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Welcome to the Oak class page. I'm Miss Agambar and here we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school and what super stars we are!

Summer Term-

This term our library day will be Wednesday. Please ensure your child has both their library book and their reading diary in their book bag on this day. Thank you.

Healthy Week


This week the children enjoyed a huge range of activities, including their first Woodford Sports Day! They all listened brilliantly throughout the week and approached every activity with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. There are pictures below of the activities we have done throughout the week, as well as some videos. A huge well done to our race winners and to all of the children for doing their best during Sports Day and showing great sportsmanship.


Still image for this video

SRE (animal babies)


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Sunshine Sam

100 Class Points Treat- Going to the Park!

Cooking Cereal Bars

Healthy Week

Next week is Healthy Week. We will be doing a whole range of exciting activities. Children can wear sports clothes all week (t-shirt, shorts/leggings/trousers and trainers). Please make sure children have a sun hat, drink bottle and sun cream applied before school.


I'll send home p.e. bags midweek and on Friday children should come to school in their school p.e. kit ready for our FS/KS1 sports day. (After sports day you will not need to send p.e. kits back. They can stay at home until September.)


Here is Oaks timetable


Settling time -

Morning activity







SRE (Animal babies)






Settling time -

Morning activity

Obstacle Course




Peer Massage



Sports Day practise



Settling time -

Morning activity


Favourite Fruit pictogram




Class treat (all FS)

- Park



Sunshine Sam -

sun safety



Mindfulness walk



Settling time -

Morning activity

Cooking- healthy cereal bars




Healthy Week write up







Multi Skills



Healthy plates



Settling time -

Morning activity

Sports Day




Road Safety


5 fingers - what makes us happy

CAP Workshops


Last week the children had workshops with members of the CAP to learn more about being safe around strangers and people they know. Here are some of the things the Oak's learnt during their workshops.

"In the role play's, all of the people were safe, strong and free."

"If a stranger comes up to us, we move away a safe distance."

"We wrote down the people we are safe with."

"They taught us the safety yell."


The Oak's class were taught that everyone has the right to be Safe, Strong and Free. Our class showed off the Safe, Strong and Free actions and practised moving away a safe distance and using their safety yell. They were all very sensible during the workshops and remembered lots of ways to keep themselves safe.

Global Week


We had a fantastic time in Oak class this week learning all about Ireland and Northern Ireland as part of Global Week. The children enjoyed listening to Irish music and had a go at making their own Celtic harps. They also learnt a song about Five Little Leprechauns and performed it in front of the whole of Key Stage One! This week we also made our own shamrock people, Irish flags, Union flag and collaged some shamrocks. The Oak class even made their own postcards to invite people to visit Ireland. We even had a go at playing an Irish playground game and made up our own Irish dance. The children also enjoyed making their own Irish soda bread and thought it was delicious! We would like to thank parents for their donations this week and for coming in to help the children with some of their craft activities.

Oak Irish Dance.mpg

Still image for this video

Floating and Sinking


This week we continued our 'I wonder...' topic by experimenting with floating and sinking. The children made their own boats out of a variety of materials to find out which would float the best. They also tested different objects to find out which floated, and which sank. During ICT this week, we played a floating and sinking game to find out why some objects float. You can play this game at home by clicking the link here.



This week we are continuing to explore light and dark.

In these games can you...


Find the light sources


Find the nocturnal animals


Water and Ice


This week we continued experimenting and exploring aspects of science as part of our 'I wonder...' topic. The children enjoyed playing with the ice this week and exploring how it melts, as well as trying to rescue animals that were 'trapped' inside the ice! Some children also continued their experiments in our science lab role play, testing magnetic materials and finding out about different colour dyes.

Messy Day


The children had a fantastic time celebrating their 100 class points with our messy day today. We also said goodbye to Mrs McKee today and Mrs Page will be taking over as our class TA in the Summer term. Mrs Page has worked with our class Wednesday-Friday afternoons so far and all the children are looking forward to having her in our class full time. We hope you all have a lovely Easter and look forward to seeing the children in the new term.

Mini-beast Dance


This half term in our PE lessons, we have been looking at how different mini-beasts move. We have then turned this into a dance by exploring different movements and trying out our dances to music. All of the children had a go at the dance and showed great confidence in performing in front of the rest of the class- well done Oaks!


