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Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Curriculum Information

Phonics and Reading Schemes


At Woodford we follow the DFES Letters and Sounds phonics scheme which aims to build children's speaking and listening skills in their own right as well as to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills.

In Foundation children learn phases 2, 3 and 4.

In Year 1 children consolidate phases 2-4 and learn phase 5.

In Year 2 children consolidate phase 5 and learn phase 6.

In Foundation we introduce actions from the Jolly Phonics scheme alongside the phonemes (letter sounds), this provides a multi-sensory approach which supports children who learn in a more physical way. These actions are used in Year 1 where appropriate.

You can find more information about what is covered in each phase and games you can play to support your child's learning here.


At Woodford we do not use a set reading book scheme. In Foundation children start with a bespoke reading homework sheet that is designed to support the specific sounds and skills they are learning to give them the best possible, positive start to reading. By targetting the sounds, words and skills children know they are able to achieve success with their homework, building self esteem and a sense of self as a reader. As children begin to be able to read simple sentences independently children then move onto coloured book banded books which are banded to provide reading books at an appropriate level. We use books from multiple reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Read Write Inc, Dandelion Readers and more to expose children to a wide range of books.


If you would like any more information about our Phonics or Reading schemes please email the school contact at the top of the home page or see your child's class teacher.

Year 1 Curriculum Plan


The Curriculum Plan gives details of the areas of study and topics to be covered for each of the National Curriculum subjects through the year.


Objective ladders for Maths, Reading, SPaG and Writing give details of all the objectives that the children will be covering during the year and can be used to track an individual child's progress.