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Woodford Primary School

Woodford Primary School

Parent Partnerships

From the first moment your child enters Woodford Primary School, we aim to foster a close working relationship and partnership with parents. We want parents to have an informed understanding of the school, so that children can gain a happy and rewarding educational experience during their primary years.  Parents are welcome, not only to our numerous organised events, but also to share achievements, interests or concerns you may have. This partnership will ensure that your child's abilities, confidence and self-esteem are successfully developed.

Our main aim is to provide every child with a stimulating learning environment that motivates them and provides the opportunity for them to realise their full potential.  We work hard to ensure that children receive the positive encouragement and acknowledgement of their successes which will enable them to do this.

Parents are welcome to visit the school at anytime. Staff are available to meet parents informally either at the start or end of the school day.  If you wish a longer or more formal meeting, please make an appointment that will be convenient for yourselves and your child's Class Teacher.  There are Parent Consultation Meetings every term which give the opportunity for staff to discuss your child's progress and targets for further improvement.  We also hold an annual introductory morning (usually in May), for all prospective parents to view the school and meet the staff.

Throughout the year parents receive a leaflet explaining the learning opportunities across the curriculum every term.  If you think you have skills or interests which could be shared to enhance the children's learning experiences, please do discuss your ideas with your child's Class Teacher.

Our weekly newsletter aims to keep parents up to date with events and achievements of the school.  This is published every Friday and is on our website on the news and events page which also provides other information which might be of interest to parents.

Parent Helpers

We welcome parents to help with different activities in school.


Every day you can help with our Reading sessions in Key Stage 1.  Come and help the children to choose and read books from the library.

Classroom Help

Come and join us for a English, Maths, Foundation learning or in an Art and Craft session.  Share the interests and skills you already have with the children whilst they share their enjoyment of learning with you!


During the year there are many visits to enrich the curriculum which involve the children leaving the school premises. These may involve a local walk or a coach journey to visit places of interest relevant to the children's work. We often like to take a good proportion of adult helpers on visits and some extra curricular activities. Teachers will ask for volunteers who are very welcome on our school trips. Parents are always informed of these visits and written permission is always required.