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Reading Books


Please return all reading books to school by Friday 6th July to enable us to do a stock take. Children may wish to read their school library books or books they have at home; any book read will count towards their rainbow reading certificate. Alternatively they may wish to borrow a book from Plympton library ahead of the summer reading challenge which will be starting shortly.

School library books will need to be returned by the 16th July.

Many thanks for your help with this.

Welcome to Year 1

It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome the children into the Hazel class. They have all settled really well and seem to be enjoying the new Year 1 environment. We have started some fantastic learning and are looking forward to our topic this term 'Marvellous Me'.

Sunflower art

Summer Term 2nd Half


We were very lucky this week to have a special visitor - Mr. Lewis, an artist, came to teach us how to draw and paint sunflowers. The children were really engaged as he demonstrated the skills and techniques they would need to use as they built up their sunflower pictures. The exciting part was when they all had the chance to have a go on their own. What do you think of our budding artists - aren't they amazing?!


Global Week


The children certainly had a busy half term finding out about important landmarks in Wales - we have a lovely array of models and posters on display in our classroom. The week has been a busy one and everyone has found out a lot about Wales as a country and an important part of the United Kingdom. We have enjoyed learning about the customs and traditions of Wales  and designing, making and tasting Welsh Crempog (pancakes). All of Key Stage One came together for a special sharing assembly to show off what they had learned and enjoyed during global week. The week ended with a craft session - it was lovely to have parents and grandparents in class helping each other with their projects.

Summer Term 2018


What a busy and exciting term this has been in Hazel Class. We started the term with a dressing up day to launch our topic of 'fairytales'.

Just like Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk, the children have each planted a bean seed. They have been set the challenge of taking their seed home and looking after it and measuring it each week until half term. Who will grow the tallest plant?

New Arrivals!

There was great excitement in the Year One area when an incubator with six eggs was delivered. Everyone took part in a daily watch and listen session as we waited for the arrival of the baby chicks. Eventually after a week of waiting, five of the six eggs successfully hatched. How wonderful it was to observe the chicks fluffing up their feathers and growing in to healthy hens.

The Big Pedal

Hazel Class enjoyed riding their bikes and scooters to school during the Big Pedal fortnight and contributed to the high number of children at Woodford participating in this valuable event.

Year One Wedding

What a day for a wedding! The sun shone and everyone was in a happy and excited mood as we waited to attend Woodford Methodist Church for our 'pretend wedding'. Wearing our finest clothes we made our way to the church where Reverend Kate and Dave lead us in our wedding ceremony. The bride said her vows loudly and clearly; the congregation sang heartily and following a few technical difficulties with the camera, we gathered in the park for photos of the happy day! A reception followed in the school hall and the children enjoyed cake and lemonade and the first dance.

Hazel's Vegetable Soup

Everyone has been busy in the kitchen! Hazel Class wrote a recipe for vegetable soup and designed their own packaging. Armed with all the necessary equipment and ingredients, the children expertly prepared the vegetables and helped to cook the soup and blend it. The big tasting session confirmed that the soup 'tasted delicious' and that it was 'the best soup I've ever had!'

British Values and The Royal Wedding

Continuing the theme of exciting events this term, we all enjoyed the run-up to the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We started our day thinking carefully about what the school might use our £1.00 mufti donations for. During a very reasonable debate the Hazel class thought about some enhancements to the Year One playground and learned what it means to make a democratic decision; they then each wrote a persuasive letter to the school council justifying their request. We will have to wait to see what has been decided!

The Royal Wedding celebrations continued throughout the day with the children busy making bunting and commemorative plates. Although the sun didn't quite make an appearance, everyone enjoyed sharing a picnic lunch on the field. It was lovely to see all the school sharing this special occasion.

Spring Term 2018


Welcome back to the start of a new term and a new year. We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with your families. The children certainly returned with lots of exciting things to share with us.

Our topic this term is The Polar Regions - a Cold Climate. The children will learn all about winter in our country and how it compares with the North and South Poles.

In our maths lessons we have been securing our knowledge of place value. The children have been using a variety of resources to show their understanding of tens and ones and demonstrating where or how they would find these on a bead string and a hundred square.

The Fire Owl

We are sharing a story from another culture - The Fire Owl. Hazel class are enjoying acting out the story and have made their own story maps to help them recall the sequence of events. 

Learning to move like a penguin is providing lots of laughter in our P.E. lessons. Hazel class are using each part of their body to flap their flippers, balance an egg on their feet, waddle from side to side, swim and slide on their tummies. We have been warming up our muscles with a penguin song. You can find the link to this below and perhaps join in with your child as they move like a penguin. smiley
Be a Polar explorer - join the expedition and see what you can find!


As part of our learning in Religious Education, the children have been finding out about baptism. We visited Woodford Methodist Church where Reverend Kate conducted a baptism service for the children. The children were really absorbed in their learning and the questions they asked showed a thorough understanding of the service.

Please find below our Autumn Term leaflet and the powerpoint we showed at our Year One Parents meeting on Wednesday.
Year One Parents Meeting Powerpoint

Christmas in Year One


Christmas preparations and celebrations were enjoyed by the children in Hazel class. Everyone was busy making calendars and Christmas cards to share with their families and writing letters to Santa. The Year One performance of Stable Story showed just how much the children's confidence has grown since they started the year in September.

10th November

The start of the second half of the Autumn Term has been really exciting. The children continue to grow in confidence and amaze us with their enthusiasm and achievements. In maths we have been recognising place value and putting 2 digit numbers into the correct order on a number line. We have chosen our own equipment to help us with our learning.


In English we have started our new unit of work - poetry. Using our senses for inspiration, we have begun to gather ideas of suitable adjectives to use in an autumn poem. Our  walk in the forest helped us to think of the signs of autumn so that we can add these ideas to our poems.


The children have been having great fun with our new topic - Toys of the past. Interesting suggestions came from the Hazel class when looking at a selection of old toys and how they might have been played with! The toy shop role play is giving everyone lots of opportunity to use their number skills and to develop turn taking as children become the shop keeper or customer.


On a serious note, the children have taken part in a whole school assembly for Remembrance Day and acknowledged a one minute silence for the fallen. Mrs Mouzourous gave the children a master class in making felt poppies as part of our  Year One display. They enjoyed stitching their poppy and putting all the parts together.

13th October

In our English lessons we have been enjoying the story of Peace at Last by our star author of the term, Jill Murphy. The children have used some fantastic story telling actions to help them to recall the sequence of the story. They also used an amazing array of adjectives to describe how Mr Bear looked and how he was feeling because of his lack of sleep.

Mr Bear felt tired and grumpy.     Olivia


He was unhappy because he couldn't get to sleep.     Emily I


Mr Bear was so sad and annoyed.     Macy


Mr Bear is daddy sized.      Toby


Mr Bear has two furry ears.   Layla


Peace at last

Be Safe Be Seen

As part of Be Safe Be Seen week Hazel class have been talking about ways to be safe when we are walking or playing outdoors. It was fun learning about wearing bright and reflective clothing so that drivers can see us. We even made sure our class 'pet' dog was visible when we took him for a walk!

In our maths learning we have been finding out about the properties of 2D shapes. First we hid some shapes in a feely bag. Next we had to feel the shape and describe it - we were able to name the shape according to its properties.

22nd September

We have had a very busy start to the year. Everyone has settled well and the children are beginning to get used to the different routines and structure of our Year One classes. The children have been enjoying their learning which has so far covered practising writing their own sentences, making number bonds up to 10 and finding out about our bodies as part of our Marvellous Me topic, amongst other things.