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The Extraordinary Day

The Extraordinary Day


Year 4: Hawthorn Class - Opening


“Could this day get any worse?” cried Lizzie as she wept on the floor. On one dull, disgusting planet called the planet Zog, lived two aliens called Lizzy Longnose and Zac Zeus who were obsessed with cleaning! One day, Lizzie was annoyed about seeing so much dust on her planet. “I’m fed up! It’s time for a holiday!”

“I agree. This dust is driving me mad,” replied Zac. Planet Zog was full of darkness and dust covering it from top to bottom. It had nothing but rocks and dust. “It’s so cold!” whimpered Lizzie. It was true, it was freezing cold with nothing to do but kick the mouldy looking, brown dust.

Lizzie was a fat and chubby alien who could smell things from a long way away. Being a bubbly alien and full of mischief, Lizzie Longnose could smell the scent of everything around her. She had a warm heart which was full of love and courage causing her to be really joyful and playful.

Magically, Zac had tremendously twisted fingers with amazing powers that twirled and twisted so that he could unlock key holes, which was often useful. These two siblings were very different as female aliens were red and males were green (so you can tell them apart) and also females had very big ears and noses and males had none.

All day and every day, all Lizzie smelt was smoke and dust. They were both so bored and they needed to something big. Looking at the earth all the time and seeing the colours shining through the dark, made Zac and Lizzie want to go there for a day trip. They could see the sun shining down on the earth and also saw it was clean. They thought that it was be something different. They went to pack.

We forgot to tell you that they are teenagers. You know what teenagers like to pack, phones, tablets, and headphones but these two were different. All they packed was themselves and all of their excitement for the journey ahead. “Quickly!” shouted Lizzie. “Let’s go!” they both said in an excited voice. So they climbed aboard the family shuttle and instead of taking 10 years to get there, they hit light speed and almost immediately they were there. They had no landing gears and so there was a big BANG!!... They floated down to earth in their shuttle and crash landed right onto earth.

Arriving on planet Earth, Lizzie and Zac peered through the circular, porthole window, “What an extraordinary sight! This is going to be an extraordinary day!” they gasped together. At first, they jumped at the screech of a seagull and the flow of the sea. As quick as a wink, they went off to investigate.

Skipping with joy, they whizzed out of the shuttle and almost immediately they felt a strange shining liquid around their legs which was scorching hot. Never before had they felt such a sensation! They felt so alive. Suddenly, Zac spotted a sign. It said, “Welcome to Sandy-on-Sea”.

“It must be the sea that we have been wondering about!” cried Lizzie. All of a sudden, smelt something sweet and Zac saw a strange shadow. A MYSTERIOUS shadow! It was EXTRAORDINARY! They didn’t know what it was! What could it be…?


Year 1: Hazel Class – build up


“What is it?” said Lizzie and Zac.

Lizzie said “I think it’s a girl surfing!”

Zac said “no I think it’s a dolphin.”

“What are we going to do?” asked Zac

“Is it a monster…?” asked Lizzie

“No, I think it’s a shark!” said Zac

The huge shadow came closer to them. It had teeth as sharp as a pencil and it was as big as a whale. It was ginormous with pointy teeth and white scars. The shadow came to a stop.

“Why has it stopped?” asked Lizzie. “Let’s go and see what it is!”

As they swam closer to the shark they realised it wasn’t a shark at all.

“It has been painted to look like a shark.” Said Zac

The paint had been scratched off and a propeller was underneath. It was some kind of robotic missile.

“What are we going to do…?” cried Lizzie and Zac.


Foundation Stage: May and Oak classes - Problem


The aliens dived into the sea and swam towards the enormous shape. When they got closer they realised it was a submarine that was painted to look like a shark. Lizzie said “Let’s go on and see how it works”. “Okay” said Zac and they climbed onto the top of the submarine and walked along looking for a door. Suddenly they saw a circle on the top of the submarine. “That looks like a door” said Lizzie. “Let’s open it!” “Oh no its’s locked” said Zac. Lizzie said “why don’t you use your magic fingers to unlock it then?” Zac agreed that it was a good idea and he twisted his long fingers into the lock. The door began to open slowly and the aliens peeped in. “Is there anybody there?” shouted Lizzie and Zac together. Two voices called “Hello, who’s that?”

Zac and Lizzie climbed into the submarine and walked towards the voices. They bumped into two creatures who looked just like them. It was their friends Ziggy and Syros from their own planet. “What are you doing here?” they asked each other. They told each other how they had come to Earth. They had all been bored on planet Zog and wanted to go somewhere different for a holiday but Ziggy and Syros had set off the day before. Ziggy and Syros told their friends how they had found something exciting at the bottom of the sea. It was an enormous treasure chest. “We tried to move it but it was too heavy” said Ziggy. “And we tried to open it but it was locked with a huge black padlock and there was no key” added Syros. “Can you show us where it is?” asked Zac. “I think I can help you with your problem”.


Year 3: Silver Birch Class - Resolution


First the aliens all clambered into the submarine but they realised the engine was not working. Suddenly Lizzie Longnose remembered that they could attach the family space shuttle to the disguised, broken submarine. In the submarine, they found ten packs of nails and a towing rope to join the shuttle to the engine.

“I’m sure this will work,” Lizzie said, reassuring the other nervous aliens.

The four friends pushed the starter button and off they zoomed!

Next, as quick as a flash, the submarine shot off into the black, deep, mysterious darkness.

Finally, they landed at the bottom of the seabed. In the gloomy, dark sea they could see in the distance the locked treasure chest because diamonds on the outside where gleaming brightly. The four aliens lifted with all their might the very heavy chest to the submarine.

Using his bony, twisted fingers Zac slowly made a key shape and inserted his fingers into the rusty old lock. He took a while to open the glowing box of treasure but he finally opened it and with a loud creak the lid sprang open. Whilst opening the box the aliens could hear a magical sound. Inside the box they could see the most amazing things. It was like the inside of Mary Poppins bag.

Inside the box was…

  • a hoover.
  • a waterproof I pad.
  • instructions on how to make the submarine faster.
  • a range of toys.
  • a duster and magic dust buster.
  • diamonds, emeralds, pearls and golden coins.
  • tickets and gift cards to visit Neptune.
  • grow your own planet instruction kit.
  • coins to visit the moon.


I wonder what the aliens would choose?


Year 2: Pine Class - Ending


“Look at that!” bellowed Zac. With a smile on her face, Lizzie reached in and grabbed the shiny purple and black hoover, she read the name, it was a ‘Dust Deluxe Monster Hoover’. “Wow, I’ve always wanted one of these” she said. “Why?” asked Ziggy, “Because I can clean my planet from top to bottom now!” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Next Syros bent down and grasped the tickets to visit Neptune. “These would make a lovely birthday present for my dad, he has always wanted to go there” he said lovingly. Suddenly Ziggy shouted “Yippee. I’ve got a ‘grow your own planet kit’. I don’t have to live on my dusty old planet anymore”.

Finally, Zac said “I’ve got an idea for those diamonds and pearls, I will use them to brighten up our dirty, dark and dreary planet”.

The travellers climbed aboard the Space Shuttle because the submarine didn’t work and programmed the computer to go home.

3, 2, 1 ……… blast off! The Space Shuttle started to shake and slowly lumbered away. The aliens waved goodbye to Earth and returned home to the planet Zog. “I can’t wait to come back again” they all agreed.