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Year 1 - Hazel

17th July- final week of the summer term

This will be our final week together as a Year One class and what an amazing Year it has been! Everyone has had an amazing year and really worked their hardest to become the best that they can be. It has been a real pleasure teaching Hazel Class and watching them grow into such caring and considerate young people. On Monday they will meet their new Year Two teacher, Miss. Richards and I  am sure they are looking forward to this.

We still have learning to cover and there will be other exciting things happening as well, including auditions and the final of Woodford's Got Talent, Headteacher's Award Assembly and our own class treat to take place on Thursday afternoon. The children have worked and behaved well in order to earn their treat and they have asked to bring in a toy (non electronic) and go on the activity trail (or watch a DVD if wet).


May I ask you to ensure that all reading and library books are returned to school this week please, if you haven't already done so? The children will also need a named carrier bag in which to bring home their books from the Foundation Stage and Year One.

Thank you very much for all your support with the children's learning this year. smiley

Monday 17th

Today, Hazel class met their new Year 2 teacher, Miss Richards.

Healthy Week



Today we had an amazing time participating in our Key Stage 1sports day. Everyone did their best and it was lovely to see the children collaborating well and working together as teams. It was very exciting cheering on our mums and dads too! After all that running, jumping and throwing the children earned a quieter afernoon. They completed word searches and healthy alphabets all linked to sports day and the other activities they had taken part in during the week. Cosmic yoga has been a popular activity during the term and a calming way to finish a Friday afternoon. Hazel class ended the week with a circle time sharing our highlights of the week and their was a unanimous agreement that healthy week had been 'really great fun!'


After all the physical activity of yesterday, today was a more reflective day where we thought a lot about what we have already learned this week. We also considered other ways of keeping ourselves safe. Our first session covered road safety. We watched a presentation about the Green Cross Code and talked about the ways we should behave as pedestrians and how we need to be constantly aware of what is going on around us. Each child wrote up their own ideas of what they had learned about road safety and then had the opportunity to put these ideas into practice on our playground road markings. Following sessions covered data collection reasoning about our height or foot size compared with how far we could jump and writing thank you letters to Sam from the Plymouth Golf Centre. During the afternoon the children selected their own midfulness activities.


The children have a very busy day today full of lots of physical activity. We have been practising for our Key Stage 1 sports day and perfecting our techniques for each of the activities. I am looking forward to  watching everyone as there are some budding athletes among us! Tae Kwon Do was our next activity and it was a real treat to watch as the children joined in with each of the movements and games. The focus and concentration throughout the session was evident. I was also impressed by the amount of knowledge the children had retained from the session they had received during their healthy week in Oak class. During the afternoon the West Pro coach leld the children for their weekly P.E. lesson. The afternoon finished with a PSHE lesson covering the importance of taking care of each other.


We changed our timetable slightly today - data handling will be done on Thursday when hopefully the weather will be dry. We started our day talking about sun safety and why and how we should take care of ourselves in the sun. The children designed their own sun safety posters.

Our golf session took place in the Key Stage 2 hall. Sam, our instructor led the children in a series of fun games and activities. Everybody worked really well as part of their team and thorougly enjoyed perfecting their golf skills.

The final session of the morning covered our understanding of how we change as we grow from a baby to an elderly person. We talked about the things the children could do as a baby, what they can do now and what they hope to do as an adult. There are a lot of potential vets, police officers, footballers and rock stars in Hazel class!

During the afternoon everyone used their sandwich design to join Mrs Turner and Mrs Williams in the staff room. Here they made their own sandwich or wrap to enjoy at home. After making their sandwich the children wrote their own instructions to explain what they had done.

It has been another busy and enjoyable day!



Hazel class began the week's activities by talking about the ingredients we might use to make a healthy sandwich. Once we had all made our choice we designed our own sandwiches and listed the ingredients we would need. Tomorrow, we will make our sandwich.


Next we took part in a session of meditation with Mrs. Hatton. We learnt to sit quietly in the lotus position, without disturbing our neighbours. Breathing gently we firstly watched some peaceful scenes of our wonderful world on the white board. Then we closed our eyes and listened to the meditation bell to help us focus our minds. It was a very relaxing time and we learnt that we can use meditation to help us to relax if we are feeling anxious. We all took a turn at making the meditation bowl sound. We also did some pebble relaxation and passed different types of pebbles round our circle.


Our next session was mini First Aid. We learnt how to look after somebody who is hurt and we all put a plaster on  Teddy. We learnt that to help somebody who is really poorly we should roll them onto their side.

