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Welcome to our new class page. This is replacing our old class blog and is much more tablet and smartphone friendly! We will be sharing our learning with you as the new school year begins.

Healthy Week Timetable

Tuesday Healthy Week

We took part in a golf session today with Sam from the Plymouth Golf Centre. We played lots of different games and cooperated really well in our teams. After that, we talked about how we change from a baby to an elderly person. We talked about things that we can do as a baby; can do now and what we hope to do when we are adults. Lots of us are looking forward to getting married and being able to drive! Some of us made our healthy sandwiches and the rest of us are looking forward to doing this on Wednesday.

Healthy week Tuesday's activities

Healthy Week-Monday's activities

We started our Healthy week in a very peaceful way with some meditation. Mrs Hatton came in and we listened to some calming music while finding out about sitting in the lotus position. We did some pebble relaxation and passed different pebbles around the circle while listening to the chime of the bell. What a calm atmosphere it was!


While we waited for our next activity to start we went and did some skipping in the playground. Some of us did over 20 skips in a row!


Our next activity was First Aid. We bandaged and put plasters on the teddy and talked about what we can do if we get hurt. We discussed ringing 999 if there was an emergency and practised doing this and giving our home address.


After lunch, we had a go on the Wii Fit and played Just Dance. We had some fantastic moves!


Our final activity of the day was SRE. We talked about things being either living or non-living and decided which was which on a worksheet. We have enjoyed a busy day and are looking forward to tomorrow!

The Aquarium trip

The Fir class enjoyed their trip to the National Marine Aquarium. We were shown around the aquarium by our guide and saw so many different sea animals. After lunch we made habitat hats using paper, stencils and glue. It was such a good day and we had great fun!

Fir Class Wedding

On Thursday we took part in a class wedding at Woodford Methodist Church. We had a great time and enjoyed getting dressed up smartly and watching the wedding service. Our favourite part was coming back to the playground and having a reception with cake and some lemonade! Thank you to everyone at the church for making it so special.

Global Week

The children had a fantastic week finding out about Wales. We had a visit from Mrs James who is from Wales. She taught us some Welsh words, a Welsh song, read us a Welsh story and made us some Welsh cakes to try.

Mrs James also brought in some traditional Welsh costumes for us to try on.


Other activities over the week included making our own Welsh cakes, designing dragons, making daffodils and having a craft activity with some of our parents and grandparents making peg dolls. We had such a great week. Thank you to Lucas's Dad who gave us some laver to make laver bread. Some of us had a try and most of us agreed that it wasn't very nice!

Thank you to everyone who brought in their fantastic half term homework. They were all amazing and you had obviously all put in a lot of effort to produce them.


World Book Week

We had a lovely time celebrating World Book day over a whole week! We visited Plympton library and learnt about how books are kept in order in the library. Jeanette told us a story about the Dewey system and it was very interesting. We also got ourselves in alphabetical order like the fiction books would be on the shelves.


Throughout the week we did lots of fun activities and dressed up as our favourite book characters. Our costumes looked brilliant.

Fairytale Day

The children all looked fantastic in their fairytale costumes! We had a great day doing lots of activities. All the children planted a bean seed which hopefully will grow to reach the Giant's castle. They also made scrumptious jam tarts. The children enjoyed a visit from the real Cinderella and enjoyed singing and dancing with her.


Reading meeting 9.2.17

Living Coasts visitor

The children had a fantastic time when Tom from the Living Coasts came to talk about penguins. They were able to hold penguin feathers, penguin eggs and even had a go at waddling like a penguin with an egg on their feet! It was very tricky! Tom explained how penguins huddle together when they are cold and we practised huddling to see how warm we got.

The children had a go at making a habitat for their penguins and the morning ended with a puppet show, which looked at the way pollution can affect the penguins when they dive for food.

Everyone had a great time.


The children have had a fantastic last few weeks of term. They put on some brilliant performances of Busy Busy Bethlehem and made us all so proud. It was fantastic to see them working so hard on learning their words, dances and songs. We have been busy completing our DT unit on flaps and sliders and the children have created some fantastic cards using both flaps and sliders.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you all for all your support this term. the children have settled well into year 1 and I am very much looking forward to our spring term topics of Polar Exploration and then Fairytales.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Mrs Chivers


This week we have been looking at money in our Maths lessons and have been talking about the value of different coins up to 10 pence. We have been trying to find lots of different ways to make amounts. It would be great if you could encourage your child to talk about what they have learnt and let them help when out and about at the shops.


