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The Mysterious Place

The Mysterious Place


“For heaven sakes, get off your x box and go and walk the dog”. Dad’s angry comments sliced through Jackson’s thoughts like a dagger. “If you don’t take your sweet sister with you, we will take it away for three weeks!” echoed mum, as she raged up the stairs.

Banging on the door, mum shouted at Jackson, “are you ever going to get off that thing!” bellowed mum becoming furious with Jackson. Finally, stomping down the stairs Jackson yelled to his sister, “get the dog and come outside; we are going on the moors to walk the dog!” he exclaimed wondering where she was.

Jackson, who was a moody 14 year old, didn’t care about anything and like most teenagers, he was addicted to his x box. He wore ripped jeans, expensive trainers and he always wore a blue gaming T shirt. He had pale skin, rich chocolatey brown hair and bright, emerald green eyes. His skin was as pale as porcelain.

Jackson (Jack for short), also had an annoying yet sometimes useful sister named Luna. She had long, black hair and also had emerald green eyes. She loved the colour red and when she went outside, she always wore her special red coat. She had an overactive imagination and would often tell tall stories that weren’t always the truth, so Jackson called her “Lying Luna”. She was an inquisitive girl and liked to explore new things. Sometimes the siblings thought that the only thing they had in common was those emerald green eyes.

Luna was always snooping around, especially poking her head into her brother’s room. He teased his poor sister and they were always fighting.

In despair, Jackson threw his coat on and put his controller on charge, while Luna was lingering at the front door.

When the door opened, Chase, the dog, ran as fast as he could onto the moors for his freedom. The dog Jackson had to walk was called Chase. He was caramel coloured and was especially fluffy. He was a huge curly-haired dog that loved sniffing and digging for bones. Also he loved dog biscuits and loved his family.

When they were walking, they went past towering trees in their autumn state. With leaves crunching beneath their feet, Jackson grunted, “come on hurry up!” It was a very windy, cloudy day and Luna and Jackson had wrapped up warm, as they plodded along the moor. They walked for ages passing Coko Rock and their favourite stream.

Gently and swiftly they started to venture through the boggy marshes. They found themselves wading through the bog and Jackson complained about his white trainers getting muddy. “Oh be quiet!” Luna said in an angry voice.

On their journey they crossed a river and found themselves on a flat landscape, at the foot of a granite tor. Jackson sat on a rock and didn’t move until Chase barked and ran off. Jackson gave Luna the lead and went to play on his phone.


As his feet were cold and wet, Jack complained, “We will need to find shelter”.

Digging furiously at a pile of leaves, Chase sensed something unnatural. By the time Jackson stumbled up the hill, Chase was already digging away. Barking and scratching. Luna decided to investigate further.

Using her instincts, she wondered what was on the other side of this huge pile of leaves.

“What have you found boy?” Luna questioned, as Jackson was phoning his best friend, “Jackson, look at this!”

“No! It’s probably one of your tall tales again,” smirked Jackson without trusting her.

"I am not lying. If you are not going to look for me, look for Chase” replied Luna, who was feeling really cross. After a lot of persuasion, Jackson finally came over. “What is it?” replied Jackson sarcastically.

“I know,” she exclaimed, “it’s obvious……… It’s the door to another world!”

“Don’t be ridiculous Luna, how could that possibly be? Lying Luna strikes again!”

Rampaging through the leaves, all of a sudden they saw it. There in front of them was what appeared to be a tunnel. As they tip-toed through the tunnel, the cold, wet mud started to sparkle and crunch. The temperature dropped drastically and there it was .……..



Build up

… in the icy, freezing cold, Jack and Luna were scared, they started to shiver.


Chase was digging in the icy, frozen, crunchy ground. Suddenly he started to bark loudly, Jack and Luna ran over to see what was going on.

Luna was shocked!

“What have you found Chase?” yelled Luna. Chase had found a sparkling, glittery, gem covered, golden treasure chest.

Excitedly, Luna and Jack opened up the treasure chest, inside they found a huge emerald, the exact same colour as their eyes. They also found a gigantic trophy and some golden coins!

