keeping a diary of each day with pictures and photographs.


Watch this space for more news as it 'hatches'.



Year One Chickwatch

Monster Brushes Workshop     29th April 2016


Today all of Year One took part in an engineering workshop led by Babcock International (STEM project).

We all made a circuit using a motor, battery, wires and a switch to power a brush. It was very tricky connecting the circuit but everyone made one. Next, we had to decorate our dustpan and brush to create our 'Monster brush!' The children were very creative adding legs to their brush, propellers and even mini pilots which could operate the Monster brush. Finally we had to test our brushes to see if they could sweep and move. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs of us in action as 'engineers.' Thank you Babcock International for providing excellent materials for us to work with and such an exciting workshop.

In Maths we have been learning how to add 3 single digit numbers quickly in our heads. Perhaps you could practise this skill at home? You could ask an adult to give you 3 numbers to total or roll a dice 3 times.


During our 'Quick Maths' time during our morning register we have been finding all the ways of making 10 using 3 numbers. Clever Mathematicians Paige and James found lots together.

April 2016 - Welcome back to school Holly Class! 


This week in Maths we are learning how to add on 1 more or 10 more and subtract 1 less or 10 less from numbers up to 100. 


Click on the link below to play a game and practise your '10 less' skill! 


Super setting descriptions


We have been writing setting descriptions for fairy-tale settings. First we looked carefully at a setting picture and thought about what we might hear, see, feel and smell. We collected lots of 'wow' words to describe our pictures and put the boring ones like 'good' and 'big' in the boring box! Then we used our 'wow' words to write sentences about our settings.


James wrote an excellent setting.


The tower is very tall and round. The sandy path is very long. The dog is growling at the door. The water is crashing. The tower is dangerous inside.


Well done James you used great 'wow' words to describe the tower.


Paige wrote an detailed setting description too.


Flowers surround the house. A sizzling bacon smell rises up into the air. As the steady breeze blows gently on the flowers the river flows down onto the rocks. It is a very sunny day and a good place for an adventure.


What a talented writer you are Paige, you have used all your senses to describe the setting.



Happy World Book Day 2016!


Today we brought in our favourite books to celebrate World book day. Every time the reading bell rang we had to quickly get our books and read! We got to share our books with each other and talk about our favourite characters. Even the teachers read their books too. Busy bookworms!

We enjoyed reading our favourite books today.

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016


We are celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March with the 'Big Book Off.' Please could you bring in your favourite book on Thursday. All of the school (including the teaching staff) will be stopping at some point during the day to all read our favourite books for 10 minutes. We are looking forward to seeing which book choose.

*Please note that we will not be asking children to dress up as book characters this year*





Fairytale Fun!


This term we are going to be reading lots of different fairytales. In English we are going to be writing a description of a fairytale character.


Today we were learning how to describe a character. We thought about how he/she looks, behaves and the things they like or dislike. Can you guess which fairytale characters we are describing?


Who are we?   By Molly and Tabitha.

We are ugly. We are very naughty. We all want to marry the Prince!


Who am I? By James and Benjamin

I have a pointed horn. I have a very swishy tale. I am a magical creature.


Who am I? By Amelia

I am a Royal man. I am very brave. I wear velvet clothes and I have a shiny sword.




Wonderful Recount writing about our Polar Fun day.

This week in Maths we have been learning how to count in 5's. The Holly class children were quick to notice that there is a PATTERN in the multiples of 5's. All the numbers end in 0 or 5 so it is easy to spot whether a number is a multiple of 5 or not! Clever Maths! Can you see the pattern below?

0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100.

True or false?

45 is a multiple of 5.

32 is a multiple of 5.

21 is a multiple of 5.

80 is a multiple of 5.

How do you know? Can you prove it to you someone at home?

Abacus web-based learning.

Year One pupils will be bringing home a bookmark on Friday 5.2.16 which has their Abacus Maths login details on. They can log in on the link shown on this page to the Active learn site and log in to their 'Maths world' which has games that they can play at home. All the children have had a practise at school in using this website. These games are all linked to the Math's learning that the Year One's have been doing in class. Please ask Mrs Beresford or Mrs Barnfield if you have any questions or difficulty accessing the site.

Fantastic home learning!

One of the Holly class made a brilliant poster all about the Arctic. He printed pictures out using his Ipad and wrote information sentences. Well done, the Holly class really enjoyed reading your poster.

