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The Magnificent Magician

The Magnificent Magician 

In a silent corner of Shipleyville, stood a pleasant, proud library, a legacy of the Victorians.  Standing at the centre of the library, was a colossal modern area.  Along the wall, the shelves were brand new, shiny and dusted in every nook and cranny. The shelves were set out neatly in alphabetical order and people enjoyed going there even though there were always little whispers. The library smelt fresh and fragranced like flowers. But there was just one corner, not just any corner which was very ancient. All the books were ripped and torn and they all were hardback, gold and embossed and if you blew them, it would make a dust cloud. In a dark corner stood a sad looking pair of cracked drooping never ending shelves.  No one went there.  The corner smelt damp and dusty. It had cobwebs and spiders and that is why no one except Marvin ever went in that corner. Marvin was looking for many ancient spell books.

The young magician was a very bright man who never had a melancholy face. Marvin always had a smile and he had ginger hair that was quite short but you cannot see it because of his big tall black hat.  Marvin wore a purple invisibility cloak. Marvin was a bubbly and light-hearted apprentice magician now ready to become a proper magician.  His eyes were constantly scanning the text of each spell book in the room.  He was reading a spell book because there was a competition coming up and he was determined to win. Nevertheless he was enemies with an elderly wizard called Fantastico and they were the biggest rivals at the competition.  Fantastico had a long silvery white beard and a wrinkled and weathered face.  He always hid his face under his cloak.  Fantastico was mean and selfish and always had a scowl on his face.  He was very vain and he thought he was the best at everything.  He was always sly.   Fantastico hated Marvin’s modern approach to magic.  Marvin tried to take no notice of Fantastico. 


Whilst he was reading his 1566th page of his spell book, he spotted a moody, unhappy man coming towards him.  In the glimpse of his keen eye he thought he spied Fantastico coming directly at him but it was just the old, grumpy librarian wanting to lock the library for the night. Disappointed, Marvin trudged home with the large, heavy spell book tucked carefully under his long cloak because he didn’t want Fantastico to see he had the fascinating magical book. 


The next morning, Marvin woke up excitedly, put on his cloak and opened the dusty spell book. He knew he needed to practise a little more before the competition later that day. First he found his cauldron and made a potion to make things smaller. Next he took a small amount of the yellow, sparkly liquid and poured it on an old pair of shoes. He watched carefully as the shoes began to get smaller and smaller. When they had stopped shrinking they fitted in the palm of his hand. Finally he gathered up his magical equipment, packed the car and drove nervously to the competition.


Marvin was in his car. He spilt the yellow, sparkly potion. Marvin got smaller and smaller. The car got smaller and smaller too. The car was on the road. There was a big hole in the road. The car went down and down. Marvin went down and down and he couldn’t get up again. (Just like Humpty Dumpty).


Plummeting into the musty damp hole, Marvin felt a shiver go down his spine.  Fear engulfed his mind, he felt agitated but scared at the same time.  As he tumbled to near death, he spun as if he was in a whirl pool.  Echoing above him he heard a crowd of cars and motor bikes.  Unaware of his dilemma, Marvin screamed at the top of his voice as he tumbled down.

Seconds later, the car collided (hit) to the bottom of the pot hole.  Without warning the air bag deployed from the passengers door and dashboard knocking him unconscious.  A few minutes, Marvin came around after dreaming of stars.  Pushing and shoving the air bags out of his face, he felt for the door handle.  Opening the door he thought he had arrived at the competition but instead he was at the bottom of a deep, dark and damp pot hole.  Wandering around, trying to find a way out, he realised that the sides were too steep for the miniature magician to climb.  All of a  sudden he hit on a brilliant idea…an air bag trampoline!  So the magician headed to his wrecked mini to grab an air bag and positioned it to one side of the hole.  Bouncing enthusiastically he tried to reach a protruding ledge.  At first he didn’t manage to complete the task he set himself.  Eventually with one huge effort, he grabbed the ledge and pulled himself up.  Exhausted, he realised he was nowhere near the top.

Marvin the magnificent searched for something to climb up and then he caught a glimpse of a spider’s web nearby.  Precariously ascending, Marvin clambered up the shimmering, silver spider web.  Desperately trying to keep his balance, he wobbled and rocked side to side like a rocking horse.  By that time, he had just reached a quarter of the way up of the spider’s web.  Hitting his head repeatedly, droplets of rain drenched his face and crept down his back.  All of a sudden, Marvin tumbled down the shimmering spider web and back onto the cold ledge. 

Hanging precariously, Marvin the Magnificent’s weight was too much for the helpless spider’s web and he fell to the ground with a huge huff.  Sighing with relief, he realised that he wasn’t at the bottom of the hole, he was on the ledge.  A spitting noise came.  Something dropped into the hole.  Marvin picked up some super, sticky, sour, strawberry bubblegum.  An excellent idea struck through his head.  His fabulous idea was to blow the super, sticky bubblegum to a giant bubble, then float right out of the dark hole.  It took a while to break off a tiny piece of the bubblegum.  Eventually, Marvin popped the bubblegum into his mouth and chewed hard.  He blew as a huge bubble erupted from his mouth.  As the darkness swallowed the ledge.  Slowly, Marvin floated out of the pit then the wind blew him sideways and at last he popped the bubble.  Falling rapidly, Marvin landed in a sprawled heap next to the pit.

Exhausted and fatigued from blowing the strawberry bubblegum, Marvin started pondering on how he could reach the busy road.  As he started to scan the steep walls of the dark hole, a light bulb idea flickered into his mind.  Still recovering from his unpleasant days, Marvin slowly rose to his shaping feet, with no time to spare he grabbed his tall, black hat and whipped it off his head.  “Alacazam!!!” shouted Marvin in a squeaky voice, out of nowhere a small dove popped out of his head.  It had squinting brown eyes and a short, sharp beak.  Carefully climbing onto the back of the dove, Marvin the Magnificent gathered his potions and held onto the bird.  Without warning the dove launched himself up into the sky and glided through the misty clouds, Marvin was finally free but there was still only one tiny problem………


How was he going to grow bigger again? Marvin had a fantastic idea. He would try a spell from his ancient spell book. Quickly, he flicked through the pages until he came to the perfect spell. He whispered the word ‘Largio’ and suddenly was big again. Now all he had to do was get to the competition. Marvin put a spell on his shoes to make him run really quickly, ‘Speedio’, and he ran off down the road.

Finally, Marvin arrived at the competition. He looked for his potion, but he could not find it. Oh no! He had left it in the car. Marvin felt very unhappy. He sat down to watch the competition and started to cry. Fantastico was on the stage mixing his potion, but his cauldron was too small! Marvin had an idea. He could help Fantastico. He got up and shouted ‘Largio’. The cauldron got bigger and bigger. Fantastico was amazed. He carried on making his potion but it was taking too long. Again, Marvin got up and shouted ‘Speedio’. Before Fantastico could wave his magic wand, the potion was complete. Everyone cheered. The judges were so impressed with Marvin’s helpful magic, they gave him the winning prize. Marvin was so happy. After that, Marvin and Fantastico became friends and helped each other with their spells.