They came out of the tunnel,

suddenly it was night time! They didn’t notice, but a crocodile was hiding and he crept out surprising them.

He cast a spell on Jack and Luna, they fell asleep…



Waking up in a daze, with a searing pain shooting down his arm, Jackson tried to gather his bearings as his eyes gradually returned to focus. He quickly noticed that his arms and legs were tied and he was trapped in some kind of prison facility, which had water leaking in from every conceivable angle. Meanwhile, Luna and Chase were nowhere to be seen. Rising to his feet, Jackson stealthily waddled towards the transparent, cell wall and peered through; he a saw a truly horrific sight…

Patrolling the corridor was a huge, copper, armour-plated guard that had slimy, green skin and a tail covered in sharp scales. Its nose, which dominated its face, moved in a series of ridges downwards and outwards. ‘Who are you rebel scum?’ Jackson seethed at the beast, with rage consuming his voice. With that, the beast - whose gritted teeth exposed its pointy, blackened fangs - marched towards his cell and stared intently at the frightened teenager before whipping its huge tail against the enclosure.

Jackson had so many questions floating through his head about his current predicament but now was not the time to seek answers for he had to think about a way out. AND FAST! Realising that there was no way past this strange, reptilian creature, Jackson hastily thought back to his Xbox gaming experiences and frantically assessed his prison cell for an escape route.

First, he had to untie himself from the rope that was wrapped around his wrists and ankles. Spotting a sharp edge on the corner of a chair, the panic-stricken teenager slumped himself beside it and desperately rubbed his hands and legs back and forth. Much to his relief, there was just enough friction to lacerate the rope and free himself. He then quickly turned his attention to escaping the cell, which, by this point, was rapidly filling up with water. Where was it all coming from? Jackson thought to himself.

With time running out, Jackson reached into his pocket and noticed that he still had several golden coins that they’d found in the treasure chest. ‘That’s it’, he thought – ‘I’ll pick the lock!’ Waiting for his moment - when the guard had trudged away - Jackson seized his chance to pick the lock. It took several attempts, but just as his patience was running out, the cell door sprung open and he was free.

However, the situation took a devastating turn for the worse when Jackson realised that he had set an alarm off within the prison chambers! It boomed out heavily, making the walls vibrate and almost creating ripples in the puddles of water that Jackson hastily scurried through. Running like the wind down the narrow corridor, Jackson passed several other prisoners, who were begging for him to free them; he also saw several small windows and his worst fears were confirmed as he gazed through them. It was the deep, blue sea: Jackson was UNDERWATER!

As his eyes swiftly scanned left and right looking for a way out, he suddenly felt a huge thud strike his forehead, which sent him flying backwards several metres: he’d run into another guard! Picking himself up, the petrified boy turned around to see a second guard heading towards him. Fearing for his life, Jackson bolted towards a large vent in the wall, wrenched it open and bravely flung himself in, not knowing where the passage would take him.

For what seemed like an eternity, Jackson spiralled around in circles as the air vent sent him plummeting further and further into oblivion. SMASH! Without warning, he came crashing out of the vent and landed with a thud on a cold, marble floor. Before he could pick himself up, Jackson, heard a deep, sinister voice laughing…

‘WUH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Welcome my pesty little convict to the Mysterious underwater world of CROCALANTIS! My name is the CROC KING and I am the ruler of this most illustrious and sacred world.’ Huge roars of triumph from dozens of guards, who were spread around the perimeter of the underwater pod, echoed ominously.

In the distance, Jackson could see the huge creature sat on its gleaming, diamond-encrusted chair. It was an incredible sight and one that was hard to fathom for an innocent 14-year old boy. The Croc King was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Its body was like that of a human whilst its head, hands, feet and tail fully resembled that of a crocodile. Covered in shiny, gold-plated armour and emeralds, the creature’s wealth was clear. And it….TALKED?! Could this day possibly get any more bizarre?!

