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Kids Online Safety

It is important to think about how we can stay safe. When we are using technology we have to think about our Online Safety.




When we use technology we can be




Keep your personal information safe.


Personal information includes your real name, address, email address, school name, phone number and password.





Don't meet someone you only know online, if someone asks to meet you tell an adult.








Don't accept it if you don't know who it's from.


Emails, messages, files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know may contain viruses or unkind messages.






Things on the internet aren't always true and some people don't tell the truth.


Always check information you find on the internet on other websites and in books.  It's best to only talk to people online if you know them in real life.





Always tell an adult if something worries or upsets you or your friends.


If you're not sure it's always best to get an adult to check it out.

Visit our Key Stage 1 or 2 ICT suites to see the displays we have made to share what we know about the SMART rules and staying safe online.