Next we practised ringing 999 and what we should say if we need an ambulance. It is really important that we all know our address.


After lunch we had session of SRE and talked about living and non-living things.  Then we great fun with our wii fit session. We did some expert moves on the Just Dance activity! It has been a very busy day!

(Apologies for the absence of photographs the camera SD card had a error and deleted all of the photos.)

Seaside Day

As part of our topic on seaside holidays in the past, all of the children in Year 1 enjoyed a day of fun seaside activities. During the morning we shared photographs of how people spent their holidays when our parents and grandparents were children and how the Victorians spent their day at the beach. Hands were kept busy making Mr Punch stick puppets and colourful jelly fish. The excitement continued after lunch. The weather remained good and we made our way to the field for fun and games. The bouncy castle and games kept us moving and worked up our appetites. Everyone enjoyed an  ice-cream treat, even the teachers! More fun was had on the activity trail before we headed back indoors for a very funny Punch and Judy show. The children thought this was hilarious and a really good part of a traditional seaside holiday. It was a lovely day and we are now all looking forward to spending our own summer holidays at the seaside with our families. Let's hope the sun continues to shine!


Thank you to parents who sent in photographs of their own family holidays. We have really enjoyed looking at these and comparing holidays and seeing what our parents and grandparents looked like when they were children smiley

Summer Term 2nd Half

The children returned to school after the half term break, really excited about Global Week. Their homework - a model or poster about Wales shows how they enjoy working with mums and dads on their projects. All their hard work is on display in the classroom, the key stage 2 hall or the Year 6 shared area. Well done Hazel class! It was a very busy week with lots of learning about Wales and Welsh traditions and customs. The week ended on a high note when many of the children were joined in our craft session making peg dolls. Thank you to those who were able to join us - it was great fun!


As part of our learning about traditions in different religions, the children have been learning about weddings. We held our own Hazel class wedding at Woodford Methodist Church. The bridal party and their guests made their way to the church in glorious weather. Having witnessed the marriage of the bride and groom, a reception was held in the playground. The children enjoyed cake and lemonade. It was lovely to see everybody dressed in their finest clothes to celebrate.

Summer Term


We can hardly believe that we have already reached the summer term. Year 1 have lots of amazing learning ahead of them for this term and are hoping that the sun will shine so that we can take advantage of our wonderful outdoor learning spaces.


Hazel class have had a very busy start to the term. In Maths we have been learning to add three numbers together and used a range of strategies and resources to help us. In English we are studying the use of similes in poems and building up to writing our own summer poems. Looking forward to later in the term we will be investigating bridges and how these are built, together with their uses. As the sun shines and new growth establishes itself, the children will be learning how plants grow. We have already been fortunate  to see tadpoles and learnt how they grow into adult frogs. Soon we will be able to witness the life cycle of chicks - watching the eggs in the incubator until they emerge as baby chicks!


Keep watching for more updates!


19th May

Hazel class have been learning how to read, follow and write instructions this week. We have followed instructions on how to wash our hands, how to make Rice Krispie cakes and sorted out muddled instructions for making pizza. In our Design Technology lesson we made our own bridges and then wrote instructions telling how we had made them. We had to adapt our bridges as we were making them because some things were a bit tricky to do!

12th May


We have been very busy learning in Hazel class this week. In our English lessons we have been sharing a variety of poems by different authors. We have looked at the ways poets bring their poems to life by painting images in our heads. To build up to writing our own poems we practised making up similes to describe different things. Then we composed our own poems about summer. Our favourite similes were,

'Summer is like sand tickling my toes' and

'Summer is like jumping into a field of sunflowers'.

Hazel class are definitely expert poets!


In Maths we have been finding halves and quarters of numbers of objects and 2D shapes. We have also been solving multiplication problems using arrays.

Chick Watch

The eggs have arrived and have been safely placed into the incubator. The children have their own chick watch diary into which they will make observations of the eggs and record the changes they see. It's very exciting!

Spring Term


Here are some highlights of Hazel Class during the Spring Term.


Fairytale Day

Eveyone really enjoyed dressing as their favourite character. We made jam tarts just like the Queen of Hearts and planted bean seeds. Will our beans grow as tall as Jack's beanstalk?


World Book Day


Well done to everybody for fantastic model making depicting their favourite book. You all had a very busy half term contructing these!

 Living Coasts Day


As part of our Polar topic we had a great day finding out all about how penguins live and adapt to their environment. It was pretty tricky balancing an egg on our feet, especially when we tried to walk. It was interesting finding out how we are all responsible for taking care of our oceans.

