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Our new School Parliament!

The School Parliament


Today, we held the Woodford Primary School, Parliament elections. All four year 6 representatives came prepared with a speech. We then held an election with ballot papers and a ballot box. We listened carefully to each of the speeches and then, each Parliament representative voted for the positions that they thought each year 6 representative would be best in. It was very democratic. The results are as follows… Prime Minister for this year is Sammy C, Deputy Prime Minister is Jodie Kemp, Treasurer is Erin L and Secretary is Ethan H. Congratulations to each of the Year 6 pupils. Everyone did very well and we hope that you enjoy your role in Parliament this year. Well done to all of the Parliament members who listened carefully and respectfully and voted accordingly. Mrs Johns and Mrs Ives were very impressed with everybody and we are looking forward to our regular meetings this year.