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Woodford Primary School

Weekly Home Learning (for All Children)

For maths home learning each week, we will be setting 1 worksheet plus an additional optional challenge. The worksheet is from a White Rose Maths lesson. The link for the video is also included below. This lesson is a recap of one of our lessons in school this week. If your child is feeling confident, they can go straight to the worksheet. However, if you or your child feel they'd benefit from watching the video first, please use this. 


We have given the children a paper copy of the worksheet to bring home. However, it's also included below in case they lose it or the dog eats it!


Please don't send the worksheet in to school for marking. The answers are provided for marking at home. It would be great to share your child's home learning through their portfolio so we can reward them with Dojo points. 


Lesson video link:

The children also need to use NumBots at home 3 times per week (5 mins at a time), focusing on progressing through the stages in ‘Story’ mode. This will improve their knowledge of addition and subtraction facts. If they have already completed Diamond in Story mode, they need to go back to the beginning and work through the stages, having another go at any levels they previously passed with 2 stars, this time aiming for 3 stars. If they have done this for all stages, they can focus on improving their scores on all levels in the Challenge mode.


They also need to use TTRockstars at home 3 times per week (5 mins at a time). This will ensure their knowledge of times tables continues to be secure.


Playing for regular shorts bursts in this way, rather than 1 longer block each week, is a more effective way for your child to learn.