Still image for this video

Parents evening, helping at home and class treats


Thank you to all the Parents who came to Parents evenings this week. It was great to be able to share all the progress the children have made since starting Foundation and they were very excited to get the chance to share their books with you.


Some parents asked about resources to help support learning at home. Here are just a few that might interest you.


Tricky Words – Here is a fun game that lets you match them first then move on to finding them just from the sound of the words. They're on a bus, train and plane which then drive/fly off when you complete them.

Phase 2 (Autumn term words)

Phase 3 (Spring term words - These will be coming home as homework next week)

Phase 4 (Summer term words - We'll learn these next term)


Reading - Here is a website called 'Teach your monster to read'. It's engaging and interactive and includes a monster avatar. It does letter sounds then blending words, tricky words and sentences. The website is free. There is also an app that you normally have to pay for but that is free until Sunday 26th on google play store, amazon and apple app stores.


We use this game in class to practise our blending skills called Buried Treasure. It lets children practise reading real words and blending 'alien nonsense words' in a fun game.


On the school website there are a selection of other games linked to our learning that you might find helpful or just fun!


Class Treat

We have reached 100 points and earned our class treat. We've decided to have a messy fun day probably on the last day of term. We're just finalising the details and then a letter will come home with all the details.

Trip to Pennywell Farm


Today we went on a class trip to Pennywell Farm to visit all of the animals and find out how to care for them. We did lots of activities including feeding the lambs; cuddling baby pigs; milking a goat and even riding a train! The Oak class were all really enthusiastic and listened to our guide. They all got involved with the activities and behaved sensibly throughout the trip- Well done Oaks! A big thank you to our parent helpers for coming today.

Minibeast Hunt


This week the Oak class had lots of fun learning all about minibeasts as part of our Circle of Life topic. We even went on a minibeast hunt! The children enjoyed looking in the grass and under pots and logs to find different minibeasts. We found lots of woodlouse, some snails and even a few worms. In class, we learnt some minibeast songs and some of the Oaks had a go at writing about our minibeast hunt.


We also had an exciting addition to our class this week- our very own caterpillars! Each day the Oak children have checked on our caterpillars to see how much they have grown and we are waiting to see if they are ready to go into their cocoon and turn into butterfly's.

Book Week


This week the Oak class had so much fun celebrating Book Week. We enjoyed sharing books together and reading lots of stories using our brilliant blending skills. The children had a fantastic day dressing up as their favourite book character- we were really impressed by how fantastic they all looked! We had a huge range of characters from Harry Potter to Mary Poppins and even a few superheroes! We would also like to say big thank you to the children's' family members for coming in to read stories to the class.


On Tuesday, the children also celebrated Pancake Day- we talked about Shrove Tuesday and why we have Pancake Day, then the children enjoyed some of their own pancakes.



On Monday we introduced the children to our new topic- Circle of Life. In this topic we will be looking at how plants grow, minibeasts and taking a trip to Pennywell Farm. This week the children have enjoyed learning all about the different things plants need to help them grow and have made their own sunflower collages. We even planted our own sunflowers and cress! The Oak class were brilliant at remembering how to plant the seeds and have enjoyed checking to see how much our plants have grown each day.

Chinese New Year


This week we celebrated Chinese New Year in class. The Oaks had a fantastic time learning to count and sing in Chinese, as well as learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. In their free choice time, the children had a go at making Chinese dragons and masks, as well as writing their own Chinese New Year cards. We also looked at traditional Chinese ribbon dances and had a go at making up our own!


The Oaks have worked so hard this half term and we are really proud of how far they have come with their learning. We hope you have a relaxing week off and look forward to seeing all the children refreshed on the 20th.


Miss Agambar



Still image for this video

Making Porridge


This week we continued our 'Bears' topic by looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children loved acting out the story in our Goldilocks role play area, as well as making porridge play dough. All of the children agreed that they could make Baby Bear feel happy again by making him some more porridge. The children then read the Three Bears' porridge recipe and helped to make some more porridge for Baby Bear (and the class) to enjoy.

Welcome back!


We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for all the homework that has been sent in. It's clear the children have been doing lots of learning during the holiday.


For the first 2 weeks of term we have started our new 'Bears' topic with some Bear Hunting! We read 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen and then one morning we saw something strange in our garden!



The children had lots of ideas about what could have made the footprints and thought maybe we should follow them! This started our own bear hunt.