Look at the different ways we made 10 pence.

Teddy Bear Hospital

The children had great fun on Wednesday afternoon when medical students from the University came in to do a 'Teddy Bear' Hospital session. The children took part in various different activities, which involved looking at the bones of the skeleton; measuring their pulse; looking at what their hearts do and spotting germs on their hands with a UV light. At the end, the children were able to put bandages and plasters on their teddies to make them better. It was a really fun session, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.



Woodford Walk

This afternoon we went on a walk around Woodford. We were on the look out for any different buildings and human features. We saw a church, a park, a post box and a phone box. We also saw many different types of houses. We talked about what type of house we all live in but some of us weren't sure. Perhaps you could talk to each other at home and then come in and let me know what sort of house you live in?

 A semi detached house.


A detached house.


A church.


We had a really great time. When we got back, we drew our own maps and symbols. It was quite tricky but we all had a really good go.

Welcome to Year 1.

It has been so lovely to welcome all the children into Year 1. We are very much enjoying being the Fir class. So far this term we have been very busy. In English we have been using our sentence toolkit to write some super sentences; using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and checking what we've written makes sense. Mrs Chivers and Mrs Turner have been very impressed with what we've written.

In Maths we have been learning about ordering numbers and making number bonds up to 10. We've been practising by using bead strings, multilink cubes and our fingers. 

In our topic learning we have been looking at our bodies and naming our body parts. We really enjoyed using post it notes to label Lucas! We have also been learning some French and taking part in fun PE sessions.

This week we are going on a local walk to look at key features in our locality. Fingers crossed for dry weather!


Thank you to everyone for practising your Numbernauts at home and for doing lots of fantastic reading. Once we've finished our assessments we will be sending spellings home.


Thank you also to the parents who are coming in to help with reading.  It is greatly appreciated. 

Mrs Chivers :-)

Healthy week 2016


Please see the timetable for the Fir class healthy week. I am sure the children will have a lovely week! Watch this space for photos of them taking part in the huge range of activities.



Healthy week

Year One Wedding   Thursday 9th June 2016


As part of our Religious Education learning today we all took part in a Wedding ceremony at the Woodford Methodist Church. Everybody had a role to play from being a wedding guest to being the best man. Thank you to the minister David Young who led our ceremonies and thank you to Mrs Jenson for making a delicious wedding cake which we all enjoyed. We hope you enjoy our photos of our special day!



Pageboy and Mother of the bride Pageboy and Mother of the bride The Wedding guests

Welcome to Wales!


This week we have been learning all about Wales. We were able to meet a real 'Welsh' person yesterday. Mrs James is from Swansea and came in to tell us all about what life is like is Wales. We learned how to count in Welsh. Mrs James told us about the St David and the National flower of Wales - the daffodil. We learned about different types of Welsh food which included cockles, Bara Brith cake , Lamb and Welsh cakes. We made our own Welsh cakes too. We also tried on some traditional Welsh costumes.


Please enjoy the photos of our Welsh experience on the HOLLY class page.

Monster Brushes Workshop     29th April 2016


Today all of Year One took part in an engineering workshop led by Babcock International (STEM project).

We all made a circuit using a motor, battery, wires and a switch to power a brush. It was very tricky connecting the circuit but everyone made one. Next, we had to decorate our dustpan and brush to create our 'Monster brush!' The children were very creative adding legs to their brush, propellers and even mini pilots which could operate the Monster brush. Finally we had to test our brushes to see if they could sweep and move. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs of us in action as 'engineers.' Thank you Babcock International for providing excellent materials for us to work with and such an exciting workshop

Parent's Evenings

Please come and sign up to our parent's evenings that are to be held next week.  Appointments are available for Monday 7th March until 5.30pm and Thursday 10th March until 6.30pm. Please let me know if these dates are inconvenient and we can try and arrange a mutually convenient time. Many thanks.

Mrs Chivers :-) 

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016


We are celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March with the 'Big Book Off.' Please could you bring in your favourite book on Thursday. All of the school (including the teaching staff) will be stopping at some point during the day to all read our favourite books for 10 minutes. We are looking forward to seeing which book choose.

*Please note that we will not be asking children to dress up as book characters this year*

Fairytale Day

This term our topic is Fairy tales. We all came dressed up as our favourite fairy tale character on Monday. Don't you think we look great? We spent the day reading lots of fairy tales and being crafty making collages of the Three Little Pigs.

