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Maths Home learning w / beginning 30.03.2020

For maths this week, and moving forward, we would like you to use the White Rose Maths Home Learning resources. Use this link to find them:

A video is uploaded for each day, along with tasks to use afterwards and answers for marking. The first video was uploaded on Monday 23rd March so please start with this one. If you have already been using/seen these resources, please continue from where you are up to. Like all websites, it might become busy at peak times so you might need to adapt your timetable, and try again at a different time, if this is the case!

If you have completed these daily tasks and want more, there is another high-quality resource which we’d recommend from maths expert Gareth Metcalfe. This also includes videos and tasks to complete, which will really make you think deeply about the maths. Here’s the link:

And if you’re still hungry for more maths, please use the resources on our maths home learning page. Contact us via Class Dojo if you need further support with this. Don't forget to share your brilliant maths learning on Class Dojo!

We are aware that for a whole host of reasons 5 daily maths lessons may seem quite overwhelming and our intention is just to point you to the direction of the resource.  A minimum of one or two of the lessons per week would be plenty but for those children who love a challenege and want lots of maths (and are missing the Dong Nao Jin challenges) then there is plenty for you to get your teeth into :)