We followed them across the playground, down the hill, up the path and into the forest!


We searched through the woods and found lots of little bears and in a little den a giant bear!



We had so much fun!

This week used the bear hunt as inspiration to write our own 'hunt' stories. The children had lots of ideas including toy hunts, dinosaur, lion, crocodile, monkey and unicorn hunts and many more!


If you were hunting what would you look for?

Merry Christmas!


This week have had lots of fun! We've made our own crowns for our party, played games and had lots of food! Thanks for all the donations for the party. We had so much fun!


We had a super carol afternoon in our Christmas jumpers and we all performed Donkey Plodding from our Wriggly Nativity.


To finish off our term we had a visit from a magician for a super show!!


The Oaks have all brought home Christmas bags with things they have made as well as some Christmas homework so they can practise the things they've learnt this term.


I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and will see you in the New Year!!

9th December


Wow Oaks! You have been amazing this week. You sang your hearts out, spoke your lines and danced your dances so brilliantly. We are so proud of you and  all the enthusiasm, confidence and joy you put into each performance!


2nd December


This week we had our class treat. All the children have worked together to earn 100 class points! They earned them by collaborating as a class to do tasks together like line up quietly, listen and be ready to learn, sing their Nativity songs confidently and more. The children voted on their own suggestions for a treat and chose a Cinema afternoon! They had fun watching a film with popcorn and their drinks.


Costumes - Thanks to all the parents who sent in costumes for our Nativity. If you haven't sent one in yet we have the Herald visiting for photos on Tuesday so if we could please have them in by then that would be fantastic. If you're having trouble finding a costume just let us know and we'll see what we can sort out for you.


Party - There is a food list for our class party on the 13th in each classroom. We will be putting them out for people to sign up for an item to bring. If they're not out feel free to remind us! :)


Nativity -  We're really looking forward to showing you what we have been working on next week!!

14th November


Today we will be sending home costume letters for the Nativity. These letters will let you know your child's part in the Nativity and what sort of costume they will need. If your child has been given a speaking part, they will also be bringing their lines home with them today. We would be grateful if you could help your child to learn these lines- they have also been given the line before theirs to help them to learn their cue. Some children will be dancers and they will be learning their dance in the coming weeks.

4th November


This week we have started a new topic - Celebrations. We will be looking at different celebrations from different religions and cultures and talking about what is the same or different from how we celebrate with our families.


This week we talked about birthdays and how we celebrate birthdays in school and at home. We spotted that a birthday party is happening in the home corner!


We also talked about the Hindu celebration of Divali. It's a festival of light. We made our own diva lights and learnt a Divali song.


Here are all the children in Foundation singing ...

DIvali Song

21st October


This week across the school we have had inter-class competitions in each year group. For Foundation this was a Wake and Shake dance off to a cowboy dance we have learnt. All three classes participated and the class with the best participation won. We came 3rd! Great job Oaks. Well done to the May class who had the best joining in across the year group - well deserved 1st place.

Fire Drill


This week the children had their first fire drill. They were all amazing! The class were very sensible while we left the building and they followed all of the instructions given to them by the adults. They now know exactly what to do in case of a fire alarm. Well done Oak class!



This week the children have enjoyed experimenting with our new waterway. They have used their critical thinking skills to plan and experiment with where to put different pipes and tubes. They have had a lot of fun using the pipes to tip the see-saw guttering to different sides.

Forest School


This week we have been for our first visit to the forest! The children who had been with Willows shared the safety rules and boundaries with the rest of us. We learnt about Sukkah's and how Jewish people make them to use and sometimes stay in during the Harvest festival of Sukkot. We created our own Sukkah in the forest and Mrs Parker read us a lovely story while we sheltered inside. Then we collected small leaves and twigs to bring back to class and started to create our own Sukkahs.

*Our library day this term is Monday. If children would like to change their library book can they please bring it to school on a Monday. Thank you.*

Class of 2016-17


Welcome new Oaks! It has been great getting to know you and starting to learn together. We will be sharing more about our learning here soon!


Miss Agambar

Summer Term


*Our library day is Thursday this term. If children would like to change their library book can they please bring it to school on a Thursday. Thank you.*

Open afternoon

Thank you to parents for coming in to look at your children's books. The children were very proud to show their learning.

