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Woodford Primary School

Meet the Staff

Meet the staff and teaching teams of Woodford Primary School.  In the majority of year groups, there are teams of at least two Teachers and two full time Teaching Assistants.  These teams work collaboratively to share strengths and teaching expertise across each year group.

Staff are available to meet parents informally at the start and end of the school day.  Appointments can be made for longer or more formal meetings, by contacting the school office.

Picture 1 Mrs Philippa Harvey Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr Ian Cload CEO
Picture 3 Mrs Sue Hook Trust Business Manager
Picture 4 Mr Phil Marshall Facilities Manager


Teachers 1 Miss Clare Riggs-Foundation Stage Leader
Teachers 2 Miss Shula Agambar-Foundation Stage
Teachers 3 Mrs Cathy Jenkins-PPA / music
Teachers 4 Mrs Sarah-Jane Barnfield-Year 1
Teachers 5 Mr Chris Howarth-Year 2
Teachers 6 Mrs Rosie Avey-Year 2
Teachers 7 Mrs Amy Chivers - Deputy Headteacher/ Year 1
Teachers 8 Mr Richard Wotton-Year 3
Teachers 9 Mrs Sarah Beresford-Year 3
Teachers 10 Rachael Parker-Year 3
Teachers 11 Mrs Laura Whish-Year 3
Teachers 12 Mrs Caryn Lewis-Year 4/SENCO
Teachers 13 Mrs Jude Ives-Year 4
Teachers 14 Mr Simon Rose-Year 4/ Key Stage 2 Leader
Teachers 15 Mr Peter Burnett-Year 5
Teachers 16 Mr Richard Mitchell-Year 6
Teachers 17 Mrs Susan Lockley-Year 6

Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 Mrs Tracey Hancock-Foundation Stage
Picture 2 Mrs Ann Page-Foundation Stage
Picture 3 Miss Jo Flynn-Foundation Stage
Picture 4 Mrs Claire Wood-Foundation Stage
Picture 5 Miss Clare Perkin-Year 1
Picture 6 Mrs Bev Turner-Year 1
Picture 7 Mrs Kathy White-HLTA/ Year 2
Picture 8 Mrs Nicole Mckee- Year 2
Picture 9 Mrs Louise West-HLTA/ Year 3
Picture 10 Miss Tamsin Alden-Year 3
Picture 11 Mrs Sharon Walmsley-Year 3
Picture 12 Mrs Kathie McEwan-Year 4
Picture 13 Mrs Lynn Davies-Year 4
Picture 14 Mrs Hilary Willcocks-Year 4
Picture 15 Mrs Julie Eames-HLTA/ Year 4
Picture 16 Mrs Sam Fulifitt-Year 5/FFT Reading
Picture 17 Mrs Becky Thurkettle-Year 5
Picture 18 Mrs Michelle Evans-Year 5
Picture 19 Mrs Sarah Harwood-Year 6
Picture 20 Mrs Tina Mumford-HLTA/ Year 6
Picture 21 Mrs Bev Leary-Year 6
Picture 22 Mrs Anita Milbourn-ELSA/Thrive practitioner
Picture 23 Mrs Sharon Osborne-FFT Reading intervention

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs Tracey Mildon-School Business Manger
Office Staff 2 Mrs Charlotte Latham-Senior Administrator
Office Staff 3 Mrs Hayley Frederick-Administrator


Caretaker 1 Mr Tony Evans

Curriculum Leadership