Welcome to Hazel Class


The date has finally arrived for the start of the Autumn term and I am expecting to see lots of excited little faces at the door tomorrow morning. I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are looking forward to a very exciting time in Year One. I am really looking forward to finding out about all the things you have done and seeing how much you have grown! We've got lots of lovely things planned for your first week.


See you all in the morning.  smiley


Mrs Smale

Reading meeting 9.2.17

18th November


What a busy week we have had in Hazel class. In our maths lessons we have been learning about the value of coins from 1p to 10p. We have been using our problem solving skills to investigate the different ways of making an amount up to 10p.


As part of National Anti-Bullying Week we have been sharing our thoughts on being good friends and what to do if anybody or anything is upsetting us. Our worry monster box sits in our classroom and we know that we can write down our worries so that he can take our worries away. We all designed a picture to tell people that bullying is wrong.


On Wednesday some students from the University of Plymouth came to visit us with a Teddy Bear Hospital. Everyone had a great afternoon looking at a skeleton, testing our skin for germs and seeing how much puff we had in our lungs. All of our teddies were treated for their injuries and had their own prescription. You can see from the photographs how much fun we all had!

4th November


After a very busy first term in Year 1 the second half of the autumn term started on a beautiful day and we were able to take full advantage of the autumn sunshine. Together with Fir and Holly classes we went on an autumn walk to the forest area to see what treasures we could collect to use for our art topic. We weren't disappointed and came back to class with plenty of natural autumn goodies to use. A variety of artisitic offerings were produced by the children and we hope you enjoy sharing some our photos.


English and Maths

We have started our new unit on Senses Poetry and will be using some of the ideas we gathered on our autumn walk to help us to write our own poems. Everyone is working really hard in phonics and becoming familiar with new digraphs which are helping us to improve our reading and spelling. In maths we are continuing to practise our number bonds and using our skills in addition and subtraction problems. The numbernaught challenges are certainly helping the children with their maths learning.



Each week the children will bring home an A4 sheet with their spellings on. This will be in the form of a 'look, say, cover and write' sheet - each word can be practised by looking at it and saying the word out loud, then covering it and having a go at writing it. Writing the words down will help the children to learn to spell them. Due to a change in Hazel class timetable the children will be given a small spelling test each Friday. Our first test will be Friday 11th November and will be on the words on the sheet starting with the word 'blue'.



Thank you to everyone for taking the time to record in reading diaries each time you hear your child read. The children are always so enthusiastic about their reading and it is very important to them to be able to get a sticker each time they read and change a reading book. We are getting through lots of full bookmarks which is great to see. May I also say a huge 'thank you' to the parents who are coming in to listen to children read during our afternoon sessions.  It is such a valuable part of the day and the children really enjoy sharing this time with you.  Don't forget our Monday morning reading time starts tomorrow, so if you are able please feel welcome to join us in class from 9.00 to 9.20 to share reading time with your child.


Thank you for your continued support with your children's learning.

26th September


This week we have been busy learning how to use our English tool kits to help us to write sentences. We are practising how to use capital letters and full stops whilst leaving finger spaces and reading our writing to check that it makes sense! Such a lot to remember but we are all trying our best.


In maths we are using lots of different ways to find pairs of numbers that make 4, 5, 6 and 10. It's okay to use our fingers, cubes or bead strings - whatever we prefer. We know that this will help us with our numbernaughts challenges as well.


Thank you to parents who have returned the home - school agreements. If you have not already done so please could you pop one copy into your child's book bag this week so that it can be filed in class.


Local walk - Tuesday 27th September


Year One are going for a short walk around the Woodford area on Tuesday 27th, leaving school at about 2.30p.m. Hazel class would appreciate the help of one mum or dad who will be free at this time, to accompany us. Please let Mrs Smale or Mrs Williams know if you can help us. Thank you.



19th September 2016


Hazel Class are having an amazing time settling in to their new Year 1 routines. It has been wonderful to share their enthusiasm and eagerness to do their very best in all their learning.


We have been very busy learning how to write sentences using our writer's toolkit, counting accurately from 0 to 20 and back again, finding out about our bodies and practising our ball skills in P.E. We are also practising our reading skills daily in phonics and across our other lessons too.


Mrs Williams has been busy quizzing the children on their number skills ready to start them on their numbernaughts challenge. You will have received a separate letter about this challenge in your child's book bag on Friday 16th. Please ask if you need to know anything else about number naughts.



Hazel class library day will be on a Tuesday when children will have the opportunity to choose a book to take home to share with you.



P.E. takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. May I remind parents that all items of clothing should be clearly named to avoid losses which are expensive to replace. Thank you.