Please remember to bring in any outfits or props on Monday for your child to audition for Woodford's Got Talent. Also please bring any music for dancing or singing. We are looking forward to the auditions next week.



Healthy Week

Oaks class had a wonderful time this week. They all took part in the activities with enthusiasm and they learned a whole range of ways to exercise, eat healthily, stay safe and be happy! Our photos show many of the activities we took part in.


Still image for this video

Healthy Week Timetable



*The Faith Centre had to cancel Hindu dance, instead we're going to use the climbing equipment in the hall. I'm sure the children will be really excited by this as they often ask about it!


*Cooking - we are going to be preparing our own lunch. We will be making our own rolls or wraps with different fillings and salad items. We also be making our own fruit salad desserts.

1st July

On Monday 27th June we got to watch a special BMX display by a world record setting BMX rider - Matti.

We thoroughly enjoyed the BMX display and the tricks that he showed us.

Transition Day

The children and parents were thrilled to discover that Mrs Smale will be their new class teacher when we return after the Summer holiday. They had a fantastic day on Wednesday in their new Hazel classroom.

Visiting our Y1 class

17th June


Last week a fairy garden appeared in Foundation ... but with no fairies! Lauren shared her book about fairy doors with us and it told us we needed to write letters to invite the fairies in. Lots of the children wrote letters requesting boy or girl fairies to come and stay and this week we came into school to find the garden now has both boy and girl fairies!


We also went into space with our own space station role play. We have made and spotted lots of aliens this week and talked about Tim Peake the British astronaut who has just been in space.


Where will your imagination take you?

16th June


This term we have started a new topic called 'Let's Pretend'. We're using our imagination to help us to explore different settings like under the sea and space! Today in ICT we will be using our imagination to create our own aliens.


Can you click on the link and then scroll down until you find Lecky's alien friends.


Global Week - Ireland

This week we have enjoyed learning about Ireland. We hope you enjoy our video and pictures. We made soda bread, made our own version of Riverdance, made flags and leprechaun traps. We wrote about leprechauns and how we made our traps. We put coins in our traps and left them out overnight. In the morning the coins were gone but we found green leprechaun dust in their place. A magical week!

Oak's Riverdance

Still image for this video
** I am aware of some issues with the video not playing correctly. I will try uploading next week.**

Blowing Bubbles!

13th May, 2016


We have been investigating floating and sinking this week. We made boats from different materials and investigated whether they floated. We used tin foil to make a waterproof layer on our boats.

12th May


This week we are investigating floating and sinking. Have a look at these objects - do you think they will float or sink?

This afternoon we will be using water to test objects around the class.




5th May


This week we are experimenting with different materials.


In Literacy, we have been reading and reciting poetry. I hope you enjoy our poetry performance video.

Poetry Performance

Still image for this video

26th April


This week we are looking at water and ice and how we can change them. In ICT we are going to be using a game to show how you can heat and cool different things and see how they change.



21st April


As part of our 'I wonder...' topic this week we are investigating light and dark. In Literacy we have been talking about light sources.


Can you find the light sources in this activity?


This week we have also been talking about nocturnal creatures. Can you find the animals which come out at night?

15th March, 2016


We have had great fun investigating many different things for this term's topic. We have begun to use our role play science laboratory to experiment with colour chromatography, investigate floating and sinking and experiment with textures in playdough. We also finally released our butterflies after taking great care of them last term.  See below pictures of some of our scientists!


Our new topic is 'I wonder..' and we will be asking lots of questions and experimenting to find our own answers.


Today in ICT we are looking at how to look after a dog. Look at the dog and see what behaviour he is showing, predict what you think he might need. Try your idea and see if you are right.


24th March


What an exciting final day of the Spring Term - one of our caterpillars has emerged as a beautiful butterfly. The Oaks talked about the butterfly's new life and linked this with our learning about easter. We took some photographs before releasing the butterfly in our garden. Hopefully the other caterpillars will leave their cocoons soon.


18th March


It's been another exciting and fun filled week in the Oak classroom. As a reward for earning 100 clss points the Oaks enjoyed a sunny Teddy Bears' picnic. We played games on the field, climbed over the wooden activity trail and played in the forest. The best part was sitting on the grass to enjoy our picnic lunch - our teddies enjoyed the day too!