Polar Fun Day!

We all enjoyed Nabs the explorer coming to visit us. He told us all about exploring the North and South Pole and how we needed to take lots of things with us to keep us warm and safe.


We had a go at doing some Inuit printing. This is where we carved a picture onto a foam tile and then rolled paint all over the picture. We printed the picture onto a plain piece of paper. Our pictures were brilliant!






The next activity was making clay mountains and pouring a gloopy mixture down them to make a glacier. It was really messy but so much fun!







After lunch we listened to Nabs talk about all the clothing we would have to wear if we were going on a polar expedition. There were about 12 layers! Look at how padded Riley is!



Then we all had a go at trying on some of the clothes.They were very hot!


Our last activity was making Scrimshaw pictures. This is a traditional Inuit way of painting. They would paint pictures to tell a story onto walrus tusks. We made our own on a tusk shaped piece of paper and used charcoal to draw a picture. We all had such an exciting day.



Abacus web-based learning.

Year One pupils will be bringing home a bookmark on Friday 5.2.16 which has their Abacus Maths login details on. They can log in on the link shown on this page to the Active learn site and log in to their 'Maths world' which has games that they can play at home. All the children have had a practise at school in using this website. These games are all linked to the Math's learning that the Year One's have been doing in class. Please ask Mrs Beresford or Mrs Barnfield if you have any questions or difficulty accessing the site.

Our penguin


Look who came to visit from the Antarctic! He travelled a long way and the children loved meeting him!

Living Coasts Workshop

On Tuesday we were very lucky to have Mark from Living Coasts come to visit us, to tell us all about penguins. We really enjoyed it!

First, Mark asked to us to hold a toy penguin to see how heavy a real penguin was. It was really heavy which surprised us!



Mark then told us how penguins keep warm and we were able to feel some real penguin feathers. Words we used to describe them were-soft, furry, fluffy. Mark told us that penguin's feathers are like that to keep them warm.



Then we all had a go at waddling like penguins and creating a huddle to keep warm. Mrs Turner definitely felt warm with us all huddled around her! We also had a go at waddling while trying to carry an egg on our feet. It was really tricky!





We then talked about different habitats that different types of penguins live in. Mark told us that at Living Coasts they have Macaroni penguins, that would live in a cold environment, and African penguins, that live in a hot environment. We then made our own habitats based on the different temperatures.




We really enjoyed the workshop and found out lots.


At the end, we watched a puppet show, which was really funny!


Headteacher's Award


Congratulations to Jay Bullen who received the Headteacher's Award for the Autumn term. His hardwork and perseverance over the term has been brilliant! Well done Jay!

Year 6 books

We have been really lucky that the Year 6 children have spent some of their English time to write stories for us. This afternoon they came down to share the stories with us. We thought they were fantastic!

Open afternoon

Thank you so much to everyone who came in this afternoon to look at the children's work. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the fantastic work they have produces this term. I am extremely proud of them all and hope you are too. Many thanks for all you encouraging and supportive comments.

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 


Mrs Chivers :-) 


Open Afternoon

On Wednesday we are inviting parents in to look at the children's books with your child. It would be lovely to see you to share the fantastic work the children have produced this term. If you are unable to make it, don't worry I can arrange another time with you.

Many thanks

Mrs Chivers

Christmas week activities

During the last week of term, the children will be taking part in lots of art and craft activities. Please can they all bring a large Jaffa type orange in to school on Monday so that we can make Christingles? If you are unable to provide one, please let me know. Thank you.


We will also be having our Year 1 Christmas party on Monday 14th and are asking that instead of providing party food this year, please could a voluntary donation of 50p be made towards our party. Again, if there are any problems with this, please come in to see me.


Thank you to everyone for your continued support this term. The children have settled really well into Year 1 and we are having a lovely time together as the Fir class.

Mrs Chivers

Stargazing performances

The children have been rehearsing and practising hard to put on their fantastic performance of Stargazing. The children have been brilliant at remembering words, songs and actions. I hope everyone that has come to see the performances have enjoyed watching the talented children performing so well. Thank you for providing excellent costumes for the children.

Book Week.

This week the children have been reading stories by our chosen author-Sue Hendra. They have really enjoyed listening to the stories and have been producing some fabulous work linked to what they have read. Ask your child to tell you about Wanda, Max, Barry, Dave and Keith- all the characters we have met this week, in the books we have read.

