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The Forbidden House

The Forbidden House

“You must never stray to close to the forbidden house when you are searching for mushrooms in the fields later today,” explained Matt’s grandmother as she prepared their breakfast of mushrooms on toast. The thought of the forbidden house that Grandmother was speaking about made his spine tingle. The house. which was believed to be abandoned, was positioned in the corner of an overgrown, farmer’s field. “I dread to think what the miners might have left behind when they had to leave the mine all those years before. I wonder why one day they were there and the next they had vanished?”

A barbed wire fence surrounded the house that’s roof and walls had fallen into disrepair. Dangling precariously from this harsh barrier was a notice of warning against entry to the house.

Matt loved to collect mushrooms for his grandmothers breakfast although this passion was a new adventure to him. 



Although Matt's grandmother explained to him not to go into the dangerous, forbidden house, his brain forced him to explore inside.

Whilst he was picking mushrooms for his grandmother's breakfast in the field surrounding the forbidden house, he suddenly identified a wooden, squeeky gate which had been left open. Slowly, Matt tiptoed towards it but didn't realise that standing right in front of him was the forbidden house. The forbidden house was covered in creepy cobwebs with broken tiles on the rickety roof.

As he strolled through the gateway, the gate slammed shut right behind him as loud as a firework. He felt terrified. After he tried to open the gate to escape, he crept through the grave yard and followed by it was the great, spooky forbidden house.


It was scary in the graveyard. Matt looked at the forbidden house. He remembered that his Grandmother said he must not go near the house but he didn’t want to stay in the graveyard. He was afraid of ghosts and spiders. He crept over to the door of the forbidden house. It was a blue and yellow wooden door. The door was open so he tiptoed in.

There were cobwebs everywhere and bats flying around in the dark. Matt whispered ‘Hello’ and suddenly a massive black spider with red eyes ran towards him! Its legs were scratching on the floor and its eyes were gleaming. It had long, sharp, pointy teeth. Matt was really frightened and he didn’t know what to do!


“What terrifying gleaming eyes!” whispered Matt. “How horrible!”

“Why is he staring at me?” thought Matt.

First the spider smiled at Matt with his shiny, white teeth. Next he called “hello” in a friendly voice. Finally the spider explained “I only eat mushrooms on toast”. He looked sad and lonely because he didn’t have any friends in the forbidden house.


The fear drained out of his eyes. If Matt was anxious before, he certainly wasn’t now. “Oh, the reason why I ended up here was to collect mushrooms for my Gran and me. We love mushrooms on toast!” Matt enthused. The spiders face lit up. “I adore mushrooms! Have you ever tried a Flumpican mushroom?” he beamed. “No I haven’t but I would love to try one!” Matt replied, hoping that the spider might have one in stock. “Well you can try one! When it comes to Fungi I like to think of myself as a bit of a Darwinist,” the spider announced. Wow! This is amazing. I never knew that I could have so much in common with a spider, Matt thought to himself.


The spider took Matt down to the cellar and showed him his collection of mushrooms. But he wasn’t just a Darwinist, he was a hoarder. A mushroom hoarder! He had a huge variety of mushrooms from different places on the Moors: Flumpican, Porcini, Grandkin, Gnocksi and Matt’s favourite of all of the mushrooms in the world, Patrivelyn. He even let Matt have an exclusive tasting session where he got to taste every single mushroom in the cellar. Matt and his new best friend spoke for hours and it went so fast that it felt like a few minutes. The spider was over the moon to have someone to talk to for once in his life, since he had never had any friends. By the end of the day, Matt was a mushroom genius. And so when it was time to leave, Matt was devastated, but  was happy in the knowledge that he was going to go back to the house everyday. They were FFFs (Fungus Friends Forever).

The walk home was a long one and it gave Matt plenty of thinking time. What type of reception would he get from his gran when he walked in?  She would obviously be happy with idea of the endless supply of mushrooms and would be amazed with the news about his friendship with the giant, talking spider. However, Matt knew that she would be fuming with the news that he had disobeyed her instructions to stay away from the Forbidden House.

“Where have you been? You have been gone for hours, I’ve been worried sick!” exclaimed gran. Matt’s face went bright red with embarrassment.  Matt told her about everything, even the mushroom cellar. Eventually, gran calmed down and was just relieved to have Matt home safe and well. She was also delighted that she could have an endless supply of different types of mushrooms. The next day, Matt visited the spider and from that day on they remained  firm Fungi friends forever.