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We would like you to continue using the White Rose Maths Home Learning resources. For this week, you need to watch the lessons under ‘Summer Term – Week 12’. Use this link to find them:


Please see below for the worksheets and answers for each lesson. 

For lesson 5, we would like you to complete some arithmetic questions. You don’t need to complete the questions as a test. You can work through them with someone at home if you want to and discuss your methods. If you beat your score from previous weeks, please let us know and we can reward you with Dojo points. You could try the White Rose Friday Maths Challenges as well if you want to.


If you have completed these daily tasks and want more, there is another high-quality resource which we’d recommend from maths expert Gareth Metcalfe. This also includes videos and tasks to complete which will really make you think deeply about the maths. Here’s the link:


And if you’re still hungry for more maths, please use the resources on our maths home learning page. Contact us via Class Dojo if you need further support with this and don't forget to share your brilliant maths learning on Class Dojo!