We have been keeping a close watch on our class caterpillars. They worked very hard at becoming big caterpillars just like the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' in the Eric Carle story we have shared. They have spun their cocoons and Miss Attis and Mrs Rose carefully moved them into our butterfly net. We will keep observing them this week but we think they will change into butterflies during the Easter break. Watch this space for photographs of the butterflies when we return to school next term.

11th March


What an amazing day we had at Pennywell Farm. The sun shone all day and we shared some wonderful experiences. Our guide was Terri and she gave us a lot of information about all the animals and how they are cared for.


First we went to the barn and sat on some bales of straw as Terri told us about the orphaned lambs. We learnt how they have to be bottle fed and smelt some of the milk powder. We were really excited as we waited for our turn to bottle feed the lambs. They were very hungry and sucked hard to get all the milk out of the bottles. Next we saw the deer who were very gentle. We all fed them and had to keep our hands flat so they could lick up the pellets; their tongues tickled our hands as they ate.

Next we had a train ride and waved to our friends as they waited on the platform. After that we walked back to the petting corner to meet the smaller animals. We sat in two small circles so that the animals wouldn't escape. We stroked the black Rex rabbit whose fur was as smooth as velvet. The guinea-pig kept trying to escape but we fed him some carrot and lettuce and he liked that. We also met a mouse, a tortoise, a baby pygmy goat and a hedgehog who had just woken up from hibernation.

Feeding all these animals made us feel hungry and we went to the theatre where we enjoyed eating our packed lunches. After that we got to meet the shire horses and one of them liked wearing Mihika and George's hats! Next we fed the goats before making our way to see the chickens. Terri told us that the hens have to sit on their eggs for twenty one days before they hatch into chicks. Then we learnt that hens only lay one egg each day and we all checked the laying boxes to see if we could find any eggs - we found twenty eight eggs altogether.


Our next stop was to meet the baby piglets. Mrs Smale, Miss Attis, Mrs Rose and Mrs Bouvier each held a piglet so that we could stroke them. Mrs Rose's piglet kept grunting and Mrs Smale's went to sleep. They were very cute! Finally we all got to meet Primrose the goat who has only been at Pennywell for a short time.

Terri put her into the milking stall and we all got to milk her by hand. She was very good and stayed still the whole time.

We had such an amazing time at Pennywell and were on our best behaviour which made our teachers very proud. We want to say a big thank you to the mums and dad who came to help - we couldn't have gone on the visit without you.


Here are the photos of our exciting day.

5th March


We started the week with a great achievement - we completed our class points chart gaining 100 points. Everybody in Oaks has worked really hard towards this impressive total - lining up quietly, working as a team to tidy our classroom, showing careful listening during lessons and respecting each other.  A class vote resulted in the most popular choice of reward to be centred around food, with everyone agreeing that they would like to have a class teddy bears' picnic. The picnic will take place towards the end of this half term after our class trip to Pennywell farm - watch this space for further details.


Exotic animals were top of the agenda this week when Kaci's mum kindly brought her unusual pets into school to visit us. Oaks were very good at sitting quietly so that they would not frighten the animals and that they would be able to hear all of the interesting facts about them.


We saw a baby Tortoise, a Blue Tongued Skint, a Uromastyx Lizard, a Bearded Dragon,a Gecko, a Corn Snake and a Ball Python. We learnt about the things they eat, how big they grow and where each animal likes to live and sleep. It was very exciting.

This week, on Thursday we also celebrated World Book Day. At set times of the day a bell rang and everybody had to get their favourite book to sit and read quietly for enjoyment. It was great to see the range of books the children had brought to school and we enjoyed sharing our favourite stories and talked about the reason we chose the book we had. We listened to the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson and did some freeze framing to show our understanding of the story.

26th February


The children returned refreshed after their half term holiday and they had risen to the challenge of completing  a book review to show where they reading takes them. It was clear that there had been a lot of busy children who had put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into their posters and 3D models. Our Oak class winner produced a faboulous poster about Jolly Olly Octopus. All the children received a special smelly sticker for their efforts and the runners up chose a small prize from the treasure box.

5th February


We have been animators! This week in ICT we have been learning how to turn our drawings into animation. First we drew a picture of Goldilocks or one of the three bears with a full bowl of porridge. Next we learnt how to erase some of the porridge in the bowl to show that it was being eaten. We continued until all the porridge was gone and the bowl was empty. Finally we were able to see our pictures as an animated strip. Here are our first pictures which we started our animation with.

