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Woodford Primary School

Our Governors


Debbie Louise Johns - Chair of Governors.

Co-opted governor (Appointed by Board of Governors)

Term:  01/06/20-31/05/24. Responsibilities: Maths, Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Young Carers, Pupil Premium

Attendance:  2019-2020 5/5, 2020-2021 1/1

Register of Interests: None

Born, bred and educated in Plymstock I moved to Plympton in 1997. Both of my grown-up daughters attended Woodford Primary School although then it was a separate Infants and Junior school, as did my husband. My whole working life has been spent in accountancy and finance, both in industry and practice. I am currently employed as a Payroll Manager in a Plympton firm of accountants."

Katie Patrick - Headteacher

Term: Since 01/09/2020. Member of governing body by virtue of position in school.

Attendance: 2020-2021 1/1

Registered Interests: TBC

Robert Michael Frankow - Vice Chair.

Co-opted governor

Term: 01/06/20 - 31/05/24. Responsibilities:  ICT/E-Safety, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Pupil Premium

Attendance: 2019-2020 5/5, 2020-2021 1/1

Registered Interests: Partner is a staff member at school.

"My background is in IT and I currently work as a Technical Consultant, specialising in customer communications channels, for a Finance Software provider.  Previously I worked for Brittany Ferries for 14 years as a Senior Support Analyst."

Caroline Snell

Co-Opted governor (Appointed by Board of Governors)

Term: 14/09/16 - 14/09/20. Responsibilities: SEN , Arts

Attendance:  2019-2020: 4/5 , 2020-2021 1/1

Registered Interests: N/A

"I have lived in Plympton for over thirty years, my three children attended Woodford Schools for their Primary education and I taught at Woodford from 1985 - 1990 after which I ran a provision for  children on the autism spectrum at Goosewell Primary. I have taught in five Plymouth schools over the years and worked as an advisory teacher specialising in autism for thirteen years. Currently I support young people who have suffered bereavement, I am a volunteer for the charity Jeremiah’s Journey."

Kris Gregory Parent Governor

Term: 17/09/19 - 16/09/23

Attendance: 2019-2020 : 5/5, 2020-2021 1/1    Responsibilities: Early Years, E-Safety

Registered Interests:  Brother is a teacher at the school.

"I am a parent with two children currently in years 1 and 2 of the school, I also attended Woodford myself 21 years ago as did all of my family including my mum. I currently work in the lettings sector as a Head of Administration with a local company but in the past have worked as a sports coach specialising in KS1 children"

Jude Ives Staff Governor

Term: 29/09/20 - 28/09/24

Attendance: 2020-2021 : 0/0   Responsibilities: TBC

Registered Interests: TBC


Hilary Wilcocks Staff Governor

Term: 29/09/20 - 28/09/24

Attendance: 2020-2021 : 0/0   Responsibilities: TBC

Registered Interests: TBC

"I have many roles within the school, one of them being a Teaching Assistant, which enables me to have a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all the staff and how the school is run. I have been working in this wonderful school for 20 years starting as a mealtime assistant since my now-grown children came here."

Amy Chivers

Associate Member (Deputy Headteacher)

Term: 17/09/19 - 16/09/23    Responsibilities: N/A

Attendance: 2019-2020 : 2/3 2020-2021 1/1

Registered Interests: N/A

"I have always lived in Plymouth and having graduated in 2002, spent two years gaining various experience through supply teaching before securing a maternity cover at Woodford in 2004.

I was very fortunate to be able to stay on at Woodford and thoroughly enjoy being part of a fantastic team. I have a 3 sons, who are primary aged, and love nothing more than spending time with them and our family dog."

Andrew Mossford - Parent Governor
Term 17.11.20 - 16.11.24  Responsibilities : TBC
Attendance 2020-21: 0/0
Registered Interests : TBC
"Born and Bred in Plymouth, I currently have 2 children attending WPS. I have worked in the leisure and tourism industry for 20 years and as such am a qualified instructor in a number of sports. Currently working as Manager for a watersports, activities and education centre I have an active understanding of health and safety and a keen interest in education and well being."

Previous Governors from the last 12 months

Vanessa Cload (Co-opted Governor) Resigned October 2020

Phil Harvey (Headteacher) Retired Aug 2020

Karen Meadows (Co-opted Governor) Resigned/End of Term June 2020

Helen Jones (Parent Governor) Resigned/End of Term June 2020