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Parent's Info & Dates

Parents Info & Dates


We've had a couple of questions lately that I'm sure other parents might be interested in too so I thought I'd create a page for sharing any FS dates and information that would be easy to check and not get lost in our main page.

When do they need their P.E kit/plimsolls?


We will need P.E. kits after half term, until then we will be starting to learn how to get ready for P.E. by taking our shoes and socks off and on.


We will likely not need plimsolls until Summer Term and will send you a note when we do.



What colour P.E. T-shirt do they need? I heard it's coloured? Shorts?


P.E. t-shirts should be white in Foundation. The rest of the school are in Coloured Teams and have matching P.E. shirts. At the end of Foundation you will find out what team they are in and they will then be able to have a coloured t-shirt.


Apparently we have different information saying black/white. Either colour shorts are fine. We will check and update those information sources for the future. Sorry for the confusion.


How do I form the cursive letters again?

Questions from 2015-16 that may still be relevant

Writing - Why does my child bring home writing that is spelt wrong and not corrected?

At this point in the year, children are beginning to know how to write some sounds and are beginning to use these to attempt words or sentences. In Spring, we are only just beginning to teach children how to write digraphs where they need 2 letters to write 1 sound e.g. 'ng' or 'sh'. It's really important to develop children's confidence in attempting to write. At this point we encourage children to make phonetically plausible attempts in their writing. This means that whilst writing words about the Bear Hunt they might write 'house' as 'has' or 'bear' as 'ber'. This is because they are sounding words out and these are the sounds they can hear and know how to write. We haven't yet learnt about 'ou' or 'silent e' for 'house' or 'ear' making an 'air' sound for 'bear'. There are some spelling patterns children won't learn until they are in Year 1 and into Year 2 children will still be learning how to decide which spelling pattern is the right one for which words. When we are modelling writing to the children we model correct spelling and sounding out phonetically plausible attempts. This is to allow children to attempt writing without the worry of not knowing how to spell everything which can then undermine their confidence and make them less willing to make attempts at writing. We will be working on spelling some of the tricky words that don't follow regular spelling rules correctly e.g. 'the', 'to', 'said', 'go' and other words that we learn as the year progresses. These words will be sent home on a sheet after we have learnt them.


Birthdays - Can we send in sweets or cake to share?

We understand how special Birthdays are and we make sure to celebrate them in school with Birthday songs, stickers and talking about children's experiences of their birthdays. Due to a number of allergies and our Healthy School policy we aren't able to give out sweets or cake in school.


Discos - When, where, how? will you be there?

Next disco: to be confirmed

FS and Year 1 have a disco together from 5 - 6pm. It is held in the KS2 hall - drop off is normally through the main KS2 entrance and collection is from the side door by the scout hut. Children can bring money for drinks, sweets, glow bracelets, glitter tattoos etc. Please ensure they have either a pocket or wallet to keep their money in.

The discos are normally just party clothes.

Parents are not able to stay at the disco unless they have volunteered to help via the PTFA. You drop children at the door (£1 entrance fee) just as we do in the mornings for class.