Living Coasts Workshop


On Tuesday 19th January, Year One had a very special visitor. Mark from the Living Coast centre at Paignton came to tell the children all about penguins. Firstly,the children learned about how penguins keep warm in their cold habitat and everyone got the chance to feel some penguin feathers. Next the children practised waddling and balancing penguin eggs on their feet to keep them safe and warm. Mark brought 'mini habitats' with him which the children had to create for different creatures. Year One loved the puppet show which finished the workshop.

Headteacher's Award 

Congratulations to Molly Stroud who collected her Headteacher's Award for all her brilliant learning and behaviour in the Autumn term.  Well done Molly! 

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to school. All the Holly children have come back to school ready to learn.

This term we will be learning all about the Polar Regions. This week we have started to research different polar animals and how they can adapt to living in such a cold climate. In English, we have written our very own reports all about Polar bears.


Two of the Hollys have done some brilliant writing. They remembered to use headings and interesting facts about the polar bear. They both used capital letters, finger spaces and full stops too. Look at their NEAT handwriting too!

A wonderful Polar bear factfile.

We have had a wedding in Year 1!!!! Chief quiet critter married his bride Miranda. The children loved seeing their photographs and listening to their first dance song whilst watching the photo slideshow.

During book week the Year 2 pupils have been coming in to our class every morning to share their own stories that they have been writing. The Year 2 pupils have read them with enthusiasm and fluency. Thank you everyone for sharing your brilliant writing with us!  Also the Year 4 pupils have chosen books to read to us in the mornings too. Thank you Year 4 for choosing a range of excellent stories.

Book Week Autumn 2015


We have really enjoyed doing lots of reading activities this week. Our author for this week is Sue Hendra.

We have been reading a different Sue Hendra book every day. All of the class have enjoyed working on different book activities for example writing book reviews, making a map of our school for a visiting alien and painting symmetrical fish.  Which Sue Hendra book was your favourite?

Nature Hunt


Today as part of our Autumn topic, we went to the forest to see if we could spot particular trees or find particular leaves. We found lots of Holly leaves!!! Whilst we were hunting, we also did some leaf and bark rubbings. We created some pictures using nature (mud and leaves etc), we had lots of fun.


Back in our classroom in the afternoon we used all of the things we had collected to create some great art pieces which will be coming home shortly (when they have dried).


We used Autumn colours to paint trees after tracing around our arms for the trunk and branches. We used sycamore seeds to make dragonflies! We created an Autumn wreath using pine cones, leaves and twigs. Using the things we collected we made funny faces and pictures of animals.


We talked about how it gets colder in Autumn and leaves fall off the trees. We talked about how some animals go in to hibernation. We know that fireworks night is in Autumn and we know that winter is the next season.  

Peace at last story walk


This week we have been enjoying reading Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. On Wednesday we went on a very exciting 'story clues' hunt. We had to find each part of the story in our school grounds and collect clues for our story sacks. We were very good at reading each part with expression! When we got back to class we then used our story objects and clues to re-tell the story to our partners. On Thursday we also learned actions to tell the story.

Perhaps you could tell an adult the story at home using your actions?


Welcome to our new class page. This is replacing our old class blog and is much more tablet and smartphone friendly! We will be sharing our learning with you as the new school year begins.

Hello Holly class!

You have really settled in to year 1 so far. We have been very impressed with how eager you all are to learn.


Our quiet critters have been excitedly coming out of their jar to watch you work as you have been very quiet and we hope you keep this up to earn more and more class points, ready for a treat.



In English we have been thinking about what we need to write a sentence. 

In our sentence toolkit so far we have; Capital letter at the start, finger spaces, full stop at the end, more than one word, does it make sense? You have been showing us what you already know, which is fantastic.


In Maths we have been looking at one more and one less. We noticed that a lot of you are reversing some numbers so we will be paying close attention to getting our numbers perfectly formed too.


In science we are looking at our bodies and we thought about all of the things we could do with our hands, feet and head! In teams we came up with A LOT of ideas. Our role play is a hospital to link in with our science work. 


It has been a busy time settling in to the new routines and new classroom, well done Holly class, you're doing fab! nosmiley


Mrs Barnfield & Mrs Beresford


As you know the Holly class have 2 Teachers! 


Mrs Barnfield works every Monday & Tuesday, Mrs Beresford works every Wednesday and Thursday. They do alternate Fridays.

The class Teaching Assistant Miss Clare Perkin works Monday-Friday.