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Woodford Primary School

'Eddie the Penguin Saves the World !'

Years 3 and 4 put on a fantastic performance of 'Eddy the Penguin Saves the World' on Monday and Tuesday this week. The show was about a penguin who saves the world by giving an important message to the humans. He said that humans should be more eco-friendly. He suggested that we turn off the lights, shut the door, recycle things that you don’t need and walk to places that are close by to save energy and prevent global warming.

The play had super catchy songs, which the audiences were able to join in with. There were magnificent costumes and props. There was excellent acting, storytelling, dancing, singing and tremendous humour. It was said to be better than anything you could see at the Theatre Royal and at a bargain price too!

Well done to the Y3 and 4 cast and back stage crew.