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Foundation Stage Games

Foundation Stage Games


Click on the images to play the games and practise your skills. In each section the games get harder as you go down the list, in September you will most likely be playing the games at the top, by the Summer you will be ready to play the games at the bottom of the list.


Phonics Games


Use your cannon to shoot out phonemes, then make your own words 


Blend the word then click on the matching picture


A phonics game to practise blending real and alien nonsense words Blend real and alien nonsense words - pirate theme


Blend real and alien nonsense words - alien theme


Blend real and alien nonsense words - dragon theme


Practise your digraphs by finding the words in these wordsearches


Literacy Games


Humpty Dumpty - Can you recite the familiar rhyme?


Humpty Dumpty - Can you sequence what happened to Humpty?


Humpty Dumpty - Can you create your own new rhymes?


Can you practise reading phase 2 tricky key words (words that don't blend)


 Phase 3 tricky words


Phase 4 tricky words


 Phase 5 tricky words


Can you read these questions, show your understanding by answering them


Read the sentence then change words, does it still make sense?

Numeracy Games


Number recognition - Listen, post the letter in the correct door


Counting - Count along the line and click on the correct duck


Compare - which has more/less bugs (flush the toilet to start)


Pattern recognition - Can you work out what goes next in the pattern


Money counting- How much do you have altogether?


Adding - How many are there altogether?


Take away - How many bananas will be left?