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Woodford Primary School

Physical and Outdoor Education

Our Approach to Physical and Outdoor Education


At Woodford, we believe P.E. to be essential to the academic, social, emotional and physical development of the whole child. PE in Woodford provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self-esteem.


Through Physical Education we aim to develop skill, fitness, strength and mobility by participation in enjoyable activities which help to encourage such qualities as leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship.


We plan a varied and balanced programme of work so that all children are introduced gradually to more demanding activities, each requiring a different kind of skill development.


All children have the chance to learn to swim before they leave our school, and opportunities are also provided for pupils to meet in friendly competition within the school and with other schools and to excel in individual performance.


Extra Curricular Opportunities


We have a range of extra-curricular sporting clubs available to our children to allow them to develop their skills in smaller groups and as children move into Key Stage 2 to allow them to compete at a higher skill level.

Examples of P.E at Woodford


You can see examples of different P.E activities that children at Woodford have taken part in on our PE blog.