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Learning Journey

Aspirations Week


Sycamore class had a great week sharing their ambitions for future careers with their peers. They enjoyed learning all about the different jobs that some of our parents have and used these experiences as a stimulus for writing their own letter of application for their dream job. Well done, Sycamore - a great start to Year 5!

Year 5 Dartmoor Trip


Sycamore class had a great time at Merrivale today. This half term, we are learning about who Britain's National Parks are for. Throughout the day, we learned why they are described as Britain's 'breathing spaces', what makes them important, why Merrivale is such an important prehistoric site and much more. Despite the mist the children had a great day and managed to cross several streams without getting too wet!


Brian Pollard afternoon.


Year 5 were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with a popular local artist, Brian Pollard. The children found out some tips on how to paint scenery, figures and hot air balloons. Please ask your children how to draw a cat that has eyes which follow you around the room!