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Year 1 - Hazel

Transition Activities w/c - 13/7/20


Good Morning Hazel Class, this week we are going to set some activities so that we can all get to know each other better and answer any questions you have about Year 2. From Mrs Parker, Mrs Chivers and Mrs Fulfitt :)


Activity 1 - Can you post a photo of your family onto your portfolio (class dojo) to share with us?


Activity 2 - Can you answer some questions about yourself? You can write them down or perhaps post a video of you, telling us your answers.

Activity 3 - Can you complete an all ' Maths about me' sheet? Can you write your answer as a calculation? Challenge - Can you include as many mathematical operations as you can? (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) You can also have a go at solving the 'maths about me' sheets that Mrs Chivers and I have made.

Activity 4 - Can you make a self portrait of yourself?

Home Learning w/c 13th April 2020

Home learning w/c 30th March 2020

Welcome to the Hazel class page. I'm Miss Aldridge and here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and share our adventures!

The First 3 Weeks in Year One


We are delighted that the children have had such a great start to their learning in Year One. They have already settled well to the new routines and are becoming familiar with our team of teachers, teaching assistants and others who help us in school.


We are encouraging the children to become more independent and are teaching them how to be responsible for changing their own reading book. We like the children to read their book three times, at home with an adult after which they will be ready to choose a new book. They can do this at the beginning or end of the day. We're sure that the children will remind you that every read counts towards their rainbow reading certificate.  If your child has a letter or other form of correspondence to hand in at school, perhaps you would be kind enough to remind them to do this. Again this increases the children's sense of being grown up and responsible for their own things.


PE days for Year One are Monday and Wednesday for the Hazel Class. If your child attends an after school sports club such as multi-skills or Tai Kwondo, it may be easier to send them with an additional set of sports clothing. On some occasions children have gone home wearing their P.E. kit after a club and then become upset because they've forgotten to bring it back into school for a P.E. lesson.




Children should be reading 3 times a week and have weekly spelling which are handed out on Friday and tested on a Wednesday. Details of what needs are printed inside the cover of the book. We thank you for your support with this. We are also encouraging children to go on 'numbots' a few times a week to help support their number facts and recall. 


Photos of our learning

Have a look at us busy learning in class. smiley

Autumn Term


Aspirations Day 2019 

" We got to dress up and got to meet people who we want to be when we grow up." 


Teddy Bears' Hospital

We loved having our visitors from the Peninsula Medical School. The student doctors taught us a lot about our bodies and keeping healthy.


Whole school writing competition celebrating Thanksgiving Day

28th November 2019


The children all tried really hard in composing their senses poems on Thursday of this week.  The children used their imagination to wonder what they might, see, hear, smell, taste and touch at a Thanksgiving meal. 


Our class winners are Thomas and Eva. 


Enjoy their poems below:


I wonder what I can smell?

Perhaps it is the smelly, pale gammon.

I wonder what I can touch?
Maybe it is the white, soft, smooth feathers.

I wonder what I can see?
It could be the crackly, noisy sea.

I wonder what I can hear?

Maybe it is the voices.

I wonder what I can taste?
Perhaps it is the loud, oinky pigs.

By Eva. 


I wonder what I can smell?

Perhaps it is the orange, smelly, pale carrots.

I wonder what I can touch?
Maybe it is the windy, wavy sea.

I wonder what I can see?
It could be the high, scared cliffs.

I wonder what I can hear?

Maybe it is the crashing, wavy, wavy waves.

I wonder what I can taste?
Perhaps it is the yummy, yummy turkey.

By Thomas


Lights, Camel, Action!

Didn't they do well?! We were delighted with the fantastic achievements of all of our children for this year's  Christmas performance. The dances were fun  the singing was beautiful and everyone remembered their lines - and there were a lot of them for some children! Well done everyone. smiley

Living Coasts Trip. 

Hazel class had an excellent time on their school trip to Living Coasts in Torquay. Here are some of the fantastic things they had to say about it... 


" Yesterday we went to Living coasts to become experts on penguins. First we got on a coach to travel to Torquay. Then we arrived and met Matt who told us what we were going to do today. We were very excited! After that Matt took us to see some real life penguins. One penguin was called Evie and she was really friendly. They had two different types of penguins, an African Penguin and a Macaroni Penguin. I liked the yellow feathers in the Macaroni Penguins hair. Next we saw seals. The mummy seal kept pushing all the other seals off of the rock back into the water, it was funny. 

We got to sit in a big classroom and Matt told us lots of interesting facts about penguins. We learnt that penguins can't fly as they are too heavy. They eat fish, lots of fish! We had a go at waddling like a penguin, and trying to keep an egg on our feet like the daddy penguins do. It was really hard. Matt also taught us how to dance like penguins, you have to put your wings out and move your beak side to side and make squawking noises. 

We had a really fun day, I learnt loads about penguins and I enjoyed seeing all the other animals too.