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Phonics games

Practical games

(Phase 3 sounds - sh, ch, th, ng, qu, ow, ai, oi, er, ur, or, ar, ee, oo, oa, igh, air, ear, ure)

• Blow up a few balloons, write some sounds (graphemes) or tricky words on the balloons. Bounce the balloons around the room. As your child catches the balloon encourage them to say the sound/word they see.

• Using a Phase 3 sound, go on a scavenger hunt around the house. How many things can you spot  with an 'or' in them?

• Use chunky chalks outside to write sounds (graphemes) on the ground. Can your child say the sounds as they jump on them? Write some CVC words, such as cat/dog or shop/boat/king on the floor. Ask your child to jump on each sound and then blend them to say the whole word.

• Fill empty plastic squirty bottles with water, encourage your child to write different sounds outside on the ground. You could also use different sized paint brushes dipped in water to write on the patio or wall.

• Fill a tray/plate with shaving foam. Give your child some sounds or words to practise writing using their finger.

• Lay some sounds on the floor (you could write these on pieces of paper) play tiddlywinks, encourage your child to say the sound their tiddlywink landed on.

• Play ‘I spy with my little eye something that sounds like 'c-oa-t’

• Write some phonic sounds (graphemes) on paper, stick these on your child’s building blocks. Challenge your child to build different words.


For more ideas and a word bank of sounds, decodable words and tricky words in our phases please download the Phonics game and word bank file at the top of this page.