On Monday we read Wanda and the Alien.


We made our own alien spaceships.


We made some blow paint aliens!


We designed alien faces.



We made up our own aliens and gave them funny names!



On Tuesday we read Spider Sandwiches. We thought this book was funny as Max the monster ate some very yucky foods!


We made spider web pictures, wrote some acrostic spider poems and designed some disgusting food of our own!


On Wednesday we read Barry the Fish with Fingers. This book was great fun to read. We all liked the part when Puffy the fish was saved by Barry.


In maths we designed scarves using repeated patterns.



We also finger painted to make some fish using repeated patterns.


In the afternoon, we had some fun activities. We painted pictures of Barry and Puffy, using our fingers.


We made stick puppets of the characters.


We designed some new gloves for Barry.


On Thursday we read a funny story called Dave. He loved eating and got stuck in the cat flap! I wonder how he got out?


We made some fantastic storyboards to retell the story.

Year 1 and 2 Christmas play

Dates for the Christmas play are as follows:

Tuesday 8th December 2pm for grandparents 

Wednesday 9th December 2pm for parents.

Thursday 10th December 2pm for parents.

Our 'Respect' picnic lunch

We had a lovely class lunch on Tuesday, to talk about the new respect cards that we can gain for being respectful around the school. We had a wonderful, peaceful picnic lunch, where we could practise being respectful to each other. We were fantastic at using our manners and sharing food politely. We are looking forward to earning respect cards to win prizes.





Autumn Craft

In the afternoon, after our Autumn walk, we took part in some Autumn craft activities, where we made sycamore seed dragonflies, leaf wreaths and nature faces. Have a look at us producing some wonderful pieces of art. We are going to put some of them up on display in the hall.











Our Autumn walk

On Tuesday, we went on an Autumn walk as part of our Science topic learning. We were looking out for any signs of Autumn. It was a lovely morning and we managed to find lots of different shaped leaves that were turning brown, yellow, orange and red, which shows Autumn is here. We collected lots of leaves, twigs and seeds to use back in the classroom for some Autumn craft. We also did some bark and leaf rubbings. We all had lots of fun!

Peace at Last story walk

This week we have been enjoying reading Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. On Wednesday we went on a very exciting 'story walk'. We had to find each part of the story in our school grounds and collect clues for our story sacks. We were very good at reading each part with expression! When we got back to class, we used the objects and pictures to retell the story to our partners.

On Thursday we also learned some actions to retell the story. Perhaps you could tell an adult the story at home, using the actions.

Welcome to Year 1!


We are very excited to be welcoming the children back after the Summer break. We've had a great first two days and the children seem to be settling in really well. We will be posting all our learning journey adventures on here so please keep checking for updates.

Mrs Chivers :-)


Reading helpers

If anyone can spare some time each week between 9 and 9.30am to help with our reading roundabout sessions please could you let me know which days you would be available to help. We would really appreciate the support.  Many thanks.

Mrs Chivers :-) 

First week back

The children have all been absolutely amazing this week and have worked really hard. They have settled into Year 1 really well and I know we are going to have a brilliant year together.

Today the children should have brought home some leaflets to let you know about what we will be doing this term in class. If you want any clarification on anything , please feel free to pop in and see me.

They have all been given keyword reading sheets to practise at home and their first Numbernaut challenge sheets. Once they feel confident to be tested on either their keywords or their Numbernaut challenge please sign the sheet and send it back into school, where we will be able to test them. Many thanks for all your support.

Mrs Chivers :-) 

School Parliament voting

The children have been voting to choose our class representatives for Woodford's school parliament. The children who wanted to be put forward for the role all stood up in front of the class and said why they wanted to represent the class. The children were fantastic and spoke clearly to express their interest in the role. The voting was very close but our winning representatives were Charlie and Nyah. Congratulations to them both.  We are sure they will do a superb job. 

Local walk

Tomorrow we will be taking the children on a short walk around the Woodford estate as part of our Geography unit on our local area. The children will be looking out for different features as we walk. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please come and see me in the morning

 Thank you.

Mrs Chivers

Universal free school meals forms

Just to clarify that all sections of this form needs to be completed before it is given back to us. This is a legal requirement so we can provide the children with their meals as part of the universal free school meals scheme. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to come in and see me.

Thank you

Mrs Chivers