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Welcome to Woodford Primary's Military Kids Club (MKC) page, we are children from service families. Military Kids Club is a national organisation setup to support and give a voice to children and young people who have one or more family member in the Services.


Father's day pebbles


We had fun painting pebbles for Father's day

Mother's Day Cream tea

This week we had a lovely time sharing afternoon tea with our Mums.

Mother's Day pebble art

The children enjoyed designing and decorating pebbles to give to their Mums on Mother's Day. They all thoroughly enjoyed making them and were excited to give them as a gift. We hope all the Mums loved receiving them and had a lovely day.

Remembrance Assembly and Poppy work 2016.

Flower designing by Group 2.

HMS Heroes garden project


HMS Heroes have started our project of doing some gardening around the school, we have started to tidy up Katie's garden. When it is your child's week to do the gardening can they please bring in old clothes and shoes to wear.


HMS Heroes doing some planting.



SERVICE PUPIL PREMUIM 2016 If your child attends a state school, Academy or Free school in England and has been registered with the school as a Service pupil, the school will be granted a Service Pupil Premium of £300.  The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is provided by the Department for Education to enable schools to offer additional, mainly pastoral, support during challenging times, which could include anything from a Service parent being away, being injured on active service to bereavement.  Funds are paid directly to schools; with Head Teachers and school Governors deciding how the funds are used.


Schools with Service children in Reception to Year 11 classes are eligible to receive SPP, but only if your child’s name appears on the school roll as being a Service child.  The annual census takes place on 21 Jan 2016 and children must be registered with the school before this date.  You are encouraged to contact the school and make them aware your child is from a Service family. This information is not shared with other organisations and is protected on the National Pupil database.


For more information on eligibility, please see the links below:


For any other queries regarding Service children contact the Directorate Children and Young People’s educational advisory arm, Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS)


SIMPLE STEPS FOR WINTER PREPARATION FROM CARILLIONAMEY - Service personnel and their families living in SFA are reminded that in cold weather if you keep your internal doors open in your property, even when you go out; it helps to keep heat circulating around the house.  In preparation for Christmas leave if you are planning to be away from your property, make sure you start to ask around if there are any trusted friends and neighbours who can look after your keys and keep an eye on your property for you.  Remember to make sure they have the CarillionAmey Helpdesk details 0800 707 6000 Option 1 just in case.


MILITARY WIVES CHOIRS FOUNDATION HONOURED WITH RSPH SPECIAL COMMENDATION - The Military Wives Choir Foundation (MWCF) was founded in September 2012 by a group of military wives; it now has a network of over 75 Military Wives Choirs with over 2,000 members.  Their aim has been to ensure a lasting legacy of choirs to enable women in the military community to share the enjoyment and pride that comes from singing together and they have now received a Special Commendation from the Royal Society for Public Health’s Art and Health Awards.  For the full story and to find your local Military Wives Choir, please click here.


Domestic Abuse Support for the Armed Forces Community - There is information and guidance on the GOV.UK website for all members of the Armed Forces Community who are affected by or are dealing with domestic abuse. The site is for anyone, male or female victims, perpetrators wishing to change their behaviour or anyone concerned about family or friends or someone they have responsibility for. For more information, please click here.


Changes to the Armed Forces Service Complaints Process - The Armed Forces (Service Complaints and Financial Assistance) Act 2015 is reforming the internal complaints process, making it simpler and more streamlined. More information about this is available online here or in a leaflet available from your local RNRMW Information Support Office.


The Official 2016 'Go Commando Calendar' - is available to buy from the Welfare Office at Norton Manor Camp. Calendars cost £10 each with all profits going directly back into the funds of RM charities. For further information on Go Commando and their calendar go to

Poppy Art Remembrance workshop November 2015


Today, all the Woodford children from Service families, took part in an Art workshop led by local artist Mr James Lewis. The children discussed the symbolism of the poppy and discussed how, by wearing a poppy,  we remember all the people that have fought for us and protect our country.  They were all very inspired by Mr Lewis and his fantastic sketching and painting of poppies.


Mr Lewis showed the children how to sketch an outline of poppy. They observed the overlapping petals, the 'crinkly' shape and where the light shone on poppies to create shadows. Then it was the children's turn to sketch their own poppy.

Next it was time to see which skills were needed to paint a poppy. Mr Lewis demonstrated how to add layers of colour to make different shades of red. He 'swirled' his brush to create the poppy texture and then showed the children how to use the edge of the paintbrush to create the stem. We talked about the most important tool in our artist tool kit... our eyes... and how artists use their eyes to observe all the little details they include in their work.


Mr Lewis, Mrs Beresford and Mrs Milbourn were very impressed with the AMAZING art work that all the children produced. At the end of the workshop lots of the children felt that they had really improved their sketching and painting skills. The children are going to show their poppies in our whole school remembrance assembly tomorrow.


A big thank you to Mr Lewis for inspiring our Service children and well done to all the children for their beautiful poppies and marking Remembrance day in such a creative, thoughtful way.    Mrs Beresford

Foundation HMS Heroes making poppies for remembrance day.