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Woodford Primary School

Transition into school

Our Staff

Meet the teachers

Here are short introductory videos telling children about our 5 favourites - animals, colours, toys, stories and songs.

Miss Riggs - my 5 favourites

Miss Agambar - my 5 favourites

Story time

Story time with Miss Agambar- Gigantosaurus!

Story time Miss Riggs - Imagine me a pirate!

Song time

Can you learn these songs over the summer holidays to sing with us when you start school?

Song time with Miss Agambar - 5 Speckled Frogs

Song time with Miss Riggs - 5 little men in a flying saucer

Song time with Mrs Wood and Miss Flynn - 5 little monkeys

Song time with Mrs Sprague - 5 currant buns

Song time with Mrs Page - 5 green bottles