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Woodford Primary School

Gold Artsmark Award

Woodford achieve Gold Artsmark Award!

February 2019

Congratulations to all the pupils and staff at Woodford who have been awarded the Gold Artsmark award this week.

Our Artsmark journey started back in October 2017 when we assessed our progress and set goals and aspirations. The following year saw lots of developments within school and targets being achieved. These included developing our partnerships with local artists and involvement in community projects and our first, whole school ‘Tree of Life’ exhibition which provided the forum to share and celebrate our talented pupils work. In December 2018, we submitted a case study outlining our achievements and also considering our next steps in developing the Arts within the curriculum.

The Art Council panel assessed our submissions and were thrilled to award us Gold standard. They reported that “our commitment to the Arts is commendable” and “the panel was delighted to learn of the many and varied projects your pupils have participated in” Also that we “encourage our pupils to share their views on the art curriculum” and that in the future they can see that we are working towards to giving our pupils “choice and voice”’ over their arts and cultural learning.


What an amazing achievement.

Mrs Beresford, A very proud Art Co-ordinator!