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Sports Premium

Sports Premium


In 2013, the DfE committed to providing additional funding to primary schools to improve the provision of physical activity (PE) and sport. Most schools receive £16,000 plus an additional £10 per pupil; for the 2018/19 academic year, Woodford have received £19,830. The government has guaranteed this funding until 2020, meaning we are able to continue to improve our provision, benefitting children already at the school and the children who will join in future years.


At Woodford, we have always been very committed to PE and sport. In addition to curriculum PE, we run a wide range of sporting clubs and activities and take children to numerous events across the county. The evidence of our success can be seen in both participation numbers and in the success of many of our sporting teams.

You can see some of our recent sporting achievements, as well as our current and past action plans, which monitor our spending, below:


School Sports Premium 2018-19

School Sports Premium 2018-19 1

Sporting Success 2017 - 18

Sporting Success 2017 - 18 1

School Swimming reporting 2017/2018


% of pupils in Year 6 that can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25m.            96%     
% of pupils in Year 6 that can perform safe self-rescue. 96%
% of pupils in Year 6 that can use a range of strokes effectively. 96%
Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way?


£ 168.75


Schools Sports Partnership

Every year, we subscribe to the Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership (PSSP),

which is a city-wide sports network. Subscription covers:

  • Professional development for staff, to improve the standard of PE delivered in our school.
  • Weekly specialist sports teaching provided by Sally Pullyblank from Hele's.
  • Access to numerous level 2 and 3 competitions organised by the PSSP.
  • Our PE Specialist Teacher, Claire Cormack, works as part of the team for the PSSP and organises various sports events and festivals for the children in our family schools. You can read write ups of recent events that we have attended in the weekly newsletters and on the Sports Blog (under the Children's tab).
  • Use of other PSSP coaches and equipment. This includes 3 free days of coaching or CPD (eg. Indoor rowing, Bell-boating or OAA days).
  • Use of trained Sports Leaders from Hele's, who can help deliver extra-curricular clubs at Woodford and officiate at Sports Days and other events.
  • Membership to the School Games network - a national project that aims to get more young people participating and engaged in sports and competition.

In addition to PSSP membership, Woodford also has a partnership with Premier Sports, who have been employed to provide one day a week of coaching for staff and children, and Argyle Community Trust’s Primary Stars Provision. Both partnerships ensure that each Year group will receive at least two terms of high quality coaching in a variety of physical activities each year from specialist coaches. They also ensure that children in both Key Stages at Woodford have access to a wide range of extra-curricular clubs.

For more information about each of these partnerships, click on the links below: