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Spelling Bee

We’re all buzzing about spelling!

On Tuesday 22nd January, we launched our new spelling challenge, Spelling Bee, with a special assembly. Teachers and pupils from years 2, 3, 5 and 6 enjoyed a very challenging game of “Countdown”, and all classes took part in a wide variety of spelling challenges for the rest of the morning.

The Spelling Bee will run in a similar way to the Challenge Chair/number noughts used for maths. Children have been given login details for Spelling Shed, and shown how to use the site to practice their spellings. They can also use pencil and paper methods. They have been given a list of words to learn, and should bring this back to school, signed by an adult, when they are ready for a test. After all six levels have been completed, they will be tested on a mixture of words from all levels by Mrs Meadows, our English Governor and Queen Bee. Children will receive a special “Spelling Bee” badge when they have passed this final test.

Access to spelling shed is free, however parents may wish to purchase the Spelling Shed app, which is £2.99. As with any web-based resource, there may be technical issues, so please let us know if there any problems with using the Spelling Shed.

If you would like to play “Countdown” at home, the website is: