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Debbie Louise Johns - Chair of Governors.

Co-opted governor (Appointed by Board of Governors)

Term:  01/06/16-01/06/20. Responsibilities: Maths, Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Young Carers, Pupil Premium

Attendance:  2018-2019: 5/5 , 2019-2020 3/3

Register of Interests: None

Born, bred and educated in Plymstock I moved to Plympton in 1997. Both of my grown-up daughters attended Woodford Primary School although then it was a separate Infants and Junior school, as did my husband. My whole working life has been spent in accountancy and finance, both in industry and practice. I am currently employed as a Payroll Manager in a Plympton firm of accountants."

Philippa Harvey - Headteacher

Term: Since 11/04/2016. Member of governing body by virtue of position in school.

Attendance: 2018-2019 5/5. 2019-2020 3/3

Registered Interests: None

I am Plymouth born and bred: my first school was Salisbury Road Infants School but, after moving six times within the UK in my primary school years, I returned to Plymouth to complete my secondary education at Public Secondary School for Girls. I didn’t go straight into teaching but worked in Milton Keynes for the Trustee Savings Bank before training to teach. Of my 32 years as a teacher, the first five years I taught in Lower Schools in Northampton and then once again returned to Plymouth ! I have been the Deputy and then Headteacher of Woodford Primary School for more than 20 of those years. This, and my family’s roots in Plymouth are something I am very proud of.

Robert Michael Frankow - Vice Chair.

Co-opted governor

Term: 01/06/16 - 01/06/20. Responsibilities:  ICT/E-Safety, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Pupil Premium

Attendance: 2018-2019 4/5 , 2019-2020 3/3

Registered Interests: Partner is a staff member at school.

"My background is in IT and I currently work as a Technical Consultant, specialising in customer communications channels, for a Finance Software provider.  Previously I worked for Brittany Ferries for 14 years as a Senior Support Analyst."

Karen Meadows

Co-opted governor (formally a parent governor)

Term: 01/06/16- 01/06/20. Responsibilities: English

Attendance2018-2019: 4/5,2019-2020 3/3

Registered Interests: Husband runs a graphic design company which, has on occasion, provided services

                          to the school. Director of the graphic design company.

"I am a parent with a child in Key Stage 2. I live and work in the local community and have a keen interest in the ever changing education system. Help raising funds for the school to provide enhanced learning resources for all year groups"

Helen Ann Jones

Parent governor (Elected by parent body)

Term: 01/06/16 - 10/06/20. Responsibilities: Science/STEM, Maths

Attendance: 2018-2019: 5/5,2019-2020: 3/3

Registered Interests: None

"I have lived in Woodford since 2001 and I also work locally in Plympton, for the South West division of a National company, as the Manager of the Accounts department. Both my children have had the pleasure of being taught at Woodford Primary, one is currently in Year 6, the other has moved on to DHSG."

Hilary Willcocks

Staff Governor (elected by Support Staff )

Term: 01/06/16 - 01/06/20. Responsibilities: Health & Safety

Attendance: 2018-2019: 4/5, 2019-2020 3/3

Registered Interests: None

" I have worked at Woodford School first as an M.T.A. and then as a T.A. working with children with Special Educational Needs, since my own children started at the school, some 16-17 years ago."

Caroline Snell

Co-Opted governor (Appointed by Board of Governors)

Term: 14/09/16 - 14/09/20. Responsibilities: SEN , Arts

Attendance: 2017-2018: 5/5, 2019-2020: 2/3 

Registered Interests: N/A

"I have lived in Plympton for over thirty years, my three children attended Woodford Schools for their Primary education and I taught at Woodford from 1985 - 1990 after which I ran a provision for  children on the autism spectrum at Goosewell Primary. I have taught in five Plymouth schools over the years and worked as an advisory teacher specialising in autism for thirteen years. Currently I support young people who have suffered bereavement, I am a volunteer for the charity Jeremiah’s Journey."

Vanessa Cload Co-opted Governor

Term: 17/09/19 - 16/09/23

Attendance: 2019-2020 : 2/3    Responsibilities: Early Years, SEND

Registered Interests:  Awaiting info

" I have been a teacher for 20 years and am passionate about helping all children to achieve their very best whilst enjoying their childhood and time spent at school. Prior to teaching, I was a Registered Nurse for 15 years working in acute medicine and neuro rehabilitation. I am married to Ian we have three children: our two sons are both passionate sportsmen and work for England Rugby promoting rugby in the community and our daughter is a pupil at Ivybridge CC. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family; I really enjoy exploring new places; I relax by knitting and quilting and I always feel incredibly happy when walking by the coast.  I am delighted to become a Governor of your school and very much hope that I make some valuable contributions to your community by supporting Woodford Primary in whatever way I can."

Kris Gregory Parent Governor

Term: 17/09/19 - 16/09/23

Attendance: 2019-2020 : 3/3    Responsibilities: Early Years, E-Safety

Registered Interests:  Brother is a teacher at the school.

"I am a parent with two children currently in years 1 and 2 of the school, I also attended Woodford myself 21 years ago as did all of my family including my mum. I currently work in the lettings sector as a Head of Administration with a local company but in the past have worked as a sports coach specialising in KS1 children"

Amy Chivers

Associate Member (Deputy Headteacher)

Term: 17/09/19 - 16/09/23    Responsibilities: N/A

Attendance: 2019-2020 : 2/3

Registered Interests: N/A

"I have always lived in Plymouth and having graduated in 2002, spent two years gaining various experience through supply teaching before securing a maternity cover at Woodford in 2004.

I was very fortunate to be able to stay on at Woodford and thoroughly enjoy being part of a fantastic team. I have a 3 sons, who are primary aged, and love nothing more than spending time with them and our family dog."

Previous Governors from the last 12 months

Louisa Walker (Parent Governor) Resigned Jan 2019



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