It wasn’t just the Croc King that left Jackson in awe, as the surroundings were equally jaw-dropping. They were in a vast, spherical-shaped pod, that was completely transparent and out of which, the mesmerising, glowing lights of the underwater city could be seen through the clear, blue water.

Tiptoeing his way towards the despicable ruler, Jackson nervously questioned why he had been summoned to Crocalantis and where his sister was. He needed to know.

‘The prophecy states that the emerald-eyed children are the curse of Crocalantis; they raided my lost treasure chest and in doing so, have disturbed a harmonious civilisation that has been at peace for centuries. I will not see my kingdom wiped out by your despicable presence’, the Crock King thundered.

‘We honestly didn’t mean to bring you any harm – we just found the treasure chest by chance. It was our dog’s fault actually! Please, let me go!’ Jackson begged whilst wiping a tear from his eye. ‘And tell me – where is my sister?’

At that moment, Jackson’s attention was instantaneously drawn to his right, where Luna emerged, closely followed by a reptilian guard. Curiously, she was dressed in glittering robes with a crown placed on her head, which was covered in crocodile teeth.

The evil Croc King continued,

‘Your sister is alive and well. In a few hours, you shall battle me in the Crocarena. Whoever wins shall take her! If you can defeat me, you will both be free to return to the world from which you came. IF I AM VICTORIOUS, SHE WILL SPEND THE REST OF HER LIFE HERE AS MY SLAVE!!!’

Without warning, Jackson was grabbed by a guard and led towards a holding chamber, where he would wait until the battle commenced later that day. His legs, which were trembling profusely, almost gave way as he trudged off.

How could he possibly overcome the Croc King? Would he ever see his sister again? What happened to Chase? All hope seemed lost in this mysterious place…



As he sat in his dusty, old cell he felt anxious because he thought he had no choice but to fight the Croc King. However, he knew if he did, the cruel, horrifying crocodile would greedily eat him so he made a plan to rapidly escape.

First, it seemed hopeless but he spotted a smooth, thin twig out the corner of his eye. He grabbed the twig and tried to unlock the door by twisting it but it was too thin and skinny so it snapped. Just as he thought he was trapped forever a Croc Guard dropped the real key and he speedily picked it and quickly unlocked the door. Then, he sneakily raced to try and find his sister. It took him a couple of long, lonely hours to find his cute, beautiful sister Luna. He spotted her through a window. She was hoovering the Croc King’s red, dirty bedroom. Jackson felt angry to see his little sister being treated like a slave. How awful! He thought what has the evil, mean Croc King done to you? He tiptoed across the rooftops and slid down the dusty, black chimney. He could see his sister in the next room but 2 slimy, ugly Croc Guards were guarding her. He crept underneath the enormous Croc Guards and they were so tall and busy they didn’t even notice. Jackson was so relieved to see his sister that he gave her a huge cuddle and cried ‘‘I love you, I was super worried, let’s get out of here before it’s too late’’. All of a sudden, Luna replied ‘‘I saw the Croc King earlier in a shiny, gold submarine. Let’s steal it and get out of this scary, horrible place’’. So, they jumped into the submarine and Jackson carefully drove the submarine out of the water. All of a sudden, they spotted their cute, fluffy dog Chase barking happily at them. They suddenly realised they were back in the dirty, spooky tunnel. They felt overjoyed and safe at last. What a crazy adventure!



Chase barked angrily at the Crocodile King who was running after Jack.

“Pass me back my treasure,” demanded the King.

“Get away from us,” shouted Jack really loudly. Chase barked to tell the King to leave them alone.

“No we won’t but if you go away we’ll leave your treasure here,” said Luna gently.

The King stood looking at the ceiling and tapping his finger to his head as he thought.

“Yes, if you leave me alone I will leave you alone,” said the King happily.

So they all went back to their houses and they told mum they’d been in jail.

“Go to your room!” said mum “Don’t tell lies.”

“She doesn’t believe us,” said Luna sadly.

Jack shrugged, “I don’t care,” he called and he went off to play on his x-box.


The End