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The Hidden Key

The Hidden Key 


Boom! Smash! The windows on a giant skyscraper blasted into shards and fell to the ground like deadly, thunderous hail. Without any time to spare, David Lynx pressed his Rolex watch and a zip wire came into existence. He needed to act quickly! Grappling down the wire, he shot out of the blazing building. Hastily he sprinted to his gun-metal, grey Aston Martin, which thankfully was parked very conveniently in front of him, and he sped off with a cloud of smoke trailing behind. A huge fireball engulfed the area, whilst shards of metal, blasts of bricks and splinters of glass rained down on the road in front of him. He skidded around the corners and zoomed at top speed but several baddies were on his tail. The chase was on! He put it into 7th gear, put his foot to the floor and in no time he’d lost them through the side streets, and arrived safely at MI6 HQ.


'Vrrrrooooom' came the noise of the cars speeding past Lynx, he smartened himself up, tightened his tie and dusted himself off. Catching sight of himself in the mirror, he looked cool and smooth. His Italian pinstripe suit and shiny, black leather shoes were the perfect style for this ladies man and secret spy. Lynx ran his fingers through his short, trimmed brown hair and smoothed it over with his hand before reaching into his pocket for the envelope he had seized from the building. What was inside? At last he could open it. He stood there and thought for a moment. He was puzzled because in his hands, he was holding a half torn, black and white photo. There stood, in front of a round shaped building, a suited man holding that very envelope with the photograph inside.

"It must be part of the key!" he whispered to himself checking that nobody was listening to him. But where was the other half? "Looks like another mission for me then."


Just at that moment (at the top of the MI6 staircase) stood David's boss, evil eyed.

"Well DL1, Have you got the key to break this secret code?" he questioned seriously, cracking no smile at all.


“Not quite boss, but I have found part of this map which may lead me to the hidden key”. Whilst David was chit-chatting to his boss his mind was thinking of where the map might lead him.

David headed off to his sparkly rainbow coloured racing car. His Aston Martin was broken after the high speed chase away from the baddies. David bravely raced down the road but unfortunately the baddies had been waiting for him to leave MI6 HQ. Luckily the racing car had fireworks which David used to startle the baddies and managed to lose them again.

David remembered he MUST find the other half of the photograph. “This photograph is part of the key” David said out loud as he drove past some Autumn trees with falling leaves. David made his way home, he parked on his long stoney driveway and went inside his home. He looked closely at the photograph and noticed on the back a very faint address. 11 WALLABY CLOSE, KANGAROO CORNER, AUSTRALIA.


Within minutes of seeing the address, David was boarding his private jet and on his way to Australia. Throughout the entire journey, all he could think about was WHO was in the photo. Suddenly, he could smell smoke coming from somewhere so he looked out of the window and saw a trail of fuel leaking out of the petrol tank. The jet was coming down. And fast. It started spinning out of control and to David’s horror, he noticed the pilot had fainted. Without hesitation, the secret agent reached into his spy case and grabbed his parachute. He quickly threw it on and vaulted out of the emergency exit. Like a bolt of lightning, David plunged through the clouds and descended towards the harbour below. Opening his parachute at the very last minute, he landed with a thump on a beaming, white yacht.

Relieved, David got up and headed straight for the bathroom to comb his hair and smarten himself up. He sprayed some lynx just in case there were any ladies about! Luckily, the yacht was empty so he fired up the engine and headed through Sydney harbour towards his destination. DL1 docked the yacht at Kangaroo Corner and as quick as a flash, scampered to Wallaby Close.

When he arrived, David couldn’t believe his eyes. In front of him, on the edge of a dried up creek, was what seemed to be an abandoned, wooden house. The house was very creepy because all the windows had been smashed to pieces and the wood was as rotten as an old cabbage. Cautiously, David pushed the moss covered door open and it made an eerie sound… ‘Errrrrrrrr’. Tiptoeing like a church mouse, the secret agent slowly made his way through the cobweb covered corridor and into the front room. On the wall, he noticed a picture and hesitated for a few seconds before taking a closer look. David couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the most wanted criminal of MI6… BIG FIST!!! It all made sense. It was the person who was in the other half of the photo and the man who surely possessed the key. Big Fist was a giant of a man, with a shiny bold head, dirty black vest and a distinctive tattoo on his right shoulder. Oh, and he also had an incredibly big fist!

DL1 noticed a staircase leading underneath the house so he crept down. It led him to an underground lair with several gadgets and monitors displaying some of the world’s biggest cities. Above the screens, he spotted a timer counting down reading ‘58m 59s’. What did all this mean? Before he could even think about what was going on, a giant shadow appeared and knocked David out cold.

When he came round, the desperate secret agent realised his feet were tied together and he was hanging from Sydney Harbour Bridge! Surely this was the end for David Lynx…


Within that very next minute, David Lynx stared down in horror as if he knew that his life was over. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted his flaxen-gold laser ring. Immediately, his was in action, burning through the rough, coiled rope, setting him off of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. DL1 fell to the water however he active his life-saving, Rolex watch, launching his built-in zip wire. Heaving himself up, he realised he didn’t have much time.


Racing along the bridge, DL1 was stopped in his tracks when he tripped over the biggest clue of all: Big First’s gadget. The agent had no time at all. He noticed the big countdown time on the screen and immediately cancelled the explosion, which would’ve occurred if it wasn’t for the hero (DL1) Then a message appeared on the gadget which read out and contained important information: OK, meet u there. Seeing the message DL1 scrolled up to the previous conversations.


Storming towards the docks, DL1 noticed the number one enemy (Big Fist) sailing away from the shore. The secret spy, jumped into a yacht, ready to chase Big Fist. The, the catching game was on. Yanking his grappling hook out of his belt, aiming to Big Fist’s boat, DL1 pulled the trigger with all his might. Like a bolt of lightning, the hook clenched onto the edge of the boat and the top-class agent was on the enemy’s yacht. Flinging his arms around the diabolical villain and DL1 didn’t let go.


DL1 squeezed Big Fist until he couldn’t breathe. He let Big Fist go and he fell on the ground. Through his ear piece, a voice said “Look at the baddie’s shoe.”

 “I can’t see anything on his shoe” he said.

“Look in his shoe” said the voice.

There was a key! In a little, tiny treasure box.

Rrrrr ..… the baddies raced up in their yellow and red cars. The baddie in charge was in the red car. DL1 was scared.

“I’m not a baddie, I’m a good guy! I’m the police” said the guy in charge.

“I will put you in jail” said Officer Bob to Big Fist.

Office Bob got on his hoverboard, which was next to the bridge, and took Big Fist off.

DL1 looked in the treasure box at the gold key.

He dived into the water.

He couldn’t swim but luckily his parachute turned into a submarine and took him back to the house.

“I found a clue!” said DL1

He looked at the picture and up high he saw a secret door. “Maybe I can fly up there” said DL1 looking at his watch. DL1 pressed the button and the wire flew out and pulled him up to the secret door.

He unlocked the door, he went inside and the trap was set! The door locked. Water came dripping and dropping out from little holes and rapidly filled the room. DL1 drowned in the water, flip flapping his arms and feet. As he floated to the top his last thought was “the picture was wrong…”


The End … or is it?