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Woodford Primary School


Below is this week's maths learning which focuses on ratio and then geometry. For each day, watch the relevant video, complete the worksheet and use the answers for marking.


Please also encourage your child to use TTRockstars and NumBots 3 times per week each (5 mins at a time).


This week, we have also set an arithmetic practice paper. This is optional and could be done after the lessons have been completed. Please see below for the paper, which includes answers for marking.


If you have any questions, please contact us via Class Dojo.



Find 'Summer term - week 10 (Lesson 2 - Calculating ratio)' on the video link



Find 'Summer term - week 10 (Lesson 3 - Using scale factors)' on the video link



Find 'Week 2 (Lesson 1 - Calculating scale factors)' on the video link



Find 'Summer term - week 10 (Lesson 4 - Ratio & proportion problems)' on the video link



Find 'Week 2 (Lesson 3 - Measure with a protractor)' on the video link


If you do not have a protractor at home, please skip question 3 but answer all other questions. 

Optional Arithmetic Practice Paper