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Year 1 - Holly

Transition week - Welcome to Year 2! 


Good morning Year 2 smiley  13.07.2020


We are very much looking forward to meeting you all in person in September and being together (as we sadly haven't been able to this week in school).


If you have a look on Dojo at the video that gives you a mini tour around your new classroom!  Feel free to ask anything if you need, as I will be able to see and post on your current Holly class page for this week.


I will be putting little activities up as the week goes on, with the first one being

Activity 1: Can you post either a short video introducing yourself, or a photo of you and some or all of your family!  (This can be posted via your portfolio on Dojo in the current way you have been doing).


I have already had a look at your one page profiles and look forward to getting to know you a little bit more this week and am excited for September!


I'll speak to you during the week, take care.


Mr Howarth and Mrs Turner


Activity 2:

Can you answer a few questions about yourself and either return it on the activity sheet or video your answers and upload it via Dojo :)

Activity 3:


Can you have a go at completing a 'Maths all about me' activity?  See if you can use all four maths operations along the way, when writing in each box .  So for your shoe size it could be 10 + 2, 14 - 2, 6 x 2 or half of 24.

Have a look at mine and feel free to answer it, and send either yours, mine, or both, back to me via Dojo!  I know that your child finished school yesterday (if they have been back) and they may well be tiring so just do whichever of the activities from this week that you can manage.

Happy problem solving! smiley

Activity 4:


Can you create a self portrait...?

Home Learning w/c 13th April 2020

Home Learning w/c 30th March 2020

Welcome to the Holly class page. We're Mrs Barnfield and Mrs Chivers and here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and share our adventures!

Living Coast Trip 2020

The Holly Class had a fantastic visit to The Living Coasts in Torquay. Here are some of the things the children said about the day...


"We went to living coast. First we saw the Macaroni and African Penguins, one was called Evie. The man told us they eat fish head first and don't chew it. Next we saw the fur seals, the mummy seal was called Grace. We saw starfish, a lobster and sea horses. There was 2 otters who were brothers. Then Matt told us all about penguins. He taught us to waddle like them, balance an egg like them and even talk like them! An interesting thing I did not know is that they have countershading, this is a type of camouflage that helps them hide from predators in the shade, like sharks or killer whales. He also told us how the daddy penguin looks after the egg and keeps it on their feet for 2 months. The mummy penguin goes away for months and comes back with food for the chick. It was a really good day. I liked the macaroni penguin best because it looks like it has funny yellow eyebrows. The whole of year 1 fit on one coach and it was so relaxing. Finally the big bus took us back to school."

Spring Term 2020


We hope you have all enjoyed a restful festive break; we are looking forward to welcoming the children for our next term of exciting learning in Year One. Our topic is Polar - with focus on 'Why don't Penguins need to fly?'. We are excited for our trip to Living Coasts at the end of the month. 



PE - This term our lessons will be held on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

Spelling - Weekly spellings will now be sent home on the Friday of each week to be tested the following Wednesday.

Reading books - should be changed by the children as soon as they have read their book 3 times (depending on the length of the book). Reading diaries will be checked each Friday so that we can record how often your child is reading with you at home - children are enjoying receiving their rainbow reading certificates and we thank you for your support.

Numbernauts Challenge - individual challenges will be sent out to the children as they complete their previous challenge. The children will usually be tested on a Thursday or a Friday.

Numbots - please keep playing Numbots at home, we recommend at least 3 times a week but only for 5 minutes. 

Spelling Bee- individual challenges are sent out as the children are tested in school. If you do not have your child's current spelling bee sheet/level please speak to one of us in school. 

Mayflower Poetry Competition


Holly class winning entry:

I can see water everywhere

I can feel the boat swaying

I can hear the waves crashing

I can taste the salty air

I can smell yummy food

I can touch the side of the boat