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Woodford Primary School

HelloYellow - Mental Health Mufti

On Thursday the whole school dressed in yellow for International Mental Health Day.

Mr Rose and Mr Howarth led a whole school assembly reminding children that our mental well-being is as important as our physical health.  Some of the children offered Mr Howarth some strategies such as; listening to relaxing music and taking five deep mindful breaths. We agreed that having a plan helps us overcome problems.

These are some of the plans the children had when things weren’t going well.

When I feel sad, I go for a walk with my dog.

When my sister was crying, I gave her a hug.

In football, if I’m angry with the referee, I have a warm shower.

When my cat died, I had a picture of her to remember.

I do mindfulness colouring to take my mind off things.

We agreed it is okay to feel sad, angry and cross but having a plan is really helpful. Talk to your children about some of the plans you could have when things don’t always go well.