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For our phonics learning we will be using Letters and sounds videos which can be access via the link below and Activelearn lessons and worksheets.

On your child's portfolio they will be able to access the worksheet. On Activelearn you will be able to see a lesson corresponding to the sound worksheet and video as well as a games and a books. 

We will be learning 2 sounds this week, on Monday the 'aw'sound and on Thursday the 'au' sound.  

Below are the links for this weeks learning: 

Monday: Watch:

Tuesday: (choose all phase 3)

Wednesday:  Purple mash activity - Use these sounds to make the words. 

'aw' (as in saw) 'ew' (as in blew)  'ew' (as in new) – login and look at ‘to do’ list.

Thursday: Watch:


Friday - Reading comprehension activity


 Reading comprehension

After listening to Mrs Hancock reading the first chapter The Penguin who wanted to find out. please now answer these questions. Saved on your dojo portfolio.