Goldilocks Animation

22nd January


What a busy and exciting week we have had! We have been linking our learning to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and porridge oats have definitely been a prominent part of that learning. First we followed a recipe to make playdough with flour, oats and water and we didn't have to cook it, just measure out the quantities we needed very carefully. Once the playdough was mixed we enjoyed making different things with it.

What does porridge taste like? We were very excited when we helped to make our own porridge using oats and milk. It was quite tricky mixing the oats into the milk and we all took a turn at stirring the mixture. Mrs Smale and Miss Attis cooked the porridge on the hob and then we had our own porridge to taste. It was really yummy and we were really glad that Goldilocks didn't eat our porridge! After we had tasted the porridge we joined in together to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and added our own actions.
Learning about the work that police officers do is very exciting and we were very lucky this week to be visited by Orla's mum who is a Police Constable. She told us about all the important jobs the police do and showed us all of the special tools she has in her police vest. We took turns to hold her hat and the other tools; some of us would like to be in the police force when we grow up and now we can use our police role-play to be like real police men and women.

18th January


This week we are reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In ICT we are making our own scenes from the story.


15th January

We're going on a bear hunt

We have had great fun being composers this week. We wanted to make a musical story for the bear hunt story we have been reading in class. Listening very carefully to the sounds that different instruments made, we matched them up to each part of the story. Then we got into groups ready to tell the story and add our musical background. We hope you enjoy listening to our story!
We have written our own 'hunt' stories this week. Check out our parents info page for some information about phonetically plausible writing vs correct spelling.

8th January 2016


Welcome back to school for the start of the spring term, we hope you have all enjoyed the break and are ready for our new learning adventure.


This week all of the foundation children were shocked to discover that our class bears had gone missing. We gathered together in the Police Station in May classroom to discuss how we were going to track down our bears. Some children reported seeing bear paw prints on the playground, on their way to school. We put our best detective skills to work in our efforts to find Branston, Chocolate and Joey. It was a great adventure as we went on our bear hunt using the paw prints as clues. After a long walk and crossing many different areas we eventually found all three bears hiding in the forest along with a few of their friends. Branston, Chocolate and Joey were safely returned to our classrooms.

18th December


We have had a very busy and exciting week in Oaks. We have been writing letters to Santa and weighing objects in maths. Oaks were part of the successful team of authors and editors who won the whole school writing competition for their story of Marvin the Magician - we worked together as a team and wrote the problem for the story. All the children have a certificate to mark their success.


The children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas party yesterday and we want to say a big thank you to parents for the generous donations of food.



It was lovely to see so many parents at our open afternoon on Wednesday. Thank you so much for spending time with us. The children were thrilled to be able to share their learning with you and show you how they spend their time at school. If you were unable to write a comment for your child's learning journey, the link below will let you print a copy to write on and send into school in January.


Parents comment for Learning Journey


Thank you for your continued support during the term.  We hope you all have a wonderful relaxing  Christmas and enjoy being able to spend time with your children. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

15th December


Christmas ICT - which game or story will you choose?







11th December


Wriggly Nativity - Oaks you were amazing! I cannot believe how confident you were and how well you performed for your parents. Every one of you should be very proud of the way you spoke your lines,

danced your dances and sang your hearts out! Christmas is a very special time of year for families and your performances have been a lovely start to the Christmas celebration. Well done Oaks.


We are now looking forward to the last week of the Autumn term and a chance for parents to share some time with us on Wednesday 16th from 2.30p.m. to look at the learning we have done since starting school. We do hope you can join us.

27th November


This week the Oak class have been using their phonics to help them with their reading. The children are so proud of themselves when they realise that they can read by themselves, just by blending letter sounds together. So many of our children are recognising tricky words in their reading books. We have been practising reading and writing 'said' and using this tricky word in sentences we have been writing.


In our maths learning we have been finding out about time and we have tried lots of different timed activities. We worked out that if you had a longer period of time you could collect more bricks to build a tower with. It was very exciting seeing how many numbers we could write before the one minute sand timer ran out. We also thought about the order in which we do things - do you put your jumper on before your shirt or after it? Do we all do things in the same order or does it vary? We had some very interesting discussions about the daily routines we follow in school and at home.


The Oaks are doing an amazing job of learning their lines and dances for the Christmas Nativity - thank you to all the grown-ups at home who are helping the children with this :-)

20th November

It is that exciting time of the year when children start thinking about Christmas.  At school this week the children in our Foundation Unit have started practising the songs and actions for our Christmas Nativity Play. They have amazed us all with the ease and speed with which they are learning these.  Early next week we will be sending home a letter giving full details of any words your child needs to learn together with information about costumes we would like them to wear - please check your child's book bag for this letter.

We are looking forward to sharing this special time of year with the children.

13th November


This week we have been learning about the ancient Hindu festival of Diwali.  Also known as the 'festival of lights', it is one of the largest and brightest festivals celebrated in India. Mrs. Bhattacharya kindly visited us to explain how Diwali is celebrated in Hindu homes. The children loved seeing how colourful the clothes and decorations are and were able to compare some of the customs with ways that they celebrate special occasions in their homes. We saw fireworks and special lamps used to light the houses.


During the week we have used clay to make our own diva lamps. We now have to wait for the clay to dry so that we can decorate them ready to take them home. 

6th November


What an amazing week we have had in Foundation. To introduce our topic of 'the same but different' we have introduced a hairdressing salon to our role play area. We were very lucky to have a real hairdresser visit us and Nikki showed us how we can have different hair styles to make us look different. The children and Miss Riggs were very good models!


This week has been really exciting as the whole school has been participating in activities to foster our love of books and reading for pleasure. Children from Year 5 visited Oaks class on Wednesday and Thursday and read their favourite stories to us. On Friday the teachers went to different classes in school to share their favourite books; Oaks were visited by Mr Mitchell who read his favourite story. Everyone made a super effort and dressed up as a book character - look at our photos and see if you can work out who we were.

Book Week

22nd October


We have enjoyed using our imagination in different ways this week. We created our own paintings, taking great care not to mix the colours - we were very proud of our efforts.

We are practising our letter formation in our daily phonics lessons. In Literacy we have continued to write our own versions of the story 'On my way home', trying hard to form our letters accurately.  In maths we have been working hard to order numbers from 1 to 20 and work out any numbers that are misssing from a number line.

16th October


Our starting school photo was in the Plympton, Plymstock & Ivybridge News free paper on 9th October. We didn't get told so I'm sorry we couldn't pre-warn you.  If you haven't seen it or didn't get a copy you can access their digital archive here. I also managed to download just the page with our children and you can download that here.


This week we have been so proud of the children in our school. We had a massive turnout and engagement with the Reading Challenge and we had a lot of Foundation children who hadn't even started school then take part too! Well done to everyone who joined in and keep reading.

The Oaks enjoyed a walk around the local area as part of our Welcome to Woodford topic. We were looking for signs and numbers in the environment and thinking about what information they were giving us. We also looked at the houses and compared them with our own.
The Oaks have amazed me this week with their enthusiasm and eagerness to have a go at their own writing. There have been lots of very proud children showing off examples of their learning in our phonics lessons. We have also been sharing the story 'On the Way Home' by Jill Murphy and learning the story by using our own actions to help us to make a story map. The children have carefully sequenced events using words such as first, then and finally. You have all been superstar learners this week Oaks - well done!

Parents Info


We've had a couple of questions lately that I'm sure other parents might be interested in too so I thought I'd share them. I've created a new page at the top for info & dates to share information that might otherwise get lost here. You can check it now for info on the following -


Starting school photo - when will it be out?

Birthdays - Can we send in sweets or cake to share?

Christmas Nativity - Will there be one? When is it?

Disco - When, where, how, will you be there?

9th October
We have all been enjoying our learning this week. Having found out about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and how people celebrate and remember the journey made by their ancestors, we took our learning outside to the forest. Exploring the environment was great fun, especially when we found a Sukkah  and sheltered there. We discovered many other animal homes although we didn't manage to find a hippopotomus or lion, much to the children's disappointment! We also learnt how to stay safe in the forest and helped each other when climbing over and through the vegetation.

5th October


In phonics we have begun to learn the letters c, s, and a. We forgot to mention in the presentation that we are learning the letter name alongside the phoneme (sound) to try and help the children link them. Some parents have been asking about the sayings we use to help children form the letters.


c - over the rainbow, around and stop

s - over the rainbow, around, don't stop - go back the other way

a - over the rainbow, around and stop, up back down and flick


We've updated our helping at home page with the sayings we use.

The children have loved exploring the outside a