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Woodford Primary School

Working alongside Inspirational, local artists

Year 6 - Wire sculpture workshop


Jenny Aryton - Local Artist



Year 6 were inspired by Jenny Aryton, a local artist to make sculptures using copper wire. They sketched and designed their sculpture first and then experimented with the wire to shape and sculpt their final figure.   

Year 5 -

Annual workshop with Dr B. Pollard - Plymouth Artist


Every year, Year 5 are very fortunate to experience an inspirational workshop with Dr Pollard who shares his skill, enthusiasm and ideas with the pupils.

Year One Sunflower Art Workshop 21.6.18

Year One had a wonderful day of Art of Thursday. Mr Lewis, our local artist came in to lead a Sunflower themed Art class. We worked on developing our sketching skills; looking closely at the petal shape and then we learned how to paint a Sunflower. The children produced some very beautiful shaped flowers. Keep a look out for our Sunflower display which will be arriving in the main entrance soon! We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Lewis for leading the workshop and the Woodford PTFA for very kindly funding this fantastic experience.

Sunlfower Art

Remembrance Poppy Art with Mr Lewis, local artist