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Woodford Primary School


Governor's Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Woodford Primary School Governors Strategic Vision 2016/18 Statement
At Woodford Primary School our aim is to provide a challenging learning environment that
meets the needs of all pupils. We aim to develop in them a passion for continued learning,
to become the best they can be, to thrive and contribute in everything they do. To do this
we recognise they must have a solid sense of respect both for themselves, for others and
our community.


Our aim is to achieve a Good Ofsted judgement by -


Ensuring the achievement of all pupils is good or better
• Ensuring the gap in attainment between vulnerable groups and others in the cohort is narrowed
• Ensuring pupils of all ability are challenged and all have the same chance to achieve
• Improving and maintaining good/outstanding teaching by raising aspirations
• Ensuring effective marking, in line with the school policy, is consistent across the school and impacts on teaching and   

• Ensuring formative and summative assessments are embedded and supports good or better progress for all
• Ensuring all staff are confident in using resources to meet the needs of all children
• Ensuring staff training improves the quality of teaching and learning


We will ensure the whole school community’s happiness, wellbeing and confidence in the school is a top priority.

We will ensure effective communication within the school and beyond to the wider community.

External Governance Review

Governance plans 2019-2020

